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New Resources - April 2010

A - General Works

AM7 .W47 2009
Whose culture? : the promise of museums and the debate over antiquities
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B791 .S86 2009
Rhetoric, modality, modernity
B905 .B56 1996eb
Biographical dictionary of transcendentalism [electronic resource]

BD435 .L52
Gift from the sea
ELECTRONIC BF311 .C187 2008eb
The Cambridge handbook of computational psychology [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC BF311 .E53 2005eb
Encyclopedia of cognitive science [electronic resource]

BF575.G7 M35 2008
Dying, death, and grief : working with adult bereavement

BP40 .G42 1991
The concise encyclopedia of Islam

BP50 .O95 1999
The Oxford history of Islam

BP63.A4 M533 1998
Islam and politics

BP161.3 .A79 2005
No god but God : the origins, evolution, and future of Islam

BP163 .R693 2004
Globalized Islam : the search for a new Ummah

BS651 .S75 2008

BT376 .D4 1987
The parables of Jesus

BV4639 .L45 1991
The four loves

BX4700.H5 W56 2007
The secret world of Hildegard
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CB428 .M356 2009
Lipstick traces : a secret history of the twentieth century

CR114.T4 D44 2009 Lovin' that Lone Star flag
ELECTRONIC CT120 .W5 2010eb Marquis Who's who in the world [electronic resource]

CT275.H48385 A3 2009 A memoir of the new left : the political autobiography of Charles A. Haynie
D - History: General and Old World

D530 .T8
The guns of August

D790.263 614th .M33 2009
The wars of Myron King : a B-17 pilot faces WWII and U.S.-Soviet intrigue
ELECTRONIC DA34 .C65 2002eb
Dictionary of British history [electronic resource]

DG77 .W35 2008
Rome's cultural revolution

DS49.7 .L89 2009
People like us : misrepresenting the Middle East

DS558.2 .M55 2009
Not a gentleman's war : an inside view of junior officers in the Vietnam War

DS918 .F37 1963
This kind of war : a study in unpreparedness
E - History: America

E78.O45 C575 2009
Indian tribes of Oklahoma : a guide

E99.O3 B539 2009
Nicholas Black Elk : medicine man, missionary, mystic

E119.2 .R48 1998
Rethinking Columbus : the next 500 years

E161.5 .P47 2009
Onramps and overpasses : a cultural history of interstate travel

E161.5 .S39 2009
Just one restless rider : reflections on trains and travel

E169.12 .C293 2009
Cold War captives : imprisonment, escape, and brainwashing

 E169.12 .H663 2010
Homer Simpson marches on Washington : dissent through American popular culture
E176 .K4 2003b
Profiles in courage [sound recording]
ELECTRONIC E176 .W64 2010eb
Marquis Who was who in America, 1985-present [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC E176 .W642 2010eb
Marquis Who's who in America [electronic resource]

E183.8.K4 D44 2009
14 cows for America

E184.I5 M63 2005
Lipstick jihad : a memoir of growing up Iranian in America and American in Iran

E184.M88 C877 2009
Muslims in America : a short history

 E185.625 .W624 2010
Audience, agency and identity in Black popular culture

E185.97.B15 A3 2009
The education of a Black radical : a Southern civil rights activist's journey, 1959-1964

E202.5.T4 A65 2006
History of the Texas Society, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, nineteen hundred seventy-five through two thousand

E276 .A53 2008
Independent dames : what you never knew about the women and girls of the American Revolution

E444.S38 V36 2009
Mrs. Dred Scott  : a life on slavery's frontier
E548 .I55 1994
Confederate P.O.W.'s : soldiers & sailors who died in federal prisons & military hospitals in the North

E664.L68 B37 2008
Ballots for Belva : the true story of a woman's race for the presidency

E672 .W38 2009
U.S. Grant : American hero, American myth

E697.5.C55 D86 2009
Frank : the story of Frances Folsom Cleveland, America's youngest first lady

E839.5 .P827 2009
Public address and moral judgment : critical studies in ethical tensions

E840.8.M667 A3 2009
one wife's year of the Vietnam War

E842.1 .B85 1999
A very private woman : the life and unsolved murder of presidential mistress Mary Meyer

E847 .F47 2009
Lyndon B. Johnson and modern America
F - History: America
F4 .N47 2004eb
New England [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC F106 .M586 2004eb
The Mid-Atlantic region [electronic resource]

