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New Resources - May 2010

Call Number
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B809.15 .M37 2009
Social conventions : from language to law

BF311 .R25 2009
Cognition and perception : how do psychology and neural science inform philosophy?

BF503 .M376 2007
Maslow's hierarchy of needs [videorecording]

BF636.7.C76 J86 2010
Social justice, multicultural counseling, and practice: beyond a conventional approach

BF724.2 .P47 2009
Perpetual adolescence : Jungian analyses of American media, literature, and pop culture

BF1275.W65 L45 2009
Victorian women and the theatre of trance : mediums, spiritualists and mesmerists in performance

BP60 .E84 1999
The Islamic threat : myth or reality?

BP75 .I2513 1967
The life of Muhammad : a translation of Is*h*aq's S*irat ras*ul All*ah

BP109 1992
Islam : the Qur*an

BP136.4 .K395 2002
A treasury of Hadith and Sunnah

BP161.2 .S64 1989
God is one : the way of Islam = All*ah w*a*hid

BP161.3 .I74 2004
Islam in world cultures : comparative perspectives

BP161.3 .P764 2003
Progressive Muslims : on justice, gender and pluralism

BP163 .A2515 2004
What's right with Islam : a new vision for Muslims and the West

BP163 .N2813 2003
Islam : religion, history, and civilization

BP163 .S285 2001
The Islamic roots of democratic pluralism

BP165.7 .A26 2001
And God knows the soldiers : the authoritative and authoritarian in Islamic discourses

BP166.2 .V35 2003
No God but God : a path to Muslim-Christian dialogue on God's nature

BP170.8 .N37 2004
The heart of Islam : enduring values for humanity

BP190.5.S35 N35 2008
Islam and the secular state : negotiating the future of Shari*a

 BP194.185 .N37 2006
The Shia revival : how conflicts within Islam will shape the future

BR735 .J46 2007
God's continent : Christianity, Islam, and Europe's religious crisis

BV811.3 .T35 2009
Take me to the water : immersion baptism in vintage music and photography 1890-1950 : photographs from the collection of Jim Linderman

BV2625 .M2885 2004
Miniskirts, mothers & Muslims : a Christian woman in a Muslim land
D - History: General and Old World

D522.7 .C67 2003
World War I

D639.N4 L46 2009
Freedom struggles : African Americans and World War I

D767.2 .G53 2009
Hell to pay : Operation Downfall and the invasion of Japan, 1945-47

D1056.2.M87 C35 2009
Reflections on the revolution in Europe : immigration, Islam, and the West

DK38.8 .E54 2009
Know your enemy : the rise and fall of America's Soviet experts

DS35.74.U6 M875 2004
The Muslim world after 9/11

DS44 .U473 2004
Understanding the contemporary Middle East

DS113.7 .C495 2001
We belong to the land : the story of a Palestinian Israeli who lives for peace and reconciliation

DT62.M7 W65 2009
Mummies in nineteenth century America : ancient Egyptians as artifacts

DT159.6.D27 S54 2010
The responsibility to protect in Darfur : the role of mass media
E - History: America

E18.75 .L47 2009
The fourth part of the world : the race to the ends of the Earth, and the epic story of the map that gave America its name

E99.P9 W55 2009
The Pueblo Revolt and the mythology of conquest : an indigenous archaeology of contact

E159 .P867 2010
Voices from the back stairs : interpreting servants' lives at historic house museums

E169.12 .S842 2010
Stories of Oprah : the Oprahfication of American culture

E181 .H79 2009
West Pointers and the Civil War : the old army in war and peace

E184.K6 A24 2009
The intimate university : Korean American students and the problems of segregation

E184.65 .H35 2009
A faithful account of the race : African American historical writing in nineteenth-century America

E185.97.F73 Y3 2008
Amos Fortune, free man [sound recording]

E332.4 .K736 2010
Flight from Monticello : Thomas Jefferson at war

E453 .C535 2010
Toussaint Louverture and the American Civil War : the promise and peril of a second Haitian revolution

