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New Books and Resources October 2011

Call Number
A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B3376.W563 P53274 2010 Seeing Wittgenstein anew

BD436 .H45 2010 Love, friendship, and the self

BF294 .F74 2008 Patterns on parade

BF448 .K54 2009 Streetlights and shadows

BF637.B85 L67 2011 Bullying, suicide, and homicide

BJ1725 .J87 2010 Just a job?
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CT3207 .C48 2003 A is for Abigail
D - History: General and Old World
ELECTRONIC D861 .A567 2011eb The 2011 Annual register
E - History: America

E59.A7 I54 2010 Infinity of nations

E99.C5 S6325 2010 Building one fire

E168 .A517 1992 Death in the dining room and other tales of Victorian culture

E185 .M96 1991 Now is your time!

E278.A7 F73 1997 Traitor

E302.6.A2 F75 2009  Why don't you get a horse, Sam Adams?

E302.6.F8 F88 2009 What's the big idea, Ben Franklin?

E839 .H39 2009 The long sixties

E841 .G65 2010 America in the sixties
F - History: America
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

GB401.5 .G68 2010 Landscapes and geomorphology

GB658.7 .N3794 2010 Review of the WATERS network science plan
  GC1221 .F74 2011 Blowout in the Gulf
  GC1221 .S24 2011 A sea in flames
  GE42 .E844 2011 The ethics of global climate change
  GT4975 .B33 2009 Thanksgiving

GV211 .F73 2012 Physical education, exercise, and sport science in a changing society

GV342.27 .H45 2011 Teaching personal and social responsibility through physical activity

GV706.42 .H65 2010 Good game

GV865.A1 G64 1990 Teammates

GV943.3 .O39 2010 Will you manage?
H - Social Science

HB3722 .S79 2010 The Squam Lake report

HC59.7 .B323 2011 Poor economics
  HC106.7 .S74 2010 Pivotal decade
  HC106.83 .W36 2010 The decline and fall of the U.S. economy
  HC110.I5 P344 2009 Class war?
  HD47.4 .S53 2010 Multiple account benefit-cost analysis
  HD58.7 .B867 2011 The great workplace
  HD58.82 .C68 2011 Collaborative strategic improvement through network action learning
  HD62.4 .W586 2012 International business
  HD5854.2.U6 H38 2011 The temp economy
  HD7293 .L83 2010 Foreclosing the dream
  HD8039.M39 R48 2011 Retail work

HF1385 .R418 2010 Redesigning the World Trade Organization for the twenty-first century
  HF5415 .L362 2011 Sticky marketing
  HF5415.1255 .S52 2010 How brands grow
  HF5415.1265 .H3577 2011 Content rules
  HF5415.1265 .K78 2010 Mobile marketing
  HF5415.1265 .N497 2011 Online marketing

HF5415.1265 .S24 2010 The social media bible
  HF5415.157 .K85 2011 Your customers' perception of quality
  HF5415.332.O43 A385 2010 The aging consumer
  HF5415.5 .A53 2007 Delivering knock your socks off service

HF5415.5 .S5194 2011 Customer service

HF5429 .B449 2011 Competing in tough times

HF5548.32 .E567 2010 Enterprise 2.0

HF5549.5.D55 S45 2010 Letting people go

HF5549.5.I53 G84 2011 Create your own employee handbook

HF5549.5.P39 K56 2011 Manager's guide to social media

HF5823 .B454 2010 Street-smart advertising

HG178.3 .R69 2010 Poverty capital

HG2040.5.U5 H843 2010 The monster

HG2461 .H45 2011 Regulation and instability in U.S. commercial banking

HG4028.C4 P62 2011 The cost of capital

HM500 .S64 2011 Visual research methods in the social sciences

HM881 .C367 2011 Wired and mobilizing

HM1106 .F55 2011 Still connected

HM1251 .S63 2010 The social psychology of power

HN590.B3 E23 2010 Anarchism and the city

HQ755.85 .D76 2011 Our fathers, ourselves

HQ796 .C553 2011 Hurt 2.0

HQ1064.U5 L94 2011 One nation under AARP

HQ1121 .A14 2010 The 100 most influential women of all time

HQ1735.2 .G46 2011 Gender in contemporary Iran

HS2519 .S54 2010 Wealth, whiteness, and the matrix of privilege

HV6489.C2 T48 1999 Hell's Angels
REFERENCE HV6515 .B477 2003 Talking with serial killers

