Math Bowl Competition

Campus Sunset Oct 2021 0061 min

We will have games and activities available from 4:00 to 6:00 in the Mathematics building. Pizza will be provided at 6:00 for all Math Bowl competitors. The Math Bowl competition will begin at 6:30.

Register your Math Bowl team now! Deadline for Math Bowl registration is March 10th.

General Ground Rules

  1. Teams consist of 2 to 5 undergraduate students
  2. Phones are not allowed in the mathematics bowl competition rooms.  Anyone (including audience members) found using a phone in the competition room will be asked to leave
  3. Each team member will be required to give their phone to staff members before the competition and will receive them at the conclusion of the competition
  4. Calculators are allowed, and recommended, for the competition.

Competition Specific Information

  • This year’s mathematics bowl questions cover content from a variety of freshman and sophomore courses in undergraduate mathematics such as linear algebra, calculus, basic statistics and mathematics history. 
  • Teams will have 60 seconds to submit an answer for each question.  The timer will initiate as soon as the question is displayed.
  • Correct answers are worth a maximum of 3 points, and that score is reduced based on how much time it takes to submit the answer.  An incorrect answer, or no answer, will award 0 points.

  • The score for each correctly answered question is calculated by 3*((60-t)/60) where ‘t’ is the amount of time in seconds it takes for a team to submit a correct answer. 
  • Only one answer can be submitted, no replacement.  Be sure of your initial submission.