F122.1 .J33 2009
The colony of New Netherland : a Dutch settlement in seventeenth-century America
ELECTRONIC F209 .S68 2004eb
The South [electronic resource]

F334.M753 C6554 2009
Claudette Colvin : twice toward justice
ELECTRONIC F351 .M59 2004eb
The Midwest [electronic resource]

F391 .D714 1989 Cattle kings of Texas

F392.N35 D65 2009
Neches River user guide

F392.R5 B39 2009
Big river, Rio Grande

F394.F7 L88 2009
Calvin Littlejohn : portrait of a community in black and white

F395.A1 S44 2009
Seeking inalienable rights : Texans and their quests for justice

F444.C26 J63 2009
A mountaineer in motion : the memoir of Dr. Abraham Jobe, 1817-1906
ELECTRONIC F591 .G75 2004eb
The Great Plains region [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC F721 .R74 2004eb
The Rocky Mountain region [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC F786 .S747 2004eb
The Southwest [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC F851 .P1955 2004eb
The Pacific region [electronic resource]
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G2800 .E24 2009
Ocean : an illustrated atlas

GB406 .W47 2003
Earthscapes : landforms sculpted by water, wind, and ice

GB1197.7 .N385 2004
Groundwater fluxes across interfaces
GE10 .P67 2008
Dictionary of environmental science and technology [electronic resource]

GN502 .H628 2001
Culture's consequences : comparing values, behaviors, institutions, and organizations across nations

GR55.D58 D39 2009
J. Frank Dobie : a liberated mind

GT529.2 .M553 2009
Resort fashion : style in sun-drenched climates

GV200.5 .G47 2010
Outdoor survival guide

GV482 .S373 2010
Women's home workout bible

GV706.3 .C56 2010
Sport and character : reclaiming the principles of sportsmanship

GV1588.6 .W5 2009
When men dance : choreographing masculinities across borders
H - Social Science
ELECTRONIC H41 .E57 2004eb
The encyclopedia of public choice [electronic resource]

H61.29 .M39 2008
Telling stories : the use of personal narratives in the social sciences and history

HC110.I5 K45 2009
The politics of income inequality in the United States

HC125 .R543 2008
Latin America and global capitalism : a critical globalization perspective

HD30.2 .H864 2009
The real business of IT : how CIOs create and communicate business value

HD30.23 .M377 2009
Think twice : harnessing the power of counterintuition

HD59 .D558 2010
The AMA handbook of public relations

HD62.5 .C46 2006
Capitalizing on being woman owned : expert advice for women who have or are starting their own business :including marketing research, planning, government support and tax breaks

HD211.T4 S73 2009
Hill Country landowner's guide

HD1695.S35 P676 2009
Spanish water, Anglo water : early development in San Antonio

HD3850 .M47 2009
Learning, policy making, and market reforms

HD4461 .M85 2009
Governing the tap : special district governance and the new local politics of water

HD4904.25 .M635 2010
Glass ceilings and 100-hour couples : what the opt-out phenomenon can teach us about work and family

HD5708.55.U6 E47 2006
Bait and switch : the (futile) pursuit of the American Dream

HD6053 .R47 2009
There's no crying in business : how women can succeed in male-dominated industries

HD6053 .S53 2001
PowerTools for women in business : 10 ways to succeed in life and work

HD6054.3 .B45 2010
Career GPS : strategies for women navigating the new corporate landscape

HD6508 .C563 2009
Building more effective unions

HD6509.T46 T34 2008
That's not fair! : Emma Tenayuca's struggle for justice = *No es justo! : la lucha de Emma Tenayuca por la justicia

HD6515.A292 U546 2009
The union of their dreams : power, hope, and struggle in Cesar Chavez's farm worker movement

HD7801 .I8835 2009
The International Labour Organization and the quest for social justice, 1919-2009

HD9502.A2 S694 2009
Energy shift : game-changing options for fueling the future

HD9502.E852 M37 2008
Energy security : visions from Asia and Europe

HD9560.5 .M553 2008
The myth of the oil crisis : overcoming the challenges of depletion, geopolitics, and global warming

HD9696.8.U64 G6623 2009
Googled : the end of the world as we know it

HD9970.5.C483 U635 2009
Packaging boyhood : saving our sons from superheroes, slackers, and other media stereotypes

