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New Resources - March 2010

Call Number
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
ELECTRONIC B41 .I26 2001eb
Dictionary of world philosophy [electronic resource]

B1545.Z7 H36 2009 Adam Smith and the character of virtue

BD161 .H279 2009
How do you know? : the economics of ordinary knowledge

BD444 .L87 2009 The philosophy of death
AV BF448 .G53 2005b
Blink [sound recording]

BF515 .W29 2009 The pleasure instinct : why we crave adventure, chocolate, pheromones, and music

BF575.G7 D9713 2008 Effective grief and bereavement support : the role of family, friends, colleagues, schools and support professionals

BF697.5.S47 P75 2009
Private speech, executive functioning, and the development of verbal self-regulation

BF698.35.R47 R57 2008 The unthinkable : who survives when disaster strikes- and why

BF723.I646 U53 2008
Understanding peer influence in children and adolescents

BH39 .D84 2009 The art instinct : beauty, pleasure, & human evolution

BH301.E58 C38 2009 Nature and landscape : an introduction to environmental aesthetics

BJ37 .Z49 2008 Living with uncertainty : the moral significance of ignorance

BJ1278.C66 P33 2008
Through Narcissus' glass darkly : the modern religion of conscience

BJ1311 .H8 2009
Evolution & ethics

BR115.P7 L59 2009
Seventh-day Adventists and the civil rights movement

BR854 .B73 2009 German histories in the age of Reformations, 1400-1650

BS657 .S58 2009 The parting of the sea : how volcanoes, earthquakes, and plagues shaped the story of Exodus

BX4723 .S77 2008 Suffering saints : Jansensists and Convulsionnaires in France, 1640-1799
D - History: General and Old World

D802.B4 S37 2009
Liberators : the allies and Belgian society, 1944-1945

DA1 .G66 2009
Sentimental masculinity and the rise of history, 1790-1890

DA332 .W64 2009
Henry VIII

DA347 .R46 2008
Mary Tudor

DA485 .R66 2009
Romanticism and celebrity culture, 1750-1850

DC707 .M443 2009
Paris from the ground up

DS371.412 .S73 2009b
Horse soldiers : the extraordinary story of a band of U.S. soldiers who rode to victory in Afghanistan

DS557.8.N56 D38 2009
The battle at Ngok Tavak : allied valor and defeat in Vietnam

DS786 .S787 2009
Journeys to empire : enlightenment, imperialism, and the British encounter with Tibet, 1774-1904

DT387.8 .S513 2009
The Ethiopian campaign and French political thought

DU18.5 .N86 2009
Vanished islands and hidden continents of the Pacific
E - History: America

E78.M4 M64 2008
Experience Mayhew's Indian converts : a cultural edition

E99.N3 D425 2009
Reflections in place : connected lives of Navajo women

E159.5 .G76 2008
The archaeology of North American farmsteads

E169.1 .N314 2009
How the Arabian nights inspired the American dream, 1790-1935

E174 .R43 1991eb
The Reader's companion to American history [electronic resource]

E183.8.I57 T46 2009
Channels of power : the UN Security Council and U.S. statecraft in Iraq

E183.8.M6 M477 2009
Mexico reading the United States

E185 .M385 2009
People get ready : African American and Caribbean cultural exchange

E185.61 .D39 2009
If we could change the world : young people and America's long struggle for racial equality

E185.615 .C3517 2009
The music has gone out of the movement : civil rights and the Johnson administration, 1965-1968

E185.86 .W334 2009
Disturbing the peace : Black culture and the police power after slavery

E441 .D237 2009
Cotton and race in the making of America : the human costs of economic power

E470.7 .F73 2009
Fire in the cane field : the Federal invasion of Louisiana and Texas, January 1861-January 1863

E475.81 .S64 2009
A Chickamauga memorial : the establishment of America's first Civil War national military park

E546.5 .B347 1995b
Texans in the Confederate cavalry

E591 .T66 2009
Bluejackets and contrabands : African Americans and the Union Navy

E628 .G538 2009
Army at home : women and the Civil War on the northern home front

E661.7 .N56 2009
Global dawn : the cultural foundation of American internationalism, 1865-1890

E663 .T53 2009
Civic passions : seven who launched progressive America (and what they teach us)

E748.S413 J65 2009
Honorable survivor : Mao's China, McCarthy's America, and the persecution of John S. Service

E837.7 .C38 2009
The making of a Catholic president : Kennedy vs. Nixon 1960

E840.8.C55 A27 2009
Clark Clifford : the wise man of Washington

E908.3 .W35 2009
The preacher and the politician : Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama, and race in America
F - History: America

F213 .S37 2009
The fragile fabric of union : cotton, federal politics, and the global origins of the Civil War

F217.A65 I57 2008
Race, war, and remembrance in the Appalachian South

F234.J3 G58 2008
The shipwreck that saved Jamestown : the Sea Venture castaways and the fate of America 

F390 .M853 2009
Promised land : Solms, Castro & Sam Houston's colonization contracts

F391 .A32 2009
Winchester warriors : Texas Rangers of Company D, 1874-1901

F391.4.B75 A3 2008
Dolph Briscoe : my life in Texas ranching and politics

F394.F7 S4484 2009
Fort Worth characters

F395.M5 R36 2009
To the line of fire! : Mexican Texans and World War I

F574.D49 N48225 2009
Now is the time! : Detroit black politics and grassroots activism

F595.K4 B79 2009
The deadliest outlaws : the Ketchum gang and the Wild Bunch

F2651.F55 G72 2009
Fordlandia : the rise and fall of Henry Ford's forgotten jungle city
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G1021 .G4125 2009
Oxford atlas of the world
G1374.D2 M3 2009
Mapsco Dallas street guide 2010 : Dallas and 54 surrounding communities
G1374.F7 M3 2009
Mapsco Fort Worth street guide 2010 : Fort Worth and 69 surrounding communities

GC1085 .M57 2009
Seasick : ocean change and the extinction of life on Earth

GE170 .M6195 2008
Environmental reform in the information age : the contours of informational governance

GE197 .B48 2009
The rebirth of environmentalism : grassroots activism from the spotted owl to the polar bear
GE197 .F75 2008c
Hot, flat, and crowded [sound recording]
GN307 .E525 1998eb
Encyclopedia of social and cultural anthropology [electronic resource]

GT2853.U5 G75 2009
Appetite city : a culinary history of New York

GV445 .R69 2009
Inclusion in physical education : fitness, motor, and social skills for students of all abilities

GV706.5 .S6455 2010
Sociology of sport and social theory

GV706.8 .W56 2009
Mathletics : how gamblers, managers, and sports enthusiasts use mathematics in baseball, basketball, and football

GV865.R4278 C67 2009
The Wizard of Waxahachie : Paul Richards and the end of baseball as we knew it

GV1469.17.S63 P42 2009
Communities of play : emergent cultures in multiplayer games and virtual worlds
H - Social Science

HB74.P65 M55 2009
After Adam Smith : a century of transformation in politics and political economy
HB76 .B535 2000eb
A biographical dictionary of women economists [electronic resource]
HB76 .V36 2005eb
The Nobel Memorial laureates in economics [electronic resource] : an introduction to their careers and main published works
HB76 .W47 2003eb
Who's who in economics [electronic resource]

HB141 .C535 2009
Economic modeling and inference

HB144 .G55 2009
The bounds of reason : game theory and the unification of the behavioral sciences
HB151 .M35
Pilgrimage and pedigree of liberty [online]

HB171 .M525 2009
The methodology of positive economics : reflections on the Milton Friedman legacy

HC79.P6 P67 2009
Portfolios of the poor : how the world's poor live on $2 a day
HC102.5.A2 E53 2005eb
The encyclopedia of the history of American management

HC102.5.W95 W95 2008
1,000 dollars and an idea : entrepreneur to billionaire

HC108.L25 A33 2008
Conflict and commerce on the Rio Grande : Laredo, 1755-1955

HC108.M8 A66 2001
Cotton City : urban development in antebellum Mobile

HC340.12 .C35 2008
Can Russia compete?

HC435.3 .M47 2007
The elephant and the dragon : the rise of India and China and what it means for all of us

HD62.27 .S64 2009
The mom & pop store : how the unsung heroes of the American economy are surviving and thriving

HD69.B7 B733 2009
Brands and branding

HD69.B7 F56 2009
Brand storming : managing brands in the era of complexity

HD259 .L37 2007
How to open and operate a financially successful redesign, redecorating and home staging business, with companion CD-ROM

HD1691 .B665 2009
The world water crisis : the failures of resource management

HD4904 .S696 2009
The political economy of work

HD4904.25 .H354 2008
Women at the top : powerful leaders tell us how to combine work and family
HD4918 .E375 2004c
Nickel and dimed [sound recording]

HD4918 .N432 2008
Minimum wages

HD5708.55.U6 E47 2005b
Bait and switch [sound recording]

HD6053 .H63 2003
Bags to riches : 7 success secrets for women in business

HD6054.3 .T37 2009
Women lead the way : your guide to stepping up to leadership and changing the world

HD8085.B33 R63 2009
Scraping by : wage labor, slavery, and survival in early Baltimore

HD9000.5 .F5938 2009
Food chains : from farmyard to shopping cart
HD9000.5 .M52 2008
The atlas of food : who eats what, where, and why

HD9662.C664 T865 2008
Tupperware unsealed : Brownie Wise, Earl Tupper, and the home party pioneers

HD9774.K584 H664 2009
The Hoosier cabinet in kitchen history

HD9875 .Y34 2006
Cotton : the biography of a revolutionary fiber

HE5611 .L26 2008
Autophobia : love and hate in the automotive age

HF1101 .N272 no. 47
Economics and personal finance education

HF1379 .R4394 2009
Regional rules in the global trading system

HF5387 .B86738 2010
Business ethics : a managerial approach

HF5415.5 .S7345 2010
Sams teach yourself Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 in 24 hours

HF5415.5 .W634 2010
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 integration unleashed
HF5438.25 .G58 2008
Jeffrey Gitomer's little red book of selling [sound recording] : 12.5 principles of sales greatness : how to make sales forever

HF5465.U64 G637 2009
We were merchants : the Sternberg family and the story of Goudchaux's and Maison Blanche department stores

HF5548.323.O73 P37 2010
Oracle E-Business Suite development and extensibility handbook
HG176.7 .M368 2000eb
Dictionary of financial engineering [electronic resource]

HG195 .S68 2009
Development finance : debates, dogmas and new directions

HG3756.G7 F56 2009
Consumer credit fundamentals

HG3881.5.W57 W427 2008
Hypocrisy trap : the World Bank and the poverty of reform

HG4928.5 .G65 2009
The battle for Wall Street : behind the lines in the struggle that pushed an industry into turmoil

HM1206 .A58 2009
Anti and pro-social communication : theories, methods, and applications

HQ281 .C85 2009
Human trafficking

HQ775 .C67 2009
Boyhoods: rethinking masculinities

HQ792.U5 O77 2009
Translating childhoods : immigrant youth, language, and culture

HQ1031 .N45 2009
Racing romance : love, power, and desire among Asian american/white couples

HQ1438.W45 O64 2008
One step over the line : toward a history of women in the North American Wests

HS2723 .K46 2008
Members only : elite clubs and the process of exclusion

HT1521 .I58 2009
Interracial relationships in the 21st century

HV551.2 .D713 2010
The human side of disaster

HV636 2005.N4 C38 2009
Catastrophe in the making : the engineering of Katrina and the disasters of tomorrow

HV4046.N6 R58 1996
How the other half lives : studies among the tenements of New York

HV4749 .H45 2005
After the finish line : the race to end horse slaughter in America

HV5089 .P364 2009
The prohibition hangover : alcohol in America from demon rum to cult Cabernet

HV5135 .L483 2009
A zero-tolerance juvenile alcohol law : why legislation won't work

HV5823 .D37 2010
A health educator's guide to understanding drugs of abuse testing

HV5840.P4 G66 2008
Andean cocaine : the making of a global drug

HV6085 .G36 2009
Codes of the underworld : how criminals communicate

HV6452.N7 C75 2009
The origin of organized crime in America : the New York City mafia, 1891-1931

HV6465.T4 S53 1994
The fighting Marlows : men who wouldn't be lynched

HV6570.2 .S58 2009
What you don't know will hurt you : sexual abuse in schools

HV6626.52 .M336 2009
Child abuse and neglect

HV6773 .M46 2010
Fatal system error : the hunt for the new crime lords who are bringing down the Internet

HV8688 .W34 2008
Restorative justice, self-interest and responsible citizenship

HV9469 .C694 2009
The big house : image and reality of the American prison

HV9469 .Y68 2009
Prime time prisons on U.S. TV : representation of incarceration
J - Political Science

JA84.U5 S48 2009
Rome reborn on western shores : historical imagination and the creation of the American republic

JC73 .A37 2009
Greek tragedy and political philosophy : rationalism and religion in Sophocles' Theban plays

JC328.3 .O69 2010
Oppositional discourses and democracies

JF1525.I6 N38 2009
National intelligence systems : current research and future prospects

JK526 2008 .C655 2010
Communicator-in-chief : how Barack Obama used new media technology to win the White House

JK1041 .A617 2009
The American Congress

JK1411 .A87 2009
The Austin-Boston connection : five decades of House Democratic leadership, 1937-1989

JK1764 .P64 2010
Blogging the political : politics and participation in a networked society

JK2281 .L39 2010
Hillary Clinton's race for the White House : gender politics and the media on the campaign trail

JN238 .O68 2010
Options for Britain. II : cross cutting policy issues: changes and challenges

JV6484 .C366 2009 American passage : the history of Ellis Island

JV7590 .B69 2009 The political uses of expert knowledge : immigration policy and social research

JZ4034 .C665 2009 Contracting states : sovereign transfers in international relations
K - Law

K5302 .S32 2009
Genocide in international law : the crime of crimes

KF221.M8 N433 2009
Sex, murder & the unwritten law : gender and judicial mayhem, Texas style

KF539 .M67 2009
Moral argument, religion, and same-sex marriage : advancing the public good

KF1262 .M55 2008
Privacy : the lost right

KF3941 .S678 2009
Gun control : a documentary and reference guide

KF4156.5.A3281974 A2 2009 FERPA clear and simple : the college professional's guide to compliance

KF4575.Z9 K45 2008 The U.S. Supreme Court and the judicial review of Congress : two hundred years in the exercise of the court's most potent power

KF4754.5 .Q44 2009 Queer mobilizations : LGBT activists confront the law

KF4836 .R36 2009 Refugee roulette : disparities in asylum adjudication and proposals for reform

KF5130 .S873 2009 The Supreme Court and the idea of constitutionalism
L - Education

LA217.2 .L445 2009
Reform can make a difference : a guide to school reform

LA370 .P74 2009
To get a better school system : one hundred years of education reform in Texas
LB41 .L665 2000
The abolition of man & The great divorce [sound recording]

LB1025 .G37 2009
Bilingual education in the 21st century : a global perspective

LB1028 .H69 2010
Quantitative research in education : a primer

LB1139.23 .C66 2009
The classrooms all young children need : lessons in teaching from Vivian Paley

LB1631 .A345 2007
Adolescent literacy : turning promise into practice

LB1731 .S717 2009
A teacher's guide to change : understanding, navigating, and leading the process

LB2831.92 .M54 2009
Leading with inquiry & action : how principals improve teaching and learning

LB2835.25 .R42 2010
Recruiting and retaining Generation Y teachers

LB3060.3 .G37 2009
A measure of failure : the political origins of standardized testing

LC1099 .G57 2009
Global issues in education : pedagogy, policy, practice, and the minority experience
LC2330 .M67 2006b
Three cups of tea [sound recording] : one man's mission to promote peace-- one school at a time
M - Music and Books on Music

ML197 .D84 1999
20/20 : 20 new sounds of the 20th century

ML410.R9 S56 2009
A vast simplicity : the music of Carl Ruggles
ML418.A96 L66 2008c
The soloist [sound recording]

ML3521 .O415 2009b
Barrelhouse blues : location recording and the early traditions of the blues

ML3551 .W46 2009 Life flows on in endless song : folk songs and American history

ML3918.R63 L59 2009 Dreaming the world : U2 fans, online community, and intercultural communication
N - Fine Arts

N6537.J6 Y38 2008
A thing among things : the art of Jasper Johns

NA735.N4 V47 2009
Delirious New Orleans : manifesto for an extraordinary American city

NA2695.G7 E444 2009
Lord Elgin and ancient Greek architecture : the Elgin drawings at the British Museum

NB237.P66 A4 2009
Rona Pondick : the metamorphosis of an object

NB522.5.V38 A4 1999
Angels on high : M*arton V*ar*o's limestone angels on the Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, TX

NC1429.C57 A4 2009 Seymour : the obsessive images of Seymour Chwast

ND237.K444 A4 2009 Ellsworth Kelly : diagonal

NK5198.S46 A4 2009 Preston Singletary : echoes, fire, and shadows

NX653.N49 S53 2008 New York nocturne : the city after dark in literature, painting, and photography, 1850-1950
P - Language and Literature

P96.E252 U664 2009
Media ownership and concentration in America

P211 .G58 2009
The writing revolution : cuneiform to the Internet

P301 .R4714 2008
The responsibilities of rhetoric

P301.5.S63 A28 2009
Active voices : composing a rhetoric of social movements
PA4025.A5 A76 2004
The odyssey [sound recording]

PE1075 .M5995 2009
Introducing English linguistics
PN1991.77.P73 E54 2008
English majors [sound recording]

PN1992.77.M595 M72 2010
Mr. Monk and philosophy : the curious case of the defective detective

PN1992.8.T3 D59 2009
The global village revisited : art, politics, and television talk shows

PN1996 .H57 2009
Reflections of the shadow : creating memorable heroes and villains for film and TV

PN2287.L29 F73 2009
Stripping Gypsy : the life of Gypsy Rose Lee

PN4784.C615 P83 2010
Public journalism 2.0 : the promise and reality of a citizen-engaged press

PN4784.F6 I583 2010
International media communication in a global age

PN4784.O62 D63 2010
Newsonomics : twelve new trends that will shape the news you get

PN4784.W7 E34 2009
The edge of change : women in the twenty-first-century press

PN4867.2 .W55 2010
The mind of a journalist : how reporters view themselves, their world, and their craft

PN4888.K67 F57 2009
First drafts of Korea : the U.S. media and perceptions of the last Cold War frontier

PN4888.T4 C66 2009
The origins of television news in America : the visualizers of CBS in the 1940s

PN6081 .S7219 2009
The speaker's treasury of quotations : maxims, witticisms and quips for speeches and presentations

PN6121 .W654 2009
Words that ring through time : from Moses and Pericles to Obama : fifty-one of the most important speeches in history and how they changed our world

PR448.D66 S77 2009
Domestic affairs : intimacy, eroticism, and violence between servants and masters in eighteenth-century Britain

PR585.W6 B47 2009
British women poets and the romantic writing community

PR878.E95 B43 2009
Darwin's plots : evolutionary narrative in Darwin, George Eliot and nineteenth-century fiction

PR2937 .K59 2009
Shakespeare only

PR4773 .W8 2008
William Hazlitt : the first modern man
PR6119.M586 C48 2008b
Child 44 [sound recording]

PR9199.3.A8 Z955 2008
Myths and fairy tales in contemporary women's fiction: from Atwood to Morrison

PS169.M85 R67 2008
Multilingual America : language and the making of American Literature

PS3201 2009d
Leaves of grass [sound recording]

PS3511.A86 Z98548 2010
Becoming Faulkner : the art and life of William Faulkner

PS3545.I5365 Z7995 2009
Hollywood's Tennessee : the Williams films and postwar America
PS3551.N27 B58 2004c
Bless me, Ultima [sound recording]
PS3552.O932 W66 2009b
The women [sound recording]
PS3552.U723 S93 2008b
Swan Peak [sound recording]
PS3553.L287 J87 2009b
Just take my heart [sound recording]
PS3553.R786 Z5 2004
King of the mild frontier [sound recording] : [an ill-advised autobiography]
PS3557.R5355 F67 2009b
Ford County [sound recording]
PS3557.R5355 P56 2007d
Playing for pizza [sound recording]
PS3561.I483 D86 2008b
Duma Key [sound recording]
PS3563.A3535 W5 2005
Wicked [sound recording]
PS3563.O8749 B4 1998
Beloved [sound recording]
PS3566.I372 C47 2008c
Change of heart [sound recording]

PS3569.E314 W48 2009
When you are engulfed in flames
PS3572.O5 A89 2008b
Armageddon in retrospect [sound recording]
PS3572.O5 S6 2003
Slaughterhouse-five [sound recording]
PS3611.O74927 S93 2010b
The swan thieves [sound recording]
PS3619.H3365 G84 2008b
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society [sound recording] : a novel
PT9876.22.A6933 M3613 2008b
The girl with the dragon tattoo [sound recording]
PZ7.C446265 If 2007b
If a tree falls at lunch period [sound recording]
PZ7.H7747 Bu 2008
Burned [sound recording]
PZ7.O237 Is 1997
Island of the Blue Dolphins [sound recording]
PZ7.S80857 Wh 2009b
When you reach me [sound recording]
PZ8.L4793 Fa 2007
Fairest [sound recording]
PZ8.1.S75 Cal 1999
Call it courage [sound recording]
Q - Science

Q130 .J33 2009
Science on the home front : American women scientists in World War II

Q175 .G865 2008
A primer on natural resource science

Q223 .O47 2009
Don't be such a scientist : talking substance in an age of style

QA28 .G74 2009
Pioneering women in American mathematics : the pre-1940 PhD's
QA76.2.P38 A3 2008
The last lecture [sound recording]

QA76.625 .N56 2010
Fusion developer guide : building rich Internet applications with Oracle ADF business components and Oracle ADF Faces

QA76.64 .S253 2008
Using aspect-oriented programming for trustworthy software development

QA76.73.P98 D693 2009
Python for software design : how to think like a computer scientist

QA95 .G323 2009
Sphere packing, Lewis Carroll, and reversi : Martin Gardner's new mathematical diversions

QA276.45.R3 Z88  2009
A beginner's guide to R

QB63 .E39 2008
The southern sky guide

QB63 .O64 2008
Stephen James O'Meara's Observing the night sky with binoculars : a simple guide to the heavens

QB64 .D53 2008
The backyard astronomer's guide

QB64 .D83 2007
Looking up : an introduction to stargazing
QC879.8 .V65 2008 COb2 rising : the world's greatest environmental challenge

QC903 .C545 2009
Climate change and global poverty : a billion lives in the balance?

QD382.R43 H35 2009
Chemorheology of polymers : from fundamental principles to reactive processing

QH75.A1 S34 2008-09
Science magazine's state of the planet, 2008-2009

QH75 .P64 2009
Population genetics for animal conservation

QH104.5.G73 M36 2009
Rewilding the West : restoration in a prairie landscape

QH149 .S28 2003
Waldgesellschaften in Bayern [electronic resource]

QH365 .O2 2009b
On the origin of species

QH371 .V65 2008
Voices for evolution

QH437 .S348 2009
The stuff of life : a graphic guide to genetics and DNA

QH506 .B565 2009
Computer simulation and data analysis in molecular biology and biophysics : an introduction using R

QH541.5.S3 M2829 2009
Marine macroecology

QH588.S83 P47 2009
Perinatal stem cells

QK142 .Q558 2000
Wildflowers of the desert Southwest

QK495.C11 L58 2009
Texas cacti

QK495.C11 L76 2005
Cactus flowers

QK533 .I57 2009
Introduction to bryophytes

QK901 .R53 2009
Green planet : how plants keep the Earth alive

QL377.C5 C647 2009
Cold-water corals : the biology and geology of deep-sea coral habitats

QL391.A6 A56 2009
Annelids in modern biology [electronic resource]

QL467.8 .N49 2009
Insect species conservation

QL544 .S86 1998
Butterfly gardening : creating summer magic in your garden

QL676 .D267 2009
A year on the wing : four seasons in a life with birds

QL681 .P455 2008
Peterson field guide to birds of North America

QL737.U53 B575 2005
QL762.5 .R44 2009 The infanticide controversy : primatology and the art of field science
QL785 .C512 2009 Cognitive ecology II
QP454 .S455 2009 Sensorimotor control of grasping : physiology and pathophysiology
QP624 .H635 2008 DNA from A to Z & back again : a primer on genomics & molecular medicine for-- everyone : with a point/counterpoint on direct-to-consumer genetic testing : is it for you?
QR46 .N37 2006 Problem-based microbiology
R - Medicine
R121 .M89 2009
Mosby's medical dictionary

R151 .H25 2009
Picturing medical progress from Pasteur to polio : a history of mass media images and popular attitudes in America

R726.2 .G63 2008
Living will, living well : reflections on preparing an advance directive
R853.C55 D47 2007
Designing clinical research

RA395.A3 C618 2009
Flatlined : resuscitating American medicine

RA395.A4 C2765 2009
Cultivating health : Los Angeles women and public health reform

RA418.3.U6 B37 2008
Health disparities in the United States : social class, race, ethnicity, and health

RA427.3 .K45 2009
Killer commodities : public health and the corporate production of harm

RA564.85 .A56 2009
Women's health and social change

RA1226 .G76 2009
Chasing molecules : poisonous products, human health, and the promise of green chemistry
RB37.A1 C58 vol.22 no.2
Test selection strategies
RB37.A1 C58 v.22 no.3
Clinical HIV-1 virology
RB37.A1 C58 v.23 no.1
Prion diseases
RB37.A1 C58 v.23 no.2
Prenatal testing
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 v.23 no.3
Gynecologic cytopathology
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 vol.24 no.1
Endocrine laboratory science : topics at the interface of clinical care and laboratory medicine
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 vol.24 no.4 Pathology patient safety
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 vol.25 no. 1 Molecular and genetic aspects of gastrointestinal and pancreatic disease
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 vol.25 no.2 Renal tumors
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 vol.25 no.3 Cell and tissue banking
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 vol.25 no.4 Contemporary issues in breast cytopathology
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 vol.26 no.1 Clinical toxicology
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 vol.26 no.2 Biological weapons and bioterrorism
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 v. 26 no. 3 Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease : emerging laboratory risk factors
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 vol.26 no.4 Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease : lipoprotein risk factors
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 vol.27. no.1 Laboratory automation
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 b C58 Education in Laboratory Medicine
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 v. 27 no. 3 Flow cytometry
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 v. 27 no. 4 Laboratory management
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 v. 28 no. 1 Clinical data mining and warehousing
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 v. 28 no. 2 Quality in laboratory medicine
ELECTRONIC RB37.A1 C58 v. 28 no. 3 Cytokine networks in transplant rejection
ELECTRONIC RB45 .M385 2010 Clinical laboratory hematology
CLS-FWORTH RB46.5 .S73 2010 Clinical immunology & serology : a laboratory perspective
RC181.U62 T4 2009 The polio years in Texas : battling a terrifying unknown
RC265.6.L24 S55 2010 The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
RC382 .B57 2009 Health professionals' guide to physical management of Parkinson's disease
RC394.M46 B74 2008 Forgetting : when to worry, what to do
RC537 .H563 2009 American melancholy : constructions of depression in the twentieth century
RC552.P67 S394 2008 Therapy after terror : 9/11, psychotherapists, and mental health
RC553.A88 B87 2009 Saving Ben : a father's story of autism
CLS-FWORTH RC682.9 .M37 2007 Post-genomic cardiology
RT1 .N77 v. 44 no. 3 Women's health
S - Agriculture

S605.5 .W33 2009
Growing good things to eat in Texas : profiles of organic farmers and ranchers across the state

SB351.H5 B323 2009
What can I do with my herbs? : how to grow, use & enjoy these versatile plants

SB433.4 .O47 2000
Allergy-free gardening : the revolutionary guide to healthy landscaping

SB435 .H65 2008
Trees for all seasons : broadleaved evergreens for temperate climates

SB435.52.T4 G37 1996
Howard Garrett's plants for Texas

SB998.N4 K43 2008
Plant nematodes : methodology, morphology, systematics, biology and ecology
T - Technology

TC423 .F635 2009
Floodplain management : a new approach for a new era

TT505.C39 A3 1995
A thousand days of magic : dressing Jacqueline Kennedy for the White House

TT900.P3 B345 2009
Preston Bailey celebrations

TX909 .S25 2007
Hotel : an American history
U- Military Science

U27 .R348 1996eb
The Reader's companion to military history [electronic resource]

UG1242.G85 H43 2007
Shadow and Stinger : developing the AC-119G/K gunships in the Vietnam War
VK1259 .R53 2008 Ships' graveyards : abandoned watercraft and the archaeological site formation process
Z - Library Science

Z45 .B37 2009
A better pencil : readers, writers, and the digital revolution
Texas Documents
GOVDOC A2250.8 EX22 txdocs  Excellence in diabetes care
C2600.8 L669A txdocs
Liquid assets : the state of Texas' water resources
GOVDOC L1801.7 H816SEF NO.81-5 txdocs
Highway funding in Texas : a status report
GOVDOC L1801.7 H816SEF NO.81-9 txdocs Major issues of the 81st Legislature, regular session
GOVDOC N330.7 R339 NO.470 txdocs Landscape irrigator's rule compilation

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