E467.1.R54 M37 2009
Until Antietam : the life and letters of Major General Israel B. Richardson, U.S. Army

E487 .C5237 2010
Mary Chesnut's Civil War epic

E743.5.F83 S54 2009
Legacy of a false promise : a daughter's reckoning

E744 .C825 2009
America's Cold War : the politics of insecurity

E840.8.S544 H376 2009
Paul Simon : the political journey of an Illinois original

E872 .G534 2009
An outsider in the White House : Jimmy Carter, his advisors, and the making of American foreign policy
F - History: America

F390 .T44 2009
The Texas that might have been : Sam Houston's foes write to Albert Sidney Johnston

F391 .M934 2010
Cow boys and cattle men : class and masculinities on the Texas frontier, 1865-1900

F392.T47 C53 2008
Backroads of the Texas hill country : your guide to the most scenic adventures

F394.E4 P38 2009
Celebrating El Paso

F394.F935 S78 2009
Tinsel : a search for America's Christmas present

F596.3.F8 G585 2010
The bourgeois frontier : French towns, French traders, and American expansion
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

GA 1.13:OSI-97-2
Investigators' guide to sources of information

GN21.A29 A3 2009
The road from Frijoles Canyon : anthropological adventures on four continents

GN281 .W674 2005
Human evolution : a very short introduction

GT2346.U6 O87 2009
The tattooed lady : a history

GT2853.U5 F57 2009
The taste for civilization : food, politics, and civil society

GV837.7 .M37 2010
Swimming anatomy

GV861 .S87 2010
Great games for big activity balls

GV880.4 .O46 2010
Play ball : 100 baseball practice games

GV881.4.C6 B46 2010
Survival guide for coaching youth softball

GV950 .O7 2009
Bowled over : big-time college football from the sixties to the BCS era

GV1061.5 .M345 2010
The runner's edge

GV1061.5 .P85 2010
Running anatomy
H - Social Science

HB161 .S65 2008
An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations

HC110.W4 F7 1999
Luxury fever : money and happiness in an era of excess

HC252.5.B73 R53 2004
Richard Branson [videorecording] : my life

HD30.3 .C33 2009
Building commitment to reform through strategic communication : the five key decisions

HD62.5 .T88 2008
Turning garbage into gold [videorecording] : the Terracycle plant food story

HD69.P75 R88 2010
Sams teach yourself Basecamp in 10 minutes

HD2755.5 .T429 2009
Values-based multinational management : achieving enterprise sustainability through a human rights strategy

HD6054 .V55 2009
Down to business : the first 10 steps to entrepreneurship for women

HD6072.5 .L54 1999
Savvy women entrepreneurs : twenty-eight different women share the secrets to their business success

HD8039.T42 A7815 2008
Made in Asia [videorecording] : fast, cheap, and fair? The global textile market

HD8039.T42 U6416 2009
The most they ever had

HF1131 .D38 2010
Rethinking the MBA : business education at a crossroads

HD8051 .A62 subser. HF5382.5.U5
Occupational outlook handbook

HF5415.332.W66 T46 2008
The gender intelligent retailer : discover the connection between women consumers and business growth

HF5549.5.M63 F57 2003 Fish! [videorecording] : catch the energy, release the potential

HF5813.U6 P48 2005
The persuaders [videorecording]

HM146 .S26 2006
Open minds to equality : a sourcebook of learning activities to affirm diversity and promote equity

HM671 .R478 2002
Rethinking globalization : teaching for justice in an unjust world

HM1206 .K388 2010
Digital media criticism

HQ536 .G47 2010
 The unfinished revolution : how a new generation is reshaping family, work, and gender in America

HQ801 .A724 2009
Why men love bitches

HQ1170 .G66 2003
Price of honor : Muslim women lift the veil of silence on the Islamic world

HQ1190 .D36 2009
Dancing with Iris : the philosophy of Iris Marion Young

HQ1219 .S26 2009
The world has curves : the global quest for the perfect body

HQ1236.5.U6 K67 2009
Notes from the cracked ceiling : Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and what it will take for a woman to win