HE9787 .R87 2009
Flying across America : the airline passenger experience

HF1359 .S5428 2006

Tectonic shift : the geoeconomic realignment of globalizing markets

HF5718.22 .R495 2010
Presentation zen design : simple design principles and techniques to enhance your presentations

HF5718.22 .W65 2010
The Wall Street journal guide to information graphics: the dos and don'ts of presenting data, facts, and figures

HG179 .B7226 2009
Financial planning for your first job

HG4028.V3 W66 2009
Sources of value : a practical guide to the art and science of valuation

HJ257 .W84 2009
A history of macroeconomic policy in the United States
ELECTRONIC HM1116 .C36 2007eb
The Cambridge handbook of violent behavior and aggression [electronic resource]

HM1206 .L87 2009
What Americans really want-- really : the truth about our hopes, dreams, and fears
ELECTRONIC HQ16 .E53 2003eb
Encyclopedia of sex and gender [electronic resource] : men and women in the world's cultures

HQ755.8 .U56 2009
The we generation : raising socially responsible kids

HQ766.5.U5 K55 2009
Fit to be tied : sterilization and reproductive rights in America, 1950-1980

HQ769 .G94 2009
Reclaiming childhood : freedom and play in an age of fear

HQ799.2.I5 F64 2008
Safe practices for life online : a guide for middle and high school

HQ1059.5.G7 H43 2009
Aging by the book : the emergence of midlife in Victorian Britain

HQ1063.2.U6 F725 2008
Retirement Rx : the retirement docs' proven prescription for living a happy, fulfilling rest of your life

HQ1073.5.U62 W37 2009
Full moon at noontide : a daughter's last goodbye

HQ1075 .H63 2009
Gender and everyday life

HQ1121 .B644 2009
Understanding feminism
ELECTRONIC HQ1143 .W643 2004eb
Women in the Middle Ages [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia

HQ1180 .W6878 2008 Women's studies on the edge
ELECTRONIC HQ1185 .E63 2005eb
Encyclopedia of women's autobiography [electronic resource]

HQ1220.U5 A53 2009
High glitz : the extravagant world of child beauty pageants

HQ1236.5.U6 S267 2009
You've come a long way, maybe : Sarah, Michelle, Hillary, and the shaping of the new American woman

HV553 .C74 2010
Creating spiritual and psychological resilience : integrating care in disaster relief work

HV636 2005 .L8 P54 2008
Hurricane Katrina

HV741 .W69 2001
Working families and growing kids : caring for children and adolescents

HV5831.M46 C36 2009
Drug war zone : frontline dispatches from the streets of El Paso and Ju*arez

HV6432 .N38 2003
Information technology for counterterrorism : immediate actions and future possibilities

HV6546 .W34 2009
Suicidal behavior in children and adolescents

HV6626.3 .N37 2003
Elder mistreatment : abuse, neglect, and exploitation in an aging America

HV6692.M33 W45 2009
Madoff's other secret : love, money, Bernie, and me

HV7431 .I53 2005
Improving evaluation of anticrime programs
J - Political Science
ELECTRONIC JC571 .L2747 1999eb
Encyclopedia of human rights issues since 1945 [electronic resource]

JF256 .L39 2009
States of emergency in liberal democracies

JK1021 .T32 2008
Party polarization in Congress

JK1911.W2 S74 2009
Women's votes, women's voices : the campaign for equal rights in Washington

JK2261 .G35 2010
Presidential party building : Dwight D. Eisenhower to George W. Bush
ELECTRONIC JQ1840 .K425 2008eb
Power and succession in Arab monarchies [electronic resource] : a reference guide

JV6483 .P44 2009
In sight of America : photography and the development of U.S. immigration policy

JZ4984.5 .J66 2009
UN ideas that changed the world

JZ4986 .M39 2009
No enchanted palace : the end of empire and the ideological origins of the United Nations
K - Law

K3830 .D68 2009
The international law of investment claims

KF361 .N45
The common law in colonial America

KF505 .C34 2010
Red families v. blue families : legal polarization and the creation of culture

KF2995 .C74 2000
Copyright essentials for librarians and educators

KF2995 .H45 2004
The librarian's copyright companion

KF4550.Z9 N369 2010 Lies the government told you : myth, power, and deception in American history