HV7936.S77 V558 2011 On the edge

HV8143 .J63 2011 John Douglas's guide to the police officer exams.
J - Political Science
  JK526 2008 .N69 2008 NOW hosted by David Brancaccio. February 29, 2008, Rewriting campaign rules [videorecording]
K - Law

KF224.S3 L33 2010 Fundamentalism and education in the Scopes era

KF4744 2011 Civil liberties and the state

KF8742 .B79 2010 Packing the court
L - Education
REFERENCE LA217.2 .L49 2004 Learning for all

LB1028 .E6257 2011 Ethics and academic freedom in educational research

LB1028 .P347 2010 Perils, pitfalls and reflexivity in qualitative research in education

LB1050.55 .K73 2011 Free voluntary reading

LB1731 .R53 2011 Personal learning networks
M - Music and Books on Music
  ML3917.G7 M35 2009 Music and Victorian philanthropy
  MT1 .G58 2010 What's so important about music education?
N - Fine Arts
  N6537.L3727 A4 2010 Black mirror = Espejo negro

NK1173 .H65 2011 The strategic designer

NK8949.A1 G73 2010 Toiles de jouy
P - Language and Literature

P112 .C74 2010 A little book of language

PA3052 .D83 2010 Out of Athens

PE1075 .M57 2010 Globish
REFERENCE PE1145.2 .G46 2012 Spelling connections

PJ5191.E8 S46 2006 Shining and shadow
AV PN1997 .P45795 2000 Perfect blue [videorecording]
AV PN1997.2 .S47 2001 Spirited away [videorecording]

PN4867.2 .M47 2010 Can journalism be saved?

PQ6134.A97 H47 2009 Written in red

PR468.M86 F38 2004
Music hall & modernity

PR1924 .C434 2010 Chaucer

PR3727 .H36 2010 Jonathan Swift

PR5588 .T446 2009 Tennyson among the poets

PR5907 .W18 1997 W.B. Yeats

PS151 .I25 2009 I made you to find me

PS153.J4 J47 2004 Jewish American and Holocaust literature

PS255.N5 C35 2010 The Cambridge companion to the literature of New York

PS283.N6 D43 2009 Travel narratives from New Mexico

PS379 .C58 2009 After the end of history

PS379 .O35 2010 The American novel now

PS1342.R4 B47 2010 Heretical fictions

PS2123 .A4 2008 The complete letters of Henry James, 1872-1876

PS3527.A15 O75 2008 The original of Laura (Dying is fun)

PS3552.E719 Z783 2010 Understanding Thomas Berger

PS3553.A7894 Z886 2010 Raymond Carver

PS3561.E667 O536 2010 Mental illness in Ken Kesey's One flew over the cuckoo's nest

PS3569.O72 W67 2005 Worlds apart

PZ7.A953 Mb 1997 The man who was Poe

PZ7.B9759 Bu 2010 The case of the lost boy
CURR-COLL PZ7.E469 Mu 2003 Mud city
CURR-COLL PZ7.E469 Par 2002 Parvana's journey

PZ7.E7232 Fr 1999 Francie

PZ7.E7323 Sam 1983 Sam Johnson and the blue ribbon quilt

PZ7.G2315 Th 2003 This time, Tempe Wick?

