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Undergraduate Degrees

The Department of Mathematics provides programs of study that prepare students who are: 1) seeking to teach mathematics at the secondary level; 2) seeking employment in industry; or 3) seeking to pursue graduate study in Mathematics. A minor in Mathematics requires a minimum of 18 hours of MATH (of which at least 6 hours must be advanced) and including MATH 2414.

On the graduate level, the Master of Science in Mathematics provides a program of study that prepares students additionally (beyond the undergraduate level) for employment in industry. Students completing the M.S. in Mathematics also receive preparatory work for pursuing a doctoral degree in mathematics or mathematics education.

Here is the Schedule of Course Offerings.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

(General Without Teacher Certification)

Optional Concentrations:

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

8 - 12 Teacher Certification

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

8 - 12 Mathematics/Physics Teacher Certification