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Social Media Examples - University Branding

The Office of Marketing and Communications has provided a list of examples of approved icons for official university public sites. Individual units may develop icons subject to approval by Marketing and Communications. Icons may not distort, alter, or cover up any extant university logo.

Cover photos for Twitter and Facebook should be of high quality and represent the department. Creative Services maintains a file of university photos which may be used. Creative Services can create a Tarleton logo with the unit name underneath. All representations must comply with university design standards.

Examples of images:


TSU Transfers: Using the logo mark by itself is permissible. The cover photo is the correct size and is relevant to the unit.

TSU Transfers Twitter

Jobs at Tarleton: The use of the logo mark by itself is permissible. It is not required to have a cover photo on twitter.

Jobs at Tarleton Twitter

Housing: Housing is taking advantage of the university logo with their division’s title. They have featured their Residential Leader staff in their cover photo, which a great representation of their department.

Housing Twitter


Communication Studies: Their profile picture is acceptable because it fits in the allotted space, is not overwhelming, and does not distort the university logo. The cover photo is good quality and relevant to their department.

Communication Studies Facebook

WSES: Their profile picture is the correct size and does not distort the logo mark. Their cover photo features their major project as an academic department. It is formatted so that it is not hidden behind the profile picture.

WSES Facebook

Athletics: The “Block T” is reserved for use by the athletic department. They are using their cover photo as an opportunity to promote an upcoming event. When developing the graphic, they used the correct format so that it fit in the allowed dimensions.

Athletics Facebook

The dimensions for Facebook profile and cover images can be found at


TSU Engagement: The office of Student Engagement features the Student Center since their office is located in the Student Center. When using pictures of buildings, make sure they are of high quality and relate to your unit.

TSU Engagement Instagram

Grassburr TSU: The Grassburr is using their latest edition as their profile picture. This is great use of unit related content as a profile picture.

GrassburrTSU Instagram

SWAT: SWAT is a student organization, which allows them to use their organization’s logo. Since their logo is a circle, it fits in the Instagram format.

SWAT Instagram

When developing an image for Instagram, don’t forget to create an image that is suitable for a circular format.