PZ7.O237 My 1989b My name is not Angelica

PZ8.3.G276 Bu 1984 The butter battle book

PZ8.3.H17 Al 1994 All the colors of the Earth

PZ8.3.H24318 Clo 2009 The clock struck one

PZ8.3.L6148 Jo 1990 Johnny Appleseed
Q - Science

Q124.97 .H358 2011 The genesis of science

Q223 .M399 2010 Explaining research

QA76.59 .B39 2011 Cracking Windows Phone and BlackBerry native development

QA76.59 .F47 2011 Windows Phone 7 recipes

QA76.625 .P43 2011 Professional mobile Web development with WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal

QA76.73.C154 C53 2011 Beginning C# object-oriented programming

QA76.76.A65 Z43 2011 Beginning Android games

QA76.9.U83 M8524 2010 Multimedia interaction and intelligent user interfaces

QA115 .C54 2006 The action of subtraction

QA135.6 .C54 2005 The mission of addition

QA241 .B83 2011 Elementary number theory

QA278 .G36 2011 Data clustering in C++

QA372 .R753 2010 Ordinary differential equations

QA402.3 .M317 1982 Introduction to optimal control theory

QA445.5 .C55 2009 Windows, rings, and grapes

QC90.6 .C585 2008 On the scale, a weighty tale

QC102 .C58 2007 How long or how wide?

QH447 .V35 2010 The value of genetic and genomic technologies

QL666.C536 N275 2010 Assessment of sea-turtle status and trends
REFERENCE QM26 .A57 2010 Anatomica

QR64.7 .S47 2010 Sequence-based classification of select agents

R - Medicine

R852 .Q45 2010 Breakthrough!
REFERENCE RC465 .B76 2007 Casebook in abnormal psychology

RC516 .P665 2010 Practical management of bipolar disorder

RC552.E18 O97 2010 The Oxford handbook of eating disorders

RT42 .S45 2011 What makes a good nurse

RT61.5 .C374 2011 Careers in focus. Nursing.
S - Agriculture
  S605.5 .R378 2010 Rebels for the soil
T - Technology

T385 .D58958 2012 Discovering AutoCAD 2012

TK5103.2 .W398 2010 Being mobile

TL220 .A53 2010 Electric and hybrid cars

TN490.U7 V36 2010 The highway of the atom

TP248.27.P55 G87 2010 Gasoline, diesel, and ethanol biofuels from grasses and plants
U- Military Science

