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Live Green, Breathe Purple

As part of its mission to provide learning, research, and service, Tarleton State University is committed to serving as a responsible steward of the environment. We consequently commit to advocate environmental awareness, safety, and action; to respect and promote the health, safety and well-being of all Tarleton constituents; and to continuously improve the management of our natural resources.

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Recycling Programs

Recycling initiatives and locations at Tarleton State University include used battery and used toner cartridge disposal. 

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Environmental Advisory Council

Tarleton’s Environmental Advisory Council promotes the understanding of natural resource conservation and environmental health.

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Green Printing

Tarleton State University’s Green Printing Policy encourages paper conservation. To do your part:

  1. Wait to ensure that your print jobs have been received, and only select print jobs, which you require.
  2. Duplex printing (both sides) conserves paper. To select this option, view properties and preferences and select the printing on both sides.
  3. Use Google Docs for collaborative team projects.
  4. Print PowerPoint class notes in handout view.
Tarleton has kept 566,078 pounds of recycling out of Landfills from 1/01/18 - 12/31/18.
Paper/cardboard 523,062
Metals 40,900
Other/plastics 2,116

Our Utility Consumption

Tarleton entered into a four year contract starting September 1, 2016 and ending August 31, 2021 which ensures that 15% of the total electricity provided to Tarleton State University will be produced by renewable sources (wind power).