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Graphic Identity Standards - University Branding


Our logos and trademarks serve as a strong visual identity, establishing a basis for consistency and a framework for the integrity of Tarleton State University's graphic identity. The graphic identity elements comprise an essential component of the university Brand, becoming identifiable visual symbols of the university.  Maintaining consistent graphic identity standards assures greater recognition and awareness of Tarleton and, subsequently, of all its many individual colleges, divisions and enterprises.

These standards apply to all visual representations of Tarleton State University, including print communications, electronic communications, websites, video and specialty items. 

The Identity Standards apply to all areas of the university, including, but not limited to, students, faculty, staff, departments, divisions, community members, businesses, nonprofit organizations, athletics, booster clubs, alumni groups, clubs and organizations, sororities and fraternities, outside printers, vendors and manufacturers. The university has the right and responsibility to monitor every use in order to protect its graphic identity and the value of its standard look.

These standards apply to any individual or group acting as an official unit or representative of Tarleton State University in any way.  This particularly applies to any use of a Tarleton State University logo or mark for any purpose. These are registered trademarks and may be used only with the university's consent. 

According to the guidelines outlined in this website, Tarleton’s visual identifiers may not be distorted, altered or combined with any other design to create a new logo. The logos may not be replaced by other artwork, defaced or vandalized in any way. Logos are to be used as a whole, never with part of the logo cut off. No other letters, words or images should intrude upon the logo in any way.

Our Official Name

The university’s proper name is Tarleton State University. The proper name should be used in any written or printed first reference to the university. Subsequent references should be Tarleton. The abbreviation TSU, which easily can be misinterpreted, should never be used when referring to Tarleton in publications.

When referring to Tarleton locations, do not use the term "campus" for Fort Worth, Midlothian, or Waco. The only physical campus that Tarleton has is the Stephenville campus.

The University Logomark

The Logo mark sampleheart of Tarleton State University’s identity system is the university’s logomark. It is a beveled “T” on a beveled Texas. The logomark is an integral component of the Tarleton primary logo, but in certain circumstances may be used alone.

Primary Logo

The Logo, white background sampleTarleton State University logo consists of two components: the logomark (Beveled T on Beveled Texas) and the logotype (Tarleton State University). These two components always are placed in a fixed relationship and should never be altered, modified or recreated in any way. The statement “Member of The Texas A&M University System” is also an official part of the logo. All print publications require the use of this statement below the logo.

Logo, purple background sample

Use of the Texan Rider mark

The Texan Rider Spirit Mark exists to promote the Tarleton State University experience. Its use should reflect pride in our accomplishments and celebrate our rich traditions. Examples would include non-academic program literature, promotional merchandise and apparel, decals, signs and banners. In addition, these marks can be important supporting elements in student recruitment materials and at events.

This mark is primarily used to identify Tarleton spirit organizations and athletic teams. Registered student organizations, student sports teams and residence hall organizations may use these marks for posters, signs, banners or brochures that deal with on-campus activities.

Use of the Texan Rider mark must reflect positively on the University and must be reproduced accurately by a licensed vendor of Tarleton State University. Approval from the Licensing Administrator is required.

View more about the Texan Rider use guidelines.

2 color Texan Ride with wording 4 color Texan Rider with wording above

Primary Vertical Logo

Vertical logo white background sample Vertical logo purple background sample

Secondary Horizontal Logo

This logo is reserved for use where available space is extremely horizontal. This should rarely occur.

Horizontal logo white background sample

Horizontal logo purple background sample

Website Logo

No other logos intended to represent Tarleton or a unit/area of Tarleton are allowed on Tarleton's website. If a logo is needed for branding web-based systems that Tarleton has contracted for, a version of the primary logo will need to be used.

Departmental and Outreach Logos

All logo versions must be created by the Department of Marketing & Communications.

With the exception of the university’s Outreach centers, logos developed for individual divisions, colleges, departments or other units only may be used for internal campus purposes. Customized logos for individual Tarleton outreach campuses are created by integrating the name of the unit with the Tarleton State University primary logo using specific templates.

Tarleton Fort Worth logo sample Tarleton Midlothian logo sample

Tarleton waco logo sample

Logos for individual colleges, divisions, departments and other units may be used on shirts or other items that are restricted to internal university use.

Tarleton Division logo sampleTarleton College logo sample

Tarleton department logo sample

Centennial Logo

Centennial Celebration reverse logomarkCentennial Celebration logomark

 The Centennial logo will replace the general university logo during the 2017 Calendar Year, during the Centennial Celebration. The university's Graphic Identity Standards apply, with the Centennial logo substituting for the primary university logo. the centennial logo is only in horizontal format and materials need to be designed to incorporate that limitation. College or unit names should not be appended to the Centennial logo.

