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Media Relations

What we do:

  • Aid in creating press releases for both internal and external audiences for the University.
  • Promote events, news, and programs that are of interest to communities outside of Tarleton.
  • Extend the reach of University news and information to larger state and national audiences.
  • Write, or assist in the process of writing, scripts, storyboards, and graphic information for programming.
  • Create video programs to promote and enhance the vision of Tarleton State University and its Departments.
  • Facilitate, edit and composite the production and streaming of select events to Internet portals.

Request Videography


  1. Notify Marketing & Communications of the media inquiry:
    • reporter name
    • organization
    • deadline
    • topic.
  2. If you want Marketing & Communications to contact the reporter for you, also provide contact information: phone number and/or email.
  3. Marketing & Communications will discuss the media inquiry with you to
    1. assess potential concerns;
    2. develop a response;
    3. determine whether you would like us to draft materials;
    4. discuss whether you would like us to provide coaching; and
    5. decide whether to hand off the inquiry to us.
  4. Marketing & Communications will work with you to develop an appropriate strategy, including final messages and logistics.
    1. Who will talk to the media?
    2. What are the key message points we wish to get across?
    3. Are there limitations on our response and/or do we need to contact the Office of the General Counsel?
  5. If it is determined that you are the appropriate spokesperson, you will:
    1. Setup the interview—online, via telephone or in person.
    2. Stick to key messages and facts (if responses are sent via email, run them by Marketing& Communications before sending), and
    3. Let us know after the interview how it went and whether you had any surprises or concerns. Then, we’ll determine appropriate follow-up and ensure that you receive a copy of the final media coverage.