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Obtaining a License

Tarleton State University offers three license types, depending upon the type of product, how it is manufactured and if it is supplied internally to campus. Visit the CLC website to apply for an internal or standard license.

Types of Licenses

1. Standard & Internal License

Standard License: Companies and individuals who want to sell their product in retail stores and/or one that is commercially manufactured, should apply for a license through CLC. The licensing process can take 1-2 months and is very thorough. If you have questions regarding the licensing process, contact Collegiate Licensing Company.

Internal License: Companies and individuals who want to sell their product exclusively to campus groups, such as academic units, university departments and registered student organizations - and do not produce items to be sold in retail - are eligible to apply for an internal license. Internal licenses are subject to review by the manager of trademarks and licensing. Special consideration is given to Historically Underrepresented Businesses, aligning with System Policy 25.06, Participation by Historically Underutilized Businesses, System Regulation 25.06.01, Historically Underutilized Business Program, and Tarleton Rule 25.06.01.T1. Historically Underutilized Business Program.

2. Direct-to-Consumer License

A direct-to-consumer license is available to individuals who make items at home, or in small quantities, and do not intend to sell to retail. Instead, these vendors sell hand-crafted items at craft fairs, farmers' markets, online through, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The licensing process can take up to 3 weeks. For more information, contact the manager of trademarks and licensing at

It is impermissible to use Tarleton's name, trademarks and indicia without university approval. To partner with the university, call the Business Development Office at (254) 968-1840. To partner with Tarleton Athletics, call the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at (254) 968-0551.