KF4754.5 .M49 2009 Gay families and the courts : the quest for equal rights
L - Education

LA210 .B793 2008
Social justice in education : an introduction

LA227.4 .C37 2006
Access, opportunity, and success : keeping the promise of higher education

LB5 .N25 101st
The educational leadership challenge : redefining leadership for the 21st century

LB1027.23 .C635 2009
Engaging students through inquiry-oriented learning and technology

LB1042 .F7 2010
Digital storytelling guide for educators
LB1057 .S66 2010
Brain-based teaching in the digital age

LB1060 .K32 1998
Multiple intelligences : the complete MI book

LB1062 .C85 2010
Cultivating curious and creative minds

LB1140.23 .F56 2009
Reroute the preschool juggernaut

LB1631 .O85 2009
 What student writing teaches us : formative assessment in the writing workshop

LB1715 .B742 2010
Teaching with the tools kids really use : learning with Web and mobile technologies

LB1715 .K28 2009
Awakening the sleeping giant : helping teachers develop as leaders

LB2341 .C7234 2004
Competing conceptions of academic governance : negotiating the perfect storm

LB2341 .F84 2009
Turnaround leadership for higher education

LB2805 .E45 2009
Creative strategies to transform school culture

LB2805 .L342 2010
Leadership bloopers and blunders : how to dodge legal minefields

LB2805 .S578 2009
Realization : the change imperative for deepening district-wide reform

LB2806.36 .K44 2008
Keeping the promise? : the debate over charter schools

LB2822.82 .C667 2010
College and career ready : helping all students succeed beyond high school

LB3013 .S38 2009
Rethinking classroom participation : listening to silent voices

LB3051 .F643 2009
Informative assessment : when it's not about a grade

LC67.6 .T73 2010
The indispensable university : higher education, economic development, and the knowledge economy
ELECTRONIC LC213 .G425 2007eb
Gender and education [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia
ELECTRONIC LC2669 .P73 2007eb
The Praeger handbook of Latino education in the U.S. [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC LC4007 .E53 2007eb
Encyclopedia of special education [electronic resource] : a reference for the education of children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities and other exceptional individuals

LC4069.3 .H69 2009
Poverty is not a learning disability : equalizing opportunities for low SES students
M - Music and Books on Music

ML54.6.G28 I73 2009
Ira Gershwin : selected lyrics

ML420.C265 E48 2009
Johnny Cash and the paradox of American identity

ML420.L947 A3 1976
Loretta Lynn : Coal miner's daughter

ML421.B78 B76 2005
 Looking back to see : a country music memoir

ML3917.R8 J46 2009 Musical cultures in seventeenth-century Russia

ML3930.M9 M27 1998 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

ML3930.R33 C57 2009 Django
N - Fine Arts
ELECTRONIC N1070 .A68 2009
National Gallery collection [electronic resource] : 2300 high definition images with metadata

N6494.A2 J64 2008
A is for art : an abstract alphabet

N6494.M64 M358 2009
Chance aesthetics

N6494.M78 V47 2008
Vertigo : a century of multimedia art from futurism to the Web

N6537.B86 A4 2009
Heat waves in a swamp : the paintings of Charles Burchfield

N6537.M6443 J83 2009 Yellowstone Moran : painting the American West

N6537.S32 A4 2009 Sargent and the sea
ELECTRONIC NA31 .H32 2006eb Dictionary of architecture & construction [electronic resource]

ND237.O74 A4 2009 Elizabeth Osborne : the color of light

ND259.R5 B47 2009 bigger than life

ND553.C33 S53 2009 C*ezanne's other : the portraits of Hortense

ND588.R48 S76 2009 Gerhard Richter : the Cage paintings

ND620 .C38 2008 Painting as business in early seventeenth-century Rome

ND1839.C28 A4 2009 John Cage : Zen ox-herding pictures

NK2004.3.C67 A4 2009 Nancy Corzine : glamour at home

NK2113 .H22 2009 Dark nostalgia

NX456.5.N49 G73 2010 Rethinking curating : art after new media
P - Language and Literature

P96.T422 G75 2009
Posting it : the Victorian revolution in letter writing

PA6664.H4 F58 1987
Seneca's Hercules furens : a critical text with introduction and commentary