HT384.U5 D585 2009
Division Street [videorecording]

HV435 .B87 2006
Alms for jihad : charity and terrorism in the Islamic world

HV863 .W43 2010
What works in foster care? : key components of success from the Northwest Foster Care Alumni Study

HV6692.M33 S26 2009
Madoff : corruption, deceit, and the making of the world's most notorious Ponzi scheme

HV8073 .L394 2009
The real world of a forensic scientist : renowned experts reveal what it takes to solve crimes

HV9471 .T73 2009
Transforming corrections : humanistic approaches to corrections and offender treatment
J - Political Science

JC319 .D4995 2010
Popular culture, geopolitics, and identity

JK516 .W487 2009
Presidential rhetoric and the public agenda : constructing the war on drugs

JV6465 .B54 2006
The line between us : teaching about the border and Mexican immigration

JZ1318 .D3985 2003
The debate on globalization [videorecording]
K - Law

KF221.M8 B357 2009
Women who kill men : California courts, gender, and the press
KF4520.Z9 F75 1987
Shh! we're writing the Constitution

KF4755.5 .S74 2009
Affirmative action for the future

KF4774 .B654 2010
Uninhibited, robust, and wide-open : a free press for a new century

KMH2101 .S34 1998
The constitution of Iran : politics and the state in the Islamic Republic
L - Education

LA217.2 .R475 2003
Rethinking school reform : views from the classroom

LB1028.5 .S355 2009
Leading 21st century schools : harnessing technology for engagement and achievement

LB1029.R4 J64 2009
How RTI works in secondary schools

LB1029.R4 R75 2010
RTI in practice : a practical guide to implementing effective evidence-based interventions in your school

LB1044.87 .K58 2010
The socially networked classroom : teaching in the new media age

LB1044.87 .R447 2010
Teaching with author Web sites, K-8

LB1050 .L3819 2009
Igniting a passion for reading : successful strategies for building lifetime readers

LB1050.42 .A43 2009
Conferring : the keystone of reader's workshop

LB1062.6 .K45 2009
Learning first! : a school leader's guide to closing achievement gaps

LB1140.23 .R64 2010
Prove it! : achieving quality recognition for your early childhood program

LB1529.U6 H43 2009
 A place for wonder : reading and writing nonfiction in the primary grades

LB1573 .M4925 2009
The 3 habits of highly successful reading teachers : a quick and easy approach to helping all students succeed

LB1631 .C4492 2009
Teaching for joy and justice : re-imagining the language arts classroom

LB1731 .D7 2009
Leading adult learning : supporting adult development in our schools

LB1769.T49 W584 2010
Passing the superintendent TExES exam : keys to certification and district leadership

LB2341 .M4437 2010
Planning and assessment in higher education : demonstrating institutional effectiveness

LB2369 .B87 2010
The education dissertation : a guide for practitioner scholars

LB2801.A2 J46 2009
From the classroom to the office : the school administrator's guide to a successful first year

LB2805 .W545 2010
Strong schools, strong leaders : what matters most in times of change

LB2806 .F796 2010
Motion leadership : the skinny on becoming change savvy

LB2806 .R79 2009
Leadership development for educators

LB2806.15 .K37 2009
Using the parallel curriculum model in urban settings, grades K-8

LB2822.82 .H666 2010
Guiding professional learning communities : inspiration, challenge, surprise, and meaning

LB2822.82 .L37 2009
Improving the odds : a basis for long-term change

LB2822.82 .S66 2010
Continuous school improvement

LB2831.9 .D38 2010
Preparing principals for a changing world : lessons from effective school leadership programs

LB2831.9 .D84 2010 Differentiating school leadership : facing the challenges of practice

LB2866.5 .L43 2010 Leading schools during crisis : what school administrators must know

LB3013 .S444 2010 Preventing disruptive behavior in colleges : a campus and classroom management handbook for higher education

LB3013 .S538 2010 Transformative classroom management : positive strategies to engage all students and promote a psychology of success

