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Student Organizations

All campus departments, organizations and student groups must use a licensed vendor to produce any product bearing the university name and/or logos, or other trademarks. This applies to:

  • Department/organization's own use (team shirts)
  • Items given away for promotional purposes
  • Items to be used in fundraising efforts*

*Items purchased and sold for fundraising are subject to the university's royalty fee.

For university departments/units, visit the University Departments page for more information. For student organizations, review the procedure outlined below.

Quick Resources

Internal Vendors


Athletic Supply
Ted Flowers

Aztec Promotional Group
Patti Winstanley

Willies Ts
Will Carrier

BSN Sports
Jeff Loke

CC Creations
Dea Corpora

Club Colors
Lisa Summerson

Outdoor Custom Sportswear
Sarah Dice


Southern Stitching
Janice Grice

Maverick Jackets
Chris Ryder

Puckett Pro
Dan Puckett

Coyote Designs

To the Game - headwear
Keeli Floyd

Tough Shirts Inc.
Micah Slaughter

University Tees
Steve Kowalski

How To Obtain Approval for Student Organization Merchandise (Internal Use and/or Fundraiser)

Step 1: Create your own design or choose a logo

To create a logo or use an existing university logo, consult the Student Organization Logo Guidelines. For assistance with student organization logo use, contact the Assistant Director of Student Organizations and Risk Management at

Student organizations that need assistance creating a design for their products may use the services of a licensed vendor or contact Student Affairs Marketing. Any logo and design questions should be directed to

Step 2: Submit a Campus Merchandise Request Form

Prior to starting a project or ordering items, student organizations must submit a Campus Merchandise Request Form. Once your form has been received and approved you are able to order items.

Step 3: Order items through a licensed vendor

After your Campus Merchandise Request has been approved, faculty, staff and students are able to work with a preferred vendor to produce items. For questions or help ordering items, contact or call (254) 968-9553.


- If a licensed vendor is not used, the university may not approve funding for the order.
- Any item to be sold for profit is subject to a 12% royalty applied by the vendor.

Student Use of University Logo

Business Cards

Students may not use the Tarleton State University logo(s) on business cards. A business card symbolizes "employment" with an institution. Current students may request a "Contact Card" through The Source or Student Affairs Marketing Office. Students requesting cards must receive permission through their academic unit or organization. The Source is the official printer for student contact cards. Only the official card will be accepted.

See the example below (example is not actual size).

Identification Cards

Students representing a professional organization and need an identification card for external meetings, conferences and interviews, can add their organization mark to contact cards. Design on the cards should identify you as a student or part of the organization/association and should not match the official templates for employees, or use the university logo.

 Example of a student business card