PE1325 .H44 1991
Up, up, and away : a book about adverbs

PE1431 .B47 2010
Academic research and writing : inquiry and argument in college
ELECTRONIC PE1449 .K49 2007eb
Keywords for American cultural studies [electronic resource]

PN43 .B65 2009eb
Brewer's dictionary of phrase & fable [electronic resource
ELECTRONIC PN56.C63 H57 2008eb A historical companion to postcolonial literatures [electronic resource] : continental Europe and its empires

PN1590.W64 C63 2009
From winning the vote to directing on Broadway : the emergence of women on the New York stage, 1880-1927

PN1991.8.A35 J64 2009
KJLH-FM and the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 : Compton's neighborhood station in the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict

PN1992.8.A32 G73 2010
Show sold separately : promos, spoilers, and other media paratexts

PN4129.15 .Z65 2010
The choreography of presenting : the 7 essential abilities of effective presenters

PN4784.S6 S88 2010
Sports journalism : an introduction to reporting and writing
PN4874.M538 A3 2005b Talking back-- to presidents, dictators, and assorted scoundrels [sound recording]

PQ2605.E55 F4713 1986

PQ2631.R63 G616 2009
Proust outdoors
PQ4863.A3894 V613 2008
Voice of the violin [sound recording]

PQ6623.A7657 Z78 2008
A companion to Carmen Mart*in Gaite

PR447 .K48 2009
Anonymous life : Romanticism and dispossession

PR468.R65 M39 2008
Second sight : the visionary imagination in late Victorian literature

PR658.S39 H33 2009
Desire and dramatic form in early modern England
ELECTRONIC PR1903 .R55 2007eb
All things Chaucer [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of Chaucer's world

PR2199.M53 L83 2009
A mirror for magistrates and the politics of the English Reformation
PR2810.A23 M47 2004
The first part of King Henry the Fourth [videorecording] : with the life and death of Henry surnamed Hotspur
PR2821.A23 H69 2004
The tragedy of Richard III [videorecording]

PR2888 .C33 Index 2009
Shakespeare survey : a sixty-year cumulative index

PR2888 .C33 v.62
Close encounters with Shakespeare's text

PR2989 .S525 2009
Shakespeare and character : theory, history, performance, and theatrical persons

PR3072 .S355 2008
Shakespeare and Spenser : attractive opposites
PR6057.R386 C66 2005c
The constant princess [sound recording]

PR6057.R386 W48 2009c
The white queen

PR9199.3.L3395 B55 2008
Black stars in a white night sky

PR9369.3.C58 Z86 2009
The wounded animal : J.M. Coetzee and the difficulty of reality in literature and philosophy
ELECTRONIC PS153.H56 G74 2008eb The Greenwood encyclopedia of Latino literature [electronic resource]

PS416 .D54 2009
In my power : letter writing and communications in early America

PS595.S87 S55 2009
Sky magic : poems

PS1303 .B755 1992
Collected tales, sketches, speeches & essays

PS1333 .M47 2009
Mark Twain and male friendship : the Twichell, Howells, and Rogers friendships

PS3535.A547 Z587 2009
Goddess of the market : Ayn Rand and the American Right

PS3552.A3613 B57 2000
The black flower : a novel of the Civil War
PS3553.L287 T96 2006d
Two little girls in blue [sound recording]
AV PS3556.L94 T73 1999b
Transfer of power [sound recording]

PS3557.I15 G73 1972
Grains of sand

PS3557.I15 I5 1962
In our hearts
PS3557.R13 R15 2004d
R is for ricochet [sound recording]
PS3558.O333 K55 2004c
Kill the messenger [sound recording]

PS3559.N335 U86 2008
Utopia's debris : selected essays
PS3560.O275 O5 2006c
On the run [sound recording]
PS3562.A315 D47 2001b
Desecration [sound recording]

PS3565.C57 Z66795 2009
Flannery O'Connor : the contemporary reviews
PS3568.O243 B536 2009b
Black Hills [sound recording]
PS3568.O243 R45 2003b
Remember when [sound recording]
AV PS3569.H3927 S58 2000b
The sky is falling [sound recording]

PS3569.U346 A45 1973
Alligator gar

PS3570.H46 I5 2006b
In my father's house

PS3602.E785 S56 2008
The shopkeeper : a Steve Dancy tale
PS3608.A876 A79 2010b Alice I have been [sound recording]

PS3608.O725 L68 2008
Loving Frank : a novel

PS3618.A983 S56 2010
Silent in the grave
PS3619.T636 H45 2009b
The help [sound recording]

PS3619.T7493 P76 2009
Process of elimination

PS3623.E3959 A27 2009
Absolutely wild

PZ7.A73367 Ki 1995
King Crow

PZ7.A7379 Ias 2009
I spy Fly Guy!

