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Masters in Mathematics with Data Science or Math Education Emphasis

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Predicting Party Affiliation Using Social Media

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Random Billiard Dynamical System Models for Gas-Surface Interactions

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Analyzing EEG Entropy for Predictions of Seizures

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Bayesian Ensemble Models of Climate Variability in South Texas

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Effectively Using Data Warehousing to Store Nonprofit Data

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Kaggle Solar Energy Prediction Competition

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Data Science

The best non-medical jobs of 2021 are data scientist, statistician, and software developer (US News & World Report). In our Applied Math Emphasis in Data Science, you become all three!

You’ll master data science, data warehousing, statistical models, and the big three data science languages: Python, R, and SQL. Our data science graduates have a 100% job placement rate at prestigious firms, such as Amazon, Informatica, Capital One Finance, HAVI Global Solutions, and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

Many graduates pursue Ph.D.s at prestigious schools like Baylor, Southern Methodist, Washington University in St. Louis, and others.

Mathematics Education

Our Mathematics Education program is one of the strongest and and most affordable in Texas. We prepare you to teach math at any level: elementary, middle school, high school/dual credit/advanced placement, and college/university. Our graduates secure leadership positions in regional independent school districts, community colleges and universities. 

Research & Teaching Assistants

FUND YOUR M.S. with a graduate teaching (GTA) or research (GRA) assistantship!

Graduate teaching assistants (GTA) gain valuable classroom teaching experience as instructor-of-record for college math courses. GTA's work one-on-one with a faculty mentor and enjoy weekly professional development opportunities. GTA's earn $11,800 to teach one course in fall and spring (9-month appointment) and qualify for resident tuition rates (includes international students).

Graduate research assistants (GRA) earn $25000/yr* to solve real-world problems through the Tarleton Analytics Institute and the Center for Agribusiness Excellence. They use data science to fight fraud, waste, and abuse in health insurance for Blue Cross Blue Shield & crop insurance for the US Dept of Agriculture, run Markov Chain Monte Carlo to help the Tufts/MIT MGGG fight political gerrymandering, build convolutional neural networks to help museums identify species within their reptile collection, and much more! Our GRA’s gains cutting-edge knowledge, problem solving skills, and 2 years of experience in the sexiest job of the 21st century. (*$2083/mo for 21 months)

Why choose Tarleton's M.S. in Mathematics?

  • One the strongest and most afforable in Texas
  • Faculty are more than exceptional teachers - they are mentors
  • Small classes - every student gets continual, direct access to mentors dedicated to their success
  • Many students do research with faculty in fields like mathematical biology, dynamical systems, particle modeling, combinatorics, topology, and statistics. They gain knowledge and experience that open doors to fast and flexible career advancement.

How to Apply

Applying to graduate school can be daunting and expensive; our first steps are free!

Step I (free) - Apply for Graduate Assistantship - screening began March 5 but applications are still being accepted

Step II (free) - We interview candidates in March via phone/zoom/skype and offer GA positions thereafter. Wait on step III until after interviews/offers.

Step III. Final Application, due by April 2

Costs and Financial Aid

For cost and more financial support options (see graduate teaching and research assistantships above)

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Contact Information

Dr. Scott Cook & Michael Warren
Graduate Coordinators
Phone: 254-968-9168

Janice Groseclose
Graduate Teaching Assistant Coordinator
Phone: 254-968-1770

Dr. Kathy Smith
Mathematics Department Head
Phone: 254-968-9168

Mailing Address:
Department of Mathematics
Box T-0470
Stephenville, TX 76402
Phone: 254-968-9168
Fax: 254-968-9534