LB3013.3 .U73 2009 The truth about bullying : what educators and parents must know and do

LB3051 .Q56 2010 Improving test scores in five easy steps : the silver bullet

LB3060.33.W47 L53 2010 Essentials of WIAT-III and KTEA-II assessment

LC213.2 .E685 2009 Equity issues for today's educational leaders : meeting the challenge of creating equitable schools for all

LC1099.3 .R494 2009 Rethinking multicultural education : teaching for racial and cultural justice

LC2717 .A47 2009 African American perspectives on leadership in schools: building a culture of empowerment

LC2781 .B36 2009 Black women undergraduates, cultural capital, and college success

LC3727 .S65 2009 Diversity's promise for higher education : making it work

LC3731 .E86 2009 No longer separate, not yet equal : race and class in elite college admission and campus life

LC4091 .J46 2009 Teaching with poverty in mind : what being poor does to kids' brains and what schools can do about it
M - Music and Books on Music

ML60 .H178 2009
Heroes and villains : essays on music, movies, comics, and culture

ML410.B13 J65 2009
Bach's choral music : a listener's guide

ML410.C54 B22 2010
Chopin's Polish ballade : op. 38 as narrative of national martyrdom

ML419.R44 G58 2010
The music of Django Reinhardt

ML3470 .C597 2009 1989 : Bob Dylan didn't have this to sing about

ML3477 .L45 2009 A fine romance : Jewish songwriters, American songs

ML3477.8.N48 F54 2009 All hopped up and ready to go : music from the streets of New York, 1927-77

ML3524 .F73 2009 Natural acts : gender, race, and rusticity in country music

ML3556 .R68 2009 The songs of blind folk : African American musicians and the cultures of blindness

ML3917.U6 C46 2010 Musical imagiNation : U.S.-Colombian identity and the Latin music boom

MT70 .S4 1994 The contemporary arranger
N - Fine Arts

N72.P5 M37 2009
The lens of impressionism : photography and painting along the Normandy coast, 1850-1874

N6512.7 .A6684 2003
Art 21 [videorecording] : art in the twenty-first century. Seasons one and two

N6537.J6 C73 2009
Jasper Johns

N6537.S6465 A4 2009
Speed : art, 2003-2009

N6923.B9 W35 2009
Michelangelo : the complete sculpture, painting, architecture

N7626 .C43 2009 American hunks : the muscular male body in popular culture, 1860-1970

NC263.R4 S65 2009 Rembrandt drawings

NC1882.7.J39 F74 2009 Freedom, rhythm & sound : revolutionary jazz original cover art 1965-83

ND205.5.R42 S68 2009 American realism

ND237.R68 S35 2009 Norman Rockwell : behind the camera

ND237.S3 H57 2009 Sargent's Daughters : the biography of a painting

ND653.G7 A654 2009 Irises : Vincent van Gogh in the garden

ND1351.5 .N49 2009 The Hudson River School : nature and the American vision

ND2644 .I53 2009 Muralism without walls : Rivera, Orozco, and Siqueiros in the United States, 1927-1940

NK2004.3.S57 A4 2009 Sister Parish Design : on decorating

NK2004.3.T83 R66 2009 Rooms to remember : the classic interiors of Suzanne Tucker
P - Language and Literature

P90 .D8333 2010
Communication in everyday life

P90 .M2644 2010
The 21st century media (r)evolution : emergent communication practices

P92.U5 C55 2010
The networked wilderness : communicating in early New England

P93.5 .W58 2010
The non-designer's presentation book : principles for effective presentation design

P95.4.U6 G35 2009
The ethics and politics of speech : communication and rhetoric in the twentieth century

P96.C742 U635 2009
The murder business : how the media turns crime into entertainment and subverts justice

P96.S25 C68 2009
A history of the Doc Savage adventures in pulps, paperbacks, comics, fanzines, radio and film

P96.W352 U5585 2009
War and the media : essays on news reporting, propaganda and popular culture

PA3520 .N86 2009 The ancient critic at work : terms and concepts of literary criticism in Greek scholia