PZ7.B22594 Thc 2009
That's Papa's way

PZ7.B542 Re 2008
Rembrandt and the boy who drew dogs : a story about Rembrandt van Rijn

PZ7.B78083 Whe 2007
When dinosaurs came with everything

PZ7.B828415 Bi 2009
Big Wolf & Little Wolf

PZ7.C44638 Mi 2008
Minji's salon

PZ7.C81656 Mr 1991
Mr. Cat

PZ7.C8375 Wg 2003 Where horses run free : a dream for the American mustang

PZ7.D5455 Lo 2008 Louise, the adventures of a chicken

PZ7.D886 Ro 1990 Roseberry's great escape

PZ7.E34445 Ve 2008 A very improbable story : a math adventure

PZ7.E69645 Gra 2006 Granny Gert and the Bunion Brothers

PZ7.F59918 Du 2009 The Dunderheads

PZ7.F8475 Po 2009 Pond circle

PZ7.J6478 Mw 2009 My abuelita

PZ7.L43828 To 1996 Too many suns

PZ7.L6645 Ru 2008 Running shoes

PZ7.L7795 FR Frog and toad are friends

PZ7.L9954 You 2009 You and me and home sweet home

PZ7.M4783376 Rab 2007 Rabbits, rabbits everywhere : a Fibonacci tale

PZ7.M478448 Lio 2009 The lion's share

PZ7.M47879 He 1995 Hey, Pipsqueak!

PZ7.M47879 Pdc 2009 Pearl and Wagner : one funny day

PZ7.O8777 On 2008 One
AV PZ7.P644 Big 2007b The big one-oh [sound recording]

PZ7.S3286 Se 2003 Skippyjon Jones

PZ7.S41267 Tu 1996 Tut, tut

PZ7.T936 Wh 1996 When it is night, when it is day

PZ7.W65535 Piw 2008 The pigeon wants a puppy!

PZ7.Y3655 Mo 2009 Mouse and Mole : fine feathered friends

PZ7.Y819 Ho 2009 Homework

PZ7.7.D38 Sti 2008 Stinky : a toon book

PZ7.7.P485 St 2009 The storm in the barn

PZ8.M2825 Mat 2009 Matchless : a Christmas story : an illumination of Hans Christian Andersen's classic "The little match girl"

PZ8.U84 Al 1974 Allumette : a fable, with due respect to Hans Christian Andersen, the Grimm Brothers, and the honorable Ambrose Bierce

PZ8.1 .C6432 1992 The cock, the mouse, and the little red hen : a traditional tale

PZ8.1.L434 Jo 1994b John Henry

PZ8.1.M57 Ec 1988 The enchanted umbrella

PZ8.3.J413 Ani 2007 Animal band

PZ8.3.V335 If 2005 If I built a car

PZ8.3.W55 Wh 2008 What does Mrs. Claus do?

PZ10.3.A4945 We 2004 We go in a circle

PZ10.3.B6373 To 1977 Tom Cat

PZ10.3.P47 Tpe 1992 The tale of Peter Rabbit

PZ73 .B447 2001 Uncle Chente's picnic
Q - Science

Q183.9 .P734 2010
Getting started with MATLAB : a quick introduction for scientists and engineers

QA43 .F325 2008
The contest problem book VIII : American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 10), 2000-2007

QA76 .C66 2004
Computer science : reflections on the field, reflections from the field

QA76.73.C153 B584 2000
C is for control : a laboratory text for hardware interfacing with C and C++

QA76.76.C54 I86 2009
Engineering play : a cultural history of children's software

QA76.76.O63 W564893 2010
Windows server 2008 R2 unleashed

QA76.76.S46 V75 2008
Standards battles in open source software : the case of Firefox

QA141.3 .L76 2003
A place for Zero : a math adventure

QA155.7.E4 S55 2009
Maple and Mathematica : a problem solving approach for mathematics

QA278 .R369 2009
Functional data analysis with R and MATLAB

QA304 .G76 2008
Evaluating derivatives : principles and techniques of algorithmic differentiation

QA611 .K683 2009
A guide to topology

QB500.268 .K47 2007
Hubble : the mirror on the universe

QB641 .O27 2009
You are the first kid on Mars

QH105.T4 A45 2009
Enchanted Rock : a natural and human history

QH323.5 .M376 2005
Mathematics and 21st century biology

QH365.O8 R49 2010
The Origin then and now : an interpretive guide to the Origin of species

QH366.2 .S35 2008
Science, evolution, and creationism
ELECTRONIC QH447 .N38 2005eb
Encyclopedia of the human genome [electronic resource]

QH481 .W47 2009
Sex allocation

QH541.15.E24 R58 2010
Scale, heterogeneity, and the structure and diversity of ecological communities

QH541.5.W3 V35 2005
Valuing ecosystem services : toward better environmental decision-making

QK188 .C85 1988
Texas trees : a friendly guide

QK983 .H47 2009
Multiplicity in unity : plant subindividual variation and interactions with animals

QL82 .W553 2009
Wildlife in a changing world : an analysis of the 2008 IUCN red list of threatened species

QL82 .W553 2009
Wildlife in a changing world : an analysis of the 2008 IUCN red list of threatened species

QL681 .F56 2008
Smithsonian field guide to the birds of North America

QL683.E27 S74 2009
Birds of eastern North America : a photographic guide

QL696.S83 N54 2008
The Little Owl : conservation, ecology, and behavior of Athene noctua

QL751 .C8827 2009 Sexy orchids make lousy lovers & other unusual relationships

QL795.W5 T65 1992
Humphrey, the lost whale : a true story

QM25 .G55 2008
Atlas of anatomy
ELECTRONIC QP376 .E586 2002eb
Encyclopedia of the human brain [electronic resource]

QR245 .C565 2009
Clinical mycology
R - Medicine
ELECTRONIC R121 .B598 2010eb
Black's medical dictionary [electronic resource]

R489.J5 R63 2006
Edward Jenner : conqueror of smallpox

R864 .B49 2009
Beyond the HIPAA privacy rule : enhancing privacy, improving health through research

RA399.A1 G39 2010
The checklist manifesto : how to get things right
ELECTRONIC RA418 .E354 2004eb
Encyclopedia of medical anthropology [electronic resource] : health and illness in the world's cultures
ELECTRONIC RA778 .E5825 2004eb
Encyclopedia of women's health [electronic resource]
ELECTRONIC RA1148 .D53 2008eb
Dictionary of forensic psychology [electronic resource]

RC862 .P37 2003
Diagnosis and control of Johne's disease

RC1230 .P478 2009
Performance-enhancing technologies in sports :ethical, conceptual, and scientific issues

RJ506.B44 H84 2009
Raise winning kids without a fight : the power of personal choice
S - Agriculture

S441 .N77 2009
Public produce : the new urban agriculture

S590.73.U6 C64 2009
Notes from the ground : science, soil, and society in the American countryside

S596.75 .H435 2009 Healthy soils for sustainable gardens

SB123 .S32 2010
Dictionary of plant breeding

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The big book of flower gardening

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Book of landscape gardening

SF95 .N78 2007 Nutrient requirements of small ruminants : sheep, goats, cervids, and New World camelids

SF429.G63 K66 2009 A big little life : a memoir of a joyful dog

SF774.4 .C66 2009 The complete textbook of animal health and welfare
T - Technology

T14.5 .C43 2008
Desirable future? : consumer electronics in tomorrow's world

T353 .L434 2010
Learning Autodesk Inventor 2010 : hands-on exercises demonstrate fundamental principles of 3D parametric part design, assembly design, and the creation of production-ready drawings

T385 .D3954 2000
The GIMP for Linux and Unix

T385 .L38727 2009
Learning AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 : using hands-on exercises, explore the essential elements for creating, analyzing, and managing civil engineering drawings and projects

T385 .P8784 2010
AutoCAD 2010 in 3D : a modern perspective

TA170 .D68 2010
Citizen engineer

TD794.5 .G737 2005
Why should I recycle?