UB357 .O78 2010 Beyond the Bonus March and GI Bill
V - Naval Science

VA68.G8 S34 2009 Guant*anamo, USA
Z - Library Science
U. S. Documents
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:NRS-14 eg Chloride concentration gradients in tank-stored hydraulic fracturing fluids following flowback
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:PSW-RP-262 eg A climate change primer for land managers
ELECTRONIC A 13.78:RMRS-RP-85 eg The 2002 Rodeo-Chediski Wildfire's impacts on southwestern ponderosa pine ecosystems, hydrology, and fuels
US-DOC A 13.79:SRS-19 Big trees in the southern forest inventory
US-DOC A13.80:SRS-168 Southern pulpwood production, 2009
US-DOC A13.80:SRS-169 Estimates of biomass in logging residue and standing residual inventory following tree-harvest activity on timberland acres in the southern region
ELECTRONIC A 13.88:PNW-GTR-834 eg Cherry Creek Research Natural Area. Guidebook supplement 41
US-DOC A13.88:SRS-130 Past and present aquatic habitats and fish populations of the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta
US-DOC A13.88:SRS-131 A management guide for invasive plants in southern forests
US-DOC A13.88:SRS-132 Wood to energy : using southern interface fuels for bioenergy
ELECTRONIC A 13.92/2:B 96 eg Bussel 484
ELECTRONIC A 57.91/2:TX-PM-10-04 eg Calibrating a seed drill for conservation planting
ELECTRONIC A 109.10:205 eg Analysis of financial statements
ELECTRONIC A 109.10:220 eg Cooperative equity redemption
ELECTRONIC A 110.27:C 58 eg Clean, separate, cook & chill
ELECTRONIC A 112.15:C 78/3 eg Conservation Reserve Program sign-up 41
ELECTRONIC A 112.15:C 78/4 eg Conservation Reserve Program, general sign-up 41
A 112.15:F 66/2011 eg Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
ELECTRONIC A 112.15:IO 9 eg Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
ELECTRONIC A 112.15:L 78/2 eg Beneficial interest requirements for marketing assistance loans and loan deficiency payments (excluding sugar)
ELECTRONIC A 112.15:N 27 eg Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program Nebraska Platte-Republican resources area
ELECTRONIC A 112.15:N 42 Y/2 eg Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
ELECTRONIC A 112.15:OH 3/2 eg Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
ELECTRONIC C 1.99:OIG-11-005-A eg Broadband program faces uncertain funding, and NTIA needs to strengthen its post-award operations
ELECTRONIC C 13.10:250-58 eg Calibration of X-ray and gamma-ray measuring instruments
ELECTRONIC C 13.10:800-147 eg BIOS protection guidelines
ELECTRONIC C 13.58:56/2 eg 4SIGHT manual
ELECTRONIC C 13.58:5672 eg Advanced mass calibration and measurement assurance program for state calibration laboratories
ELECTRONIC C 55.8:B 75 eg Brewer site operators handbook
ELECTRONIC C 55.102:C 78 eg Cooperative Observer Program
ELECTRONIC D 1.2:H 75/4 eg Best practices for keeping your home network secure
ELECTRONIC D 5.417:266/PORT. eg Brasil e Estados Unidos
ELECTRONIC D 5.425/2: eg Africa Center for Strategic Studies newsletter
ELECTRONIC D 12.1/3: eg Annual report
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:4373 eg The case for using the spherical model to calculate the interpolated points in the connectivity software deployment module
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5153 eg Comparison of the inversion periods for mid-wave IR (MidIR) and long-wave IR (LWIR) polarimetric and conventional thermal imagery
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5182 eg Aerodynamic and flight dynamic characteristics of 5.56-mm ammunition
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5218 eg Comparison of gold/platinum and gold/ruthenium contacts on piezoelectrically actuated RF MEMS switches
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5510 eg Biomechanical and physiological validation of the omni-directional treadmill upgrade as a mobility platform for immersive environments
ELECTRONIC D 101.133:5522 eg Carbon nanotube based flexible supercapacitors
ELECTRONIC D 101.146:C 44/12 eg China-Latin America military engagement
ELECTRONIC D 104.35:H 34 eg Combat and operational behavioral health
ELECTRONIC D 301.26/24-4: eg Air & space power journal en fran*cais
ELECTRONIC E 1.48:IG-0778 eg The consolidated terrorism watchlist nomination process at the Department of Energy
ELECTRONIC E 1.48:IG-0806 eg 40 mm grenade launcher qualification requirements at he Department of Energy
ELECTRONIC E 1.48:IG-0819 eg Allegations of conflict of interest regarding licensing of PROTECT by Argonne National Laboratory
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 1-48426 eg Clone bacterial thermal stable enzymes in T. Reesei
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-7 A 20-50172 eg A broad overview of energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities for Department of Defense installations
E 9.16:NREL/TP-550-47465 eg Concentrating solar power
ELECTRONIC E 9.16:NREL/TP-5600-52125 eg An assessment of the current level of automation in the manufacture of fuel cell systems for combined heat and power applications
ELECTRONIC E 9.19:NREL/FS-550-48658 eg Concentrating solar power
ELECTRONIC E 9.19:NREL/FS-550-48659 eg Collector/receiver characterization
ELECTRONIC E 9.19:NREL/FS-550-48662 eg Advanced reflector and absorber materials
ELECTRONIC E 9.31: eg Continuum magazine
ELECTRONIC EP 2.2:D 83/19 eg Analysis of the use of drinking water state revolving fund set-asides
EP 2.2:D 83/20 eg 2006 drinking water data reliability analysis and action plan
EP 2.2:W 29/48 eg Community-based water resiliency initiative
ELECTRONIC FR 1.65: eg Blog
ELECTRONIC FR 2.2:B 86 eg Building the CFPB
ELECTRONIC FT 1.2:G 28/2 eg Authorized generic drugs
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-331 T eg Contract audits
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-358 T eg Airport and Airway Trust Fund
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-359 T eg 401(K) plans
GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-440 T eg 8(a) program
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-463 T eg Cybersecurity
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-508 T eg Border security
GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-805 T eg Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-807 T eg Aviation security
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-811 T eg Child fatalities from maltreatment
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-834 T eg Abandoned mines
ELECTRONIC GA 1.5/2:GAO-11-869 T eg Combating nuclear smuggling
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-66 eg Afghanistan security
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-97 eg Border security
GA 1.13:GAO-11-111 eg 2010 tax filing season
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-196 eg Child support enforcement
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-198 eg Commercial motor carriers
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-220 eg Ballistic missile defense
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-235 eg Consumer finance
GA 1.13:GAO-11-291 eg 401(K) plans
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-311 eg Credit cards
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-345 eg Climate change issues
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-406 eg Antibiotic resistance
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-481 eg 2011 tax filing
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-513 eg Biofuels
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-539 eg Air Force Working Capital Fund
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-599 eg Child maltreatment
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-637 eg Combating terrorism
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-659 eg Children's Television Act
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-740 eg Aviation security
ELECTRONIC GA 1.13:GAO-11-763 eg Combatting illicit drugs
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-11-156 R eg Accountability for U.S. equipment provided to Pakistani security forces in the Western Frontier needs to be improved
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-11-364 R eg Additional cost transparency and design criteria needed for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) projects
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-11-375 R eg Aviation security
ELECTRONIC GA 1.41:GAO-11-781 R eg Cost and legal authority for selected financial literacy programs and activities
ELECTRONIC HE 20.402:AC 2/V.1-3 eg Access to recovery implementation toolkit
ELECTRONIC HE 20.402:C 76/4 eg Building bridges
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3152:N 15 eg Cancer nanotechnology
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3182:AS 1/2009 eg Asbestos exposure and cancer risk
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3182:C 71/3 eg Colorectal cancer research from the prostate, lung, colorectal and ovarian (PLCO) cancer screening trial
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3182:M 46 eg Chemicals in meat cooked at high temperatures and cancer risk
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:B 13/2007 eg Bacteria and foodborne illness
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3302:K 54/18 eg Chronic kidney disease
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323/3:B 13/2007 eg Bacteria and foodborne illness
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323:B 61/2010 eg Bleeding in the digestive tract
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323:C 33 eg Celiac disease
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3323/3:C 87/2006 eg Crohn's disease
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3352:N 11/ eg Child Development and Behavior Branch, NICHD, report to the NACHHD Council
HE 20.3752:V 82/8 eg Clinical trials in vision research
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3861:D 65/2009 eg Choosing a doctor
HE 20.3861:EA 8/2010/SPAN. eg Comer saludablemente despu*es de los 50 a*nos
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3861:SH 6/2010/SPAN. eg La culebrilla
ELECTRONIC HE 20.3861:SK 3/2/2010/SPAN. eg El cuidado de la piel
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:C 43/5 eg Burns
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7002:C 74/5 eg Concussion signs and symptoms checklist
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7059: eg CDC knowledge to action science clips
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7059: eg CDC science clips
ELECTRONIC HE 20.7132/3:C 63/2/ eg
Coal operator mining facts
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:08-38 eg Allision of M/V COSCO BUSAN with the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:08-25 eg Audit of airport passenger and checked baggage screening performance
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:08-64 eg Additional controls can enhance the security of the automated commercial environment system
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:08-86 eg Costs incurred for rejected temporary housing sites
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:09-95 eg Challenges remain in DHS' efforts to secure control systems
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:09-104 eg Audit of application controls for FEMA's Individual Assistance Payment application
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:10-12 eg Age determination practices for unaccompanied alien children in ICE custody
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:10-34 eg Cargo targeting and examinations
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:10-52 eg CBP's Container Security Initiative has proactive management and oversight but future direction is uncertain
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:10-84 eg Coast Guard's blueprint for acquisition reform needs improved oversight
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:10-96 eg Controls over SBInet program cost and schedule could be improved
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:10-104 eg Audit of the Department of Homeland Security's handling of conference fees for the process control systems forum
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:10-108 eg Allegations of misconduct within the Coast Guard Administrative Law Judge program
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:11-31 eg The Coast Guard's Polar Icebreaker Maintenance, Upgrade, and Acquisition Program
ELECTRONIC HS 1.22:11-43 eg Customs and Border Protection needs to improve its inspection procedures for the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative
ELECTRONIC I 19.42/4-4:2007-5171 eg Anthropogenic organic compounds in source and finished water from community water system wells in western and central Connecticut, 2002-2004
ELECTRONIC I 19.42/4-4:2009-5085 eg Continuous turbidity monitoring in the Indian Creek Watershed, Tazewell County, Virginia, 2006-08
ELECTRONIC I 19.42/4-4:2011-5122 eg Construction of shipping channels in the Detroit River
ELECTRONIC I 19.76:2011-1062 eg CloudPEST
ELECTRONIC I 19.76:2011-1148 eg A critical review of published coal quality data from the southwestern part of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
ELECTRONIC I 19.127:2010-3043 eg Assessment of undiscovered natural gas resources of the Arkoma Basin Province and geologically related areas
ELECTRONIC I 19.183: eg Biocomplexity thesaurus
ELECTRONIC I 27.2:C 58/3 eg Clear Lake 2007 hydrographic survey
ELECTRONIC I 29.88:B 63/5 eg Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Bodie Island Light Station Double Keepers Quarters
ELECTRONIC I 29.88:M 27/2 eg Cane River Creole National Historical Park
ELECTRONIC I 49.44/3-2:D 45 eg Comprehensive conservation plan
ELECTRONIC J 36.2:C 73/14 eg Advancing community policing through community governance
ELECTRONIC J 36.2:IN 8 eg Criminal intelligence sharing
ELECTRONIC L 35.2:C 76/11/SPAN. eg Los cuatros riegos principales de la construcci*on
ELECTRONIC L 35.23:D 94 eg Combustible dust
L 36.213:014/2009 eg Coverage under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
ELECTRONIC L 36.213:048/2008 eg Application of U.S. labor laws to immigrant workers
L 36.213:058/2008 eg Cooking and baking under the federal youth employment provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
ELECTRONIC L 38.22:P-09-04 eg AMS Operator Training Guide and Part 48 Task Training Addendum
ELECTRONIC L 38.22:P-09-40 eg CSE SR-MP expectations training unit
ELECTRONIC L 38.22:P-10-14 eg Clarification of MSHA policy and regulations related to SCSRs
ELECTRONIC L 41.2:AC 2 eg Accommodating employees in retail settings
ELECTRONIC L 41.2:L 46 eg Cultivating leadership
ELECTRONIC L 41.2:OP 5 eg Advancing opportunities
L 41.2:SE 6 eg Accommodating service members and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder
ELECTRONIC L 41.16:AM 3 eg The ADA Amendments Act of 2008
ELECTRONIC L 41.16:ST 9 eg Accommodation and compliance series higher education accommodations
ELECTRONIC L 41.16:W 93/SPAN. eg Ideas para escribir una carta solicitando una acomodaci*on
ELECTRONIC L 41.17:AG 4/SPAN. eg Acomodaciones en el empleo para la fuerza laboral de edad madura
ELECTRONIC L 41.17:AM 3 eg Accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act
ELECTRONIC L 41.17:AM 3/SPAN. eg Acta de Enmienda del ADA del 2008
ELECTRONIC L 41.17:B 61/SPAN. eg Acomodaciones en el empleo para personas con trastornos de sangramiento
ELECTRONIC L 41.17:C 33/2 eg Accommodating students with cerebral palsy
ELECTRONIC L 41.17:D 63/3 eg Considering the needs of employees with disabilities during a pandemic flu outbreak
ELECTRONIC L 41.17:H 35/3 eg Accommodating students with hearing loss
ELECTRONIC L 41.17:W 89/SPAN. eg Acomodaciones en el empleo al retornar al trabajo
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2006-214274 eg Damage tolerance analysis of a pressurized liquid oxygen tank
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2010-215861 eg Accurate measurements of the dielectric constant of seawater at L band
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2010-216109 eg Control activity in support of NASA Turbine Based Combined Cycle (TBCC) research
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2010-216858 eg CFL3D contribution to the AIAA Supersonic Shock Boundary Layer Interaction Workshop
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-216995 eg Acoustic absorption in porous materials
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217019 eg Analysis of solar-heated thermal wadis to support extended-duration lunar exploration
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217052 eg Conical shock-strength determination on low-sonic-boom aircraft model by doppler global velocimetry
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.15:2011-217059 eg Alternative aviation fuel experiment (AAFEX)
ELECTRONIC NAS 1.26:2005-213643/PT.2 eg Characterization of ice for return-to-flight of the Space Shuttle. Part 2, Soft ice.
ELECTRONIC PREX 1.2:W 29 eg Clean water
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:06-301.1 eg Customs
Civil aviation S 9.10:06-616 eg Civil aviation
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:06-1117 eg Customs
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:06-1128 eg Civil safety
ELECTRONIC S 9.10:07-108 eg Cultural property
US-DOC SI 7.27:635 Variation, systematics, and relationships of the Leptodactylus bolivianus complex (Amphibia: Anura: Leptodactylidae)
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/4:108-10 eg Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and Protocol to Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/4:108-11 eg Convention on Cybercrime
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/4:108-13 eg Additional protocol to investment treaty with Romania
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-11 eg Care Act of 2003
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-24 eg Catoctin Mountain National Recreation Area Designation Act
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-36 eg Clean Diamond Trade Act
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-37 eg Caring for Children Act of 2003
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-40 eg Amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to allow surveillance of non-United States persons who engage in or prepare for international terrorism without affiliation with a foreign government or international terrorist group
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-41 eg Aviation Investment and Revitalization Vision Act
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-44 eg Authorizing appropriations for fiscal year 2004 for intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the United States government, the Community Management Account, and the Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability System and for other purposes
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-48 eg Amending the act of August 9, 1955, to extend the terms of leases of certain restricted Indian land, and for other purposes
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-51 eg Animal Drug User Fee Act of 2003
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-52 eg Committee activities
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-61 eg Beaufort, South Carolina Study Act of 2003
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-70 eg Automatic Defibrillation in Adam's Memory Act
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-71 eg American History and Civics Education Act of 2003
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-79 eg Check Truncation Act of 2003
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-92 eg Buffalo Soldiers Commemoration Act of 2003
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-96 eg Black Canyon of the Gunnison
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-107 eg Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and related agencies appropriations bill, 2004
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-108 eg Amending Chapter 84 of Title 5, United States Code, to provide that certain federal annuity computations are adjusted by 1 percentage point relating to periods of receiving disability payments, and for other purposes
Y 1.1/5:108-111 eg The Commercial Space Transportation Act of 2003
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-138 eg Carter G. Woodson Home National Historic Site Establishment Act of 2003
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-150 eg Amending the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century to make certain amendments with respect to Indian tribes, to provide for training and technical assistance to Native Americans who are interested in commercial vehicle driving and for other purposes
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-158 eg Coastal and Estuarine Land Protection Act
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:108-159 eg Compact of Free Association Amendments Act of 2003
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:112-47 eg Clean Energy Financing Act
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:112-54 eg American Falls Reservoir
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:112-60 eg Box Elder Utah Land Conveyance Act
Y 1.1/5:112-61 eg Conveyance of land to the town of Alta, Utah
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:112-63 eg Abandoned mine reclamation
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:112-68 eg A bill to amend title 38, United States Code, to repeal the prohibition on collective bargaining with respect to matters and questions regarding compensation of employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs other than rates of basic pay, and for other purposes
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:112-70 eg Advanced Vehicle Technology Act
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:112-72 eg Alternative Fueled Vehicles Competitiveness and Energy Security Act
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/5:112-73 eg Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and related agencies appropriations bill, 2012
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/7:108-15 eg 2002 section 102(b) report
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/7:108-22 eg Continuation of the national emergency with respect to Sierra Leone and Liberia
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/7:108-25 eg Continuation of the national emergency with respect to terrorists who threaten to disrupt the Middle East peace process
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/7:112-53 eg The "American Jobs Act of 2011" legislative proposal
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/8:112-199 eg Appeal Time Clarification Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/8:112-205 eg Children's Hospital GME Support Reauthorization Act of 2011
ELECTRONIC Y 1.1/8:112-210/ eg Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovation Act
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AP 6/1:H 62/2 eg A concise history of the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AR 5/2 A:2011-2012/13 eg Are we ready?
ELECTRONIC Y 4.AR 5/2 A:2011-2012/15 eg Army modernization programs
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 44:H 88/16 eg Current conditions for human rights defenders and lawyers in China, and implications for U.S. policy
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/7:S.HRG.109-1147 eg Capitalizing on renewables for Oregon's economy
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/7:S.HRG.112-65 eg Air traffic control safety oversight
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/8:112-11 eg The consequences of Obamacare
ELECTRONIC Y 4.C 73/8:112-16 eg Climate science and EPA's greenhouse gas regulations
ELECTRONIC Y 4.ET 3/4: eg Annual report for ...
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 49:S.HRG.111-1046 eg Clean technology manufacturing competitiveness
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/2:S.HRG.112-54 eg Crackdown in Belarus
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/2:S.HRG.112-59 eg Combating human trafficking in Asia
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/2:S.HRG.112-66 eg Afghanistan
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/2:S.HRG.112-70 eg Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other extremists groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/2:S.HRG.112-67 eg Assessing U.S. policy and its limits in Pakistan
ELECTRONIC Y 4.F 76/2:S.HRG.112-84 eg Administration priorities for Europe in the 112th Congress
ELECTRONIC Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.111-1051 eg Border security
ELECTRONIC  Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.111-1052 eg The cost effectiveness of procuring weapon systems in excess of requirements
ELECTRONIC Y 4.H 75:111-42 eg Creating One DHS
ELECTRONIC Y 4.H 81/3:EL 2/48 eg The 2010 election
ELECTRONIC Y 4.R 31/3:112-19 eg Creating abundant water and power supplies and job growth by restoring common sense  to federal regulations
ELECTRONIC Y 4.SCI 2:112-13 eg Are we prepared?
ELECTRONIC Y 4.T 68/2:112-3 eg America's presidential libraries
ELECTRONIC Y 10.2:B 85/44/2011 eg CBO's 2011 long-term budget outlook
ELECTRONIC Y 10.2:P 75/9 eg Confronting the nation's fiscal policy challenges
ELECTRONIC Y 10.31: eg CBO's ... long-term projections for social security--additional information
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