PE1128.A2 S567 2002
Using the SIOP model : professional development manual for sheltered instruction

PE1128.A2 S5915 2002
The SIOP model [videorecording] : sheltered instruction for academic achievement

PE1404 .F585 2010
Vision, rhetoric, and social action in the composition classroom

PE1408 .S7724 2009
Stylized : a slightly obsessive history of Strunk & White's The elements of style

PE1431 .D38 2010
How to write persuasively today

PE1571 .S76 2009
English words : history and structure

PG3458 .C4613 2010
Anton Chekhov : a brother's memoir

PN151 .S42 2009
102 ways to earn money writing 1,500 words or less

PN241 .G75 2010
Why translation matters

PN1991.77.W3 G67 2009
Waging The war of the worlds : a history of the 1938 radio broadcast and resulting panic, including the original script

PN1992.55 .B88 2010
Television style

PN1992.8.I47 O66 2009
Contemporary media culture and the remnants of a colonial past

PN1995.25 .E63 2008 Harmony + dissent : film and avant-garde art movements in the early twentieth century

PN1995.9.A3 D68 2010
Blood, guns, and testosterone : action films, audiences, and a thirst for violence

PN1995.9.H6 W32 2009
Horror screenwriting : the nature of fear

PN1995.9.L28 N97 2009
Hard hats, rednecks, and macho men : class in 1970s American cinema

PN1997.2 .T775 2007
Trouble in the water [videorecording]

PN4055.U53 P64 2009
Imagining the enemy : American presidential war rhetoric from Woodrow Wilson to George W. Bush

PN4874.S5618 W495 2010
Burning crosses and activist journalism : Hazel Brannon Smith and the Mississippi civil rights movement

PN4888.F6 K39 2010
Funding journalism in the digital age : business models, strategies, issues and trends

PR2807.A23 B46 2002
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark [videorecording]

PR2808.A23 W57 2002
Julius Caesar [videorecording]

PR2811.A23 G55 2004
The second part of King Henry the Fourth [videorecording] : containing his death : and the coronation of King Henry the Fift [i.e. Fifth]

PR2812.A23 G55 2004
The life of Henry the Fift (i.e. Fifth) [videorecording]

PR2819.A23 M55 2000
King Lear [videorecording]

PR2820.A23 G55 2004
King Richard the Second [videorecording]

PR2823.A23 G65 2002
Macbeth [videorecording]

PR2829.A23 M55 2002
Othello [videorecording]

PR2831.A23 R35 2002
Romeo & Juliet [videorecording]

PR6066.I53 Z6255 2009
The Cambridge companion to Harold Pinter

PS3515.E37 Z6885 2010
Art matters : Hemingway, craft, and the creation of the modern short story

PS3551.N95 A6 2009
The Gloria Anzald*ua reader

PS3551.U77 Z75 2010
Understanding Paul Auster

PS3554.I3 Z745 2010
Understanding Philip K. Dick

PS3557.A954 Z59 2010
Understanding Tim Gautreaux

PZ7.C138 Mu 2006
Multiplying menace : the revenge of Rumpelstiltskin : a math adventure

PZ7.M9416 Dai 2007
Dairy queen

PZ7.5.C74 Hat 2008b
Hate that cat [sound recording]
Q - Science

Q162 .H36 2009
Science matters : achieving scientific literacy

Q223 .C66 2010
Communicating science : new agendas in communication

QA76.5 .B26226 2010
How to do everything : netbook

QA76.73.J38 M352593 2010
OSGi and Equinox : creating highly modular Java systems

QA76.73.L228 M345 2010
LINQ to Objects using C# 4.0 : using and extending LINQ to Objects and Parallel LINQ (PLINQ)

QA76.8.I64 I64 2010
iPhone for programmers : an app-driven approach

QA76.9.V5 L39 2010
VMware vSphere 4 implementation

QA331.7 .Z55 2009
A first course in complex analysis with applications

QB462.8 .I58 2008
Cosmic magnetic fields : from planets, to stars and galaxies : proceedings of the 259th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Puerto Santiago, Tenerife, Spain, November 3-7, 2008