TD886 .N38 2003
Air emissions from animal feeding operations : current knowledge, future needs

TD898.2 .O54 2003
One step at a time : the staged development of geologic repositories for high-level radioactive waste

TJ163.25.U6 B58 2010
Alternative energy

TK1541 .R54 1996
Wind energy in America : a history

TK5105.5828 .K95 2010b
Implementing SOA using Java EE

TK5105.73 .S245 2009
140 characters : a style guide for the short form

TK5105.888 .T43 2009
Speaking in styles : fundamentals of CSS for Web designers

TK5105.8885.D78 U75 2009
Using Drupal

TL221.15 .F84 2009
Hybrid vehicles and the future of personal transportation

TL540.E3 K53 2008 You can't do that, Amelia!

TL789.8.U6 F56 2009 Moonshot : the flight of Apollo 11

TP548.5.T68 T33 2009 In search of Bacchus : wanderings in the wonderful world of wine tourism

TR267.5.G56 G6413 2007 GIMP 2 for photographers : image editing with open source software

TR647 .P46 2009 Irving Penn : small trades

TS1124.5 .P56 2001 Papermaking techniques book : over 50 techniques for making and embellishing handmade paper

TT504 .D84 2009 Rebel rebel : anti-style

TX531 .W688 2008 Swindled : the dark history of food fraud, from poisoned candy to counterfeit coffee

TX840.B3 E54 2009 Republic of barbecue : stories beyond the brisket

TX945.4 .M37 2009 The search for a chili queen : on the fringes of a rebozo
U- Military Science

UB384.T4 T49 2003
Texas Confederate Home roster : with added data from Confederate Home ledgers

VE23 .O45 2009
Command attention : promoting your organization the Marine Corps way
Z - Library Science

Z711.25.C65 L53 2009
The library instruction cookbook
Communication research
Veterinary record
Evaluation review
Affilia: journal of women and social work
Journal of psychosocial nursing and mental health services
Runner's world
In practice
Christian Science monitor
Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society
Journal of nursing education
Southwestern historical quarterly
Mathematics teaching
Administration & society
American anthropologist
American behavioral scientist
Art news
Adult education quarterly
Clinical pediatrics
Criminal justice review
Economic botany
Educational administration quarterly : EAQ
Educational and psychological measurement
Essays in criticism
Geographical journal
Compensation and benefits review
Journal of forestry
Journal of narrative technique
New Yorker
Plant and cell physiology
Physics today
Review of educational research
Social service review
State & local government review
Business communication quarterly : a publication of the Association for Business Communication
American journal of sports medicine
Financial management
Journal of early intervention
Human relations
American review of public administration
The Scottish historical review
Geological Society of America bulletin
Journal of athletic training
The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association
Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society
Family and consumer sciences research journal
SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications : a publication of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SIAM journal on computing
Nutrition in clinical practice : official publication of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
Education and urban society
Site selection
The Counseling psychologist
Educational management, administration & leadership : EMAL
TLS, the Times literary supplement
Aviso : a monthly dispatch from the AAM
Texas weekly
Accounting history : official publication of the Accounting History Special Interest Group of the Accounting Association of Australia & New Zealand
Psychiatric services : a journal of the American Psychiatric Association.
Academic psychiatry : the journal of the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training and the Association for Academic Psychiatry
The Journal of neuropsychiatry and clinical neurosciences
Psychiatric news
Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London
The Distance education online symposium
Keats-Shelley journal
Studies in the American renaissance
The American art journal : a weekly record of music, art and literature
The art critic
The Art journal
Art news
The art review
The Art union
Bradley, his book
Brush and pencil
Bulletin of the New England Art Union
The Collector and art critic
The cosmopolitan art journal
The crayon
Geschichte und Gesellschaft
Geschichte und Gesellschaft. Sonderheft
Glotta; zeitschrift f*ur griechische und lateinische sprache ... [online]
Int*egral : the journal of applied musical thought
Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society
The Knight errant
Music perception
Musica disciplina
Journal of renaissance and baroque music
Nueva revista de filolog*ia hisp*anica
Oral history
Papers of the British School at Rome
Research in higher education
Schools [online] : studies in education
The Scottish antiquary, or, Northern notes & queries
Northern notes & queries
Studi storici
Transactions of the American Art-Union, for the year
Transactions of the Apollo Association for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in the United States at the ... annual meeting.