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Faculty Support

Library staff invites all Tarleton State University faculty (on and off campus) to take advantage of our resources and services.

Services: We provide numerous in-person and online services. Our course-integrated library instruction sessions can be tailored to your specifications. Librarian liaisons keep you up-to-date on library resources and services and can assist with your research or curriculum needs.

Resources: We offer diverse collections to enhance your teaching and research. Dick Smith Library materials can be checked out with your Texan Card, as well as delivered to other Tarleton instruction sites. Our online collections and databases are always accessible with your Tarleton NTNET login.

Copyright Information: Tarleton State University is committed to adhering to all applicable laws regarding intellectual property, specifically the rights of copyright holders and compliance with copyright law. It is the responsibility of all members of the Tarleton State University community to make a good faith determination that their use of copyrighted materials is in compliance with Title 17 U.S. Code, the United States Copyright Act, Fair Use, Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, and the Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act of 2002. (More information about copyright is available on the Fair Use, Copyright and the TEACH Act Information page.)

Scholarly Communication: We can support faculty at any stage of their research or career. We can help you find open access resources and tools for proper data management and also offer guidance on navigating publishing contracts, understanding author rights, storing your work for long term preservation, and distributing your work to maximize the impact in your field. Additionally, we offer assistance with finding and implementing open educational resources (OER).

Not sure if we offer a service or have a resource? Ask a Librarian

University Library Committee Members and Librarian Liaisons
Department Committee Member Librarian Liaison
Accounting, Finance & Economics Dr. James Goodpasture Tracy Holtman
Agricultural Education & Communication Dr. David Frazier Tracy Holtman
Animal Sciences Dr. Cheyenne Runyan Kimberly Gragg
Biological Sciences Dr. Victoria Chraibi Melissa Cookson
Chemistry, Geoscience & Physics Dr. Lance Whaley Melissa Cookson
Communication Studies Dr. Karley Goen Dr. Kym Schow
Counseling Dr. Thomas Burdenski Lisa Wan
Criminal Justice (School of) Dr. Kathy Brown Joshua Wallace
Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Rebecca Putman Kimberly Gragg
Educational Leadership & Technology Dr. Juanita Reyes Dr. Kym Schow
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Dr. Lynal Albert Phyllis Kinnison
Engineering Technology Dr. Billy Gray Kimberly Gragg
English & Languages Dr. Paul Banda Tracy Holtman
Fine Arts Ms. Molly Dierks Dr. Kym Schow
Government, Legal Studies & Philosophy Dr. Amy O'Dell Adam Keim, Lisa Wan
History, Sociology, Geography & GIS Dr. Patrick Funiciello Joshua Wallace
Kinesiology (School of) Dr. Steve Simpson Dr. Kym Schow
Management (Human Resources & International Business) Dr. Dianna Krueger Adam Keim
Marketing & Computer Information Systems  Dr. Leah Schultz Tracy Holtman
Mathematics Mrs. Soad Emmert Adam Keim
Medical Laboratory Sciences, Public Health, & Nutrition Science Dr. Heping Han Lisa Wan
Military Science   Adam Keim
Nursing (School of) Ms. Jerilyn Bumpas Lisa Wan
Psychological Sciences Dr. Heather Labansat Adam Keim
Social Work Ms. Misty Smith Kimberly Gragg
Wildlife & Natural Studies Dr. Crissa Nugen Melissa Cookson