QC903 .B546 2010
The climate solutions consensus

QC981.8.C5 C51575 2010
Climate change science and policy

QH75 .F68 2010
Foundations of ecological resilience

QH366.2 .E8627 2010
Evolution, the extended synthesis

QH367 .C465 2003
Evolution : a very short introduction

QH430 .R48 2009
Reverse chemical genetics : methods and protocols

QH546 .S576 2010
Encyclopedia of adaptations in the natural world

QL59 .D35 2009
Texas wildscapes : gardening for wildlife

QR46 .S655 2008
Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases : an illustrated colour text

QR185.2 .C64 2009
A body worth defending : immunity, biopolitics, and the apotheosis of the modern body
R - Medicine

RA644.Y4 E86 2009
Epidemic invasions : yellow fever and the limits of Cuban independence, 1878-1930

RA645.3 .N48 2010
Nursing and family caregiving : social support and nonsupport

RA781 .W66 2010
Energy every day

RA781.65 .N68 2010
Nordic walking for total fitness

RC87.3 .T87 2010
Chemicals used for illegal purposes : a guide for first responders to identify explosives, recreational drugs and poison

RC150.5.A2 P48 2008
A cruel wind : pandemic flu in America, 1918-1920

RC280.B8 S4945 2011
Becoming a breast cancer nurse navigator

RC480.5 .I557 2010
Integrative psychiatry

RC537 .W26 2009
Depression care across the lifespan

RC662.15 .K34 2010
Type 2 diabetes : social and scientific origins, medical complications and implications for patients and others

RC1230 .K65 2003
Know the score [videorecording] : the dangers of performance enhancing drugs

RJ135 .K45 2010
The early intervention guidebook for families and professionals : partnering for success
S - Agriculture

SF992.U75 R66 2010 Clinical canine and feline reproduction :evidence-based answers
T - Technology

T385 .L6463 2010
SolidWorks 2010 bible

TA157 .W674 2009
Women in engineering : pioneers and trailblazers

TA157 .W676 2009
Women in engineering : professional life

TD224.O7 R575 2009
River of renewal [videorecording]

TD658 .P37 2010b
Planning and installing sustainable onsite wastewater systems

TD745 .W3675 2002
Wastewater treatment and discharge [videorecording]

TK5105.8885.W66 T65 2010
Sams teach yourself WordPress in 10 minutes

TL215.A44 H93 2009
Storied independent automakers : Nash, Hudson, and American Motors

TR658.5 .B37 2009
Hands in harmony : traditional crafts and music in Appalachia

TR680 .W53 2009
Posing beauty : African American images, from the 1890s to the present

TX356 .R386 2008
Reconnecting consumers, producers and food : exploring alternatives

TX715 .F156 2009
Music in the kitchen : favorite recipes from Austin city limits performers
U- Military Science

UA646.3 .T465 2009
Why NATO endures
Z - Library Science

Z669.7 .W75 2010
Writing and publishing : the librarian's handbook
U. S. Documents
ELECTRONIC A 1.47:A 21 Agricultural statistics

A 1.77:64/2006 Subterranean termites : their prevention and control in buildings

 A 13.78:SRS-10  White pine site index for the southern forest survey

A 13.80:SRS-137
East Texas forests, 2003

A 13.80:SRS-137 East Texas forests, 2003

A 13.80:SRS-143 Alabama's forests, 2000

A 13.80:SRS-145 Southern pulpwood production, 2007

A 13.80:SRS-145 Southern pulpwood production, 2007

A 13.80:SRS-146 Alabama's forests, 2005

A 13.80:SRS-146 Alabama's forests, 2005

A 13.80:SRS-147 Mississippi's forests, 2006

A 13.80:SRS-147 Mississippi's forests, 2006

A 13.80:SRS-148 Fluctuations in national forest timber harvest and removals : the southern regional perspective

A 13.80:SRS-148 Fluctuations in national forest timber harvest and removals : the southern regional perspective

A 13.80:SRS-149 Georgia's forests, 2004

A 13.80:SRS-149 Georgia's forests, 2004

A 13.80:SRS-151 Alabama's timber industry : an assessment of timber product output and use, 2007

A 13.80:SRS-151 Alabama's timber industry : an assessment of timber product output and use, 2007

A 13.88:SRS-112 Estate planning for forest landowners : what will become of your timberland?