For more information or to request use of the Centennial Logo, please contact Director of Editorial and Creative Services Alyson Chapman at (254) 968-9404

Video Logo Bumpers

Video has become an effective media to showcase the excellence of Tarleton. Just as with other media, it is important to properly represent and include Tarleton branding. The Tarleton logo should be placed at the head of any video projects appearing in the first 5-10 seconds to brand it as a Tarleton production.  It does not have to be a full-screen logo. The closing bumper identifies that the production is the intellectual property of Tarleton and should appear at the end of the production. It should include a full-screen primary logo.

The Athletic Mark

The beveled T as the athletic mark should be reserved for intercollegiate athletics, spirit and alumni use.

Tarleton Athletics logo

The University Seal

The University Seal is the official representation of the university for legal purposes, including the awarding of academic degrees.  The use of the seal, therefore, is limited to the Office of the President and official documents and contracts.

University seal logo sample

University Colors

Tarleton purpleTarleton Purple
Pantone: 268
C: 86 M:100 Y:0 K:12
R:79 G:45 B:127

C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0
R:255 G:255 B:255

The official university colors are purple and white.

Tarleton’s Department of Marketing & Communications and most print and specialty advertising vendors have reference copies of PANTONE color books. 

The digital color code for purple is:
Hex: #4F2D7F

Please do not choose your own shade of purple. Color gradients are fine, but try to keep the main focal purple color as described above.

Some good secondary color choices:
White: #FFFFFF; RGB(255,255,255)
Black: #000000; RGB(0,0,0).

University logos may appear in black, purple or white (reverse).  The logos may never appear in any other color.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are to be used as accents only, never replacing or superseding Tarleton purple.


The typeface used for the logotype is Trajan Pro.

Recommended complementary fonts include: Arial, Helvetica, ITC Stone Serif

Synopsis of rules for use with university logos:

  1. The modifier, "Member of The Texas A&M University System," is part of the official primary logo and must be maintained whenever reasonable. In some cases, the addition of a location or unit name may replace the A&M identification.
  2. The Graphic Identity Program applies to all visual representations of the university – printed materials, signs, video productions, exhibit materials, web pages, email and other electronic newsletters, vehicles, apparel, merchandising, promotional items, etc.
  3. The symbols of the logo system cannot be modified or altered in any way, and they cannot be combined with other logos or images. In those instances where Tarleton State University is a co-sponsor or co-participant in a program or activity, the logos may be used jointly with logos of other sponsoring organizations with the approval of Marketing & Communications.  Logos should always be reproduced from high-resolution camera-ready copies or digital files in order to maintain a high level of quality.
  4. The logo may never have any graphic, text, photo or other image obscure or run over any portion of the logo (use as a watermark is the one exception to this rule).  The logo may never be cropped or altered.  This applies to the secondary logos as well as the primary logo.
  5. All academic, administrative, athletic and support units of the university are required to use the approved letterhead style on all stationery, envelopes and business cards. 
  6. The name of colleges, departments and other units may be placed under the logo as shown in the graphic identity standards.
  7. Independent logos for individual departments, offices and programs are allowed only if approved and created by Marketing & Communications for specific internal uses.
  8. The official seal of Tarleton State University is not a part of the logo system, and it is not interchangeable with the beveled T on beveled Texas logo. The seal should be used only by the Office of the President and on formal, official, legal and ceremonial documents or materials representing the institution, such as diplomas, proclamations or commencement and inauguration regalia.
  9. Exceptions to these standards must be approved in advance by the Office of Marketing & Communications.  

If you are a Tarleton entity and would like to request any of these logos, please fill out the Marketing Project/Item Request Form.

Licensing and use of university names, logos and trademarks

In accordance with Texas A&M University System Policy 09.02 (Use of System Names and Indicia) and Tarleton Standard Administrative Procedure 09.02.99.T1 (Licensing and Use of University Name, Logos, and Trademarks), Tarleton State University has strict guidelines in place which govern the use of its name, logos, trademarks, seals, and other identifying marks. Tarleton State University has had a collegiate licensing program in place for more than 20 years to manage and protect the use of its names and symbols, and has registered the use of its names, logos, and trademarks. Any marks used in reference to Tarleton or anything confusingly similar to those of the university are subject to licensing requirements. Any products bearing the marks must be approved and must display the Collegiate Licensed Product label.

For questions about the collegiate licensing process or how to become a licensed vendor, visit