A 13.88:SRS-111 Analyzing the feasibility of utilizing small diameter hardwood timber for solid wood products and residues

A 13.88:SRS-113 Tree crown condition in Missouri, 2000-2003

A 13.88:SRS-114 Documentation and user guides for SPBLOB : a computer simulation model of the joint population dynamics for loblolly pine and the southern pine beetle

A 13.88:SRS-115 The Southern Forest Futures Project : using public input to define the issues

A 13.88:SRS-116 A Southern Region Conference on Technology Transfer and Extension : Hot Springs, Arkansas, August 2-4, 2006

A 13.80:SRS-142 Status of hardwood forest resources in the Appalachian region including estimates of growth and removals

A 57.38/43:L 62 Soil survey of Limestone County, Texas

A57.38:B 49 Soil survey, Bexar County, Texas

A 57.38:C 69 Soil survey, Collin County, Texas

 A 57.38:M 76/3 Soil survey of Montgomery County, Texas

A 57.38:W 21 Soil survey of Ward County, Texas

GA 1.13:HEHS-99-18 Lead poisoning : federal health care programs are not effectively reaching at-risk children : report to the Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives

GA 1.13:HEHS-99-21 Davis-Bacon Act : Labor now verifies wage data, but verification process needs improvement : report to Congressional committees

GA 1.13:NSIAD-94-147 Nonimmigrant visas : use of visas by alien artists, entertainers, and athletes : report to Congressional requesters

GA 1.13:OSI-99-1  Private banking : Raul Salinas, Citibank, and alleged money laundering : report to the Ranking Minority Member, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Committee on Governmental Affairs, U.S. Senate
Texas Documents


American journal of education [serial]
Comparative education review
Administration in social work
American journal of botany
American journal of sociology
College teaching
American political science review
Chemical engineering
College composition and communication
College English
Down beat
Elementary school journal
The Journal of modern history
Music educators journal
Musical quarterly
Opera news
Rolling stone
Popular music and society.
Journal of research in childhood education : JRCE
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry
Laboratory medicine
Alcoholism treatment quarterly
Chemical Society reviews
Journal of materials research
International economic trends
American journal of distance education
Dr. Dobb's journal : software tools for the professional programmer
Behavior research methods
Animal : an international journal of animal bioscience
Against the grain
American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilities
The Nursing clinics of North America
La Linguistique.
Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors
Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland
Studies--Browning Institute
Acta oceanologica Sinica = Hai yang xue bao
Annals of microbiology
Asia-Pacific Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
Carbonates and evaporites
Cardiovascular intervention and therapeutics
Chinese journal of polymer science = Gao fen zi ke xue
European physical journal H
Indian journal of pure and applied mathematics
International journal of early childhood = Revue internationale de l'enfance pr*escolaire = Revista internacional de la infancia pre-escolar
International journal of intelligent transportation systems research [online]
Japan journal of industrial and applied mathematics
Journal f*ur Mathematik-Didaktik : JMD : Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft f*ur Didaktik der Mathematik
Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society
Journal of food science and technology
Journal of medical toxicology : official journal of the American College of Medical Toxicology
Journal of Zhejiang University. Science C. Computers & electronics
K*unstliche Intelligenz : KI : Forschung, Entwicklung, Erfahrungen ; Organ des Fachbereichs 1 K*unstliche Intelligenz der Gesellschaft f*ur Informatik e.V., GI Fachbereich 1 der Gesellschaft f*ur Informatik e.V
Macromolecular research
Nuclear medicine and molecular imaging NMMI
Revista matem*atica complutense
Sexuality research & social policy : journal of NSRC : SR & SP
Tumour biology : the journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine