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New Books and Resources February 2011

Call Number
A - General Works
  A 13.78:SRS-45 Leaf gas exchange of mature bottomland oak trees

A 13.78:SRS-46
Accessing the potential for biomass energy developement in south Carolina
  A 13.78:SRS-47 Diameter growth of subtropical trees in Puerto Rico
  A 13.78:SRS-50 Site establishment practices influence loblolly pine mortality throughout the stand rotation

A13.80:SRS-162 Florida harvest and utilization study, 2008

A13.80:SRS-165 Southern pulpwood production, 2008

A13.80:SRS-166 Arkansas' forests, 2005

A13.88:SRS-117 Forest health monitoring: 2006 national technical report

A13.88:SRS-120 Xylem transport models optimize effectiveness of systemic insecticide applications for controlling hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae)

A13.88:SRS-123 Fire managers field guide: hazardous fuels management in subtropical pine flatwoods and tropical pine rocklands

AG5 .H87 2010eb The Hutchinson unabridged encyclopedia with atlas and weather guide
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF31 .E495 2006eb The encyclopaedic dictionary of psychology

BF39.2.I84 D46 2010 Item response theory

BF412 .D49 2009 The development of giftedness and talent across the life span

BF575.I5 S87 2010 Support processes in intimate relationships

BM755.K285 A3 2010 Nothing like sunshine: a story in the aftermath of the MLK assassination
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

CB226 .C57 2002eb The companion to Hispanic studies
D - History: General and Old World

D639.P7 U63 2010 For home and country: World War I propaganda on the home front

D804.348 .S763 2010 Histories of the Holocaust

D810.P7 E854 2010 Books as weapons: propaganda, publishing, and the battle for global markets in the era of World War II

D860 .L3545 2006eb The essentials of global politics

DA375 .S54 2010 Image wars: promoting kings and commonwealths in England, 1603-1660

DA708 .W48 2008eb The Welsh Academy encyclopaedia of Wales

DC162 .M6 1939 A diary of the French revolution

DS79.767.P74 B35 2010 Sousveillance, media and strategic political communication: Iraq, USA, UK

DS559.5 .L518 2010 Voices from the Vietnam War: stories from American, Asian, and Russian veterans

DT38.1 .J66 2010 In search of brightest Africa: reimagining the dark continent in American culture, 1884-1936
E - History: America

E78.E2 S27 2010 The Eastern Archaic, historicized

E78.N65 M39 2000 Indian gaming: tribal sovereignty and American politics

E83.67 .M329 2010 King Philip's War: colonial expansion, native resistance, and the end of Indian sovereignty

E83.866.C94 R62 2001 General Crook and the western frontier

E83.876 .G738 1991 The Great Sioux War, 1876-77: the best from Montana, the magazine of western history

E98.E85 L96 2010 X-marks : native signatures of assent

E99.M19 C68 2010 Spirits of our whaling ancestors : revitalizing Makah and Nuu-chah-nulth traditions

E169.12 .C573 2010 Bring on the books for everybody: how literary culture became popular culture

E169.12 .W66 2010 A more perfect union: holistic worldviews and the transformation of American culture after World War II

E175.5.D43 L43 2002 Angie Debo: pioneering historian

E175.85 .L64 1996 Lies my teacher told me: everything your American history textbook got wrong

E175.85 .L64 2008 Lies my teacher told me: everything your American history textbook got wrong

E176.1 .P9725 2010 The president's words: speeches and speechwriting in the modern White House

E183.8.C5 P26 2010 Living with the dragon: how the American public views the rise of China

E184.A1 W256 2010 Fire in the heart: how white activists embrace racial justice

E184.I6 M766 2010 American slavery, Irish freedom: abolition, immigrant citizenship, and the transatlantic movement for Irish repeal

E184.S75 G76 2010 Growing up Hispanic: health and development of children of immigrants

E185.6 .R87 2010 Fly away : the great African American cultural migrations

E185.61 .V35 2010 Living with Jim Crow: African American women and memories of the segregated South

E185.86 .C5815 2010 Democracy remixed

E185.89.I56 B36 2010 From Du Bois to Obama: African American intellectuals in the public forum

E332.2 .B27 2010 Liberty, state & union: the political theory of Thomas Jefferson

E332.2 .J474 2010 Jefferson, Lincoln, and Wilson: the American dilemma of race and democracy

E444.S625 V46 2010 Venture Smith and the business of slavery and freedom

E470 .S87 2010 The grand design: strategy and the U.S. Civil War

E491 .F66 2010 The gentlemen and the roughs : manhood, honor, and violence in the Union Army

E577.5 24th .T55 2010 A Palmetto boy: Civil War-era diaries and letters of James Adams Tillman

E743 .S4327 2010 Selling war in a media age : the presidency and public opinion in the American century
F - History: America

F334.M753 V47 1995 Verity Records presents A tribute to Mrs. Rosa Parks

F391.2 .C86 2010 Cowboy conservatism: Texas and the rise of the modern right

F392.G9 C37 2009 After Ike: aerial views from the no-fly zone

F394.G2 W54 2010 The Moodys of Galveston and their mansion

F394.S2119 M51736 2010 Quixote's soldiers: a local history of the Chicano movement, 1966-1981

F394.S64 P47 2010 Smeltertown : making and remembering a Southwest border community

F589.V57 M33 2010 Habits of the heartland: small-town life in modern America

F596.3.I6 E48 2010 Beyond the American pale: the Irish in the West, 1845-1910

F1408.3 .C6 2003eb The companion to Latin American studies

F2523 .G74 2010 We cannot remain silent: opposition to the Brazilian military dictatorship in the United States
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G1.N275 H39 2010 American iconographic: National Geographic, global culture, and the visual imagination

G70.212 .G44553 2011 Geographic information systems & science
  G155.A1 P3624 2011 Tourists, tourism and the good life
  G156.5.E26 E53 2001eb The encyclopedia of ecotourism
  GE155.O7 R63 1997 Landscapes of promise: the Oregon story, 1800-1940
  GN296.5.U6 P67 2009 They all want magic: curanderas and folk healing
  GN307 .E525 2010eb Routledge encyclopedia of social and cultural anthropology
  GT2853.U5 Z54 2010 97 Orchard: an edible history of five immigrant families in one New York tenement
  GV342.27 .Y68 2010 Young people's voices in physical education and youth sport
  GV363 .R549 2010 Schoolwide physical activity: a comprehensive guide to designing and conducting programs
  GV416.I32 S89 2010 Wrigley regulars: finding community in the bleachers
  GV445 .K35 2010 Everyone can!: skill development and assessment in elementary physical education
  GV452 .A32 2010 Teaching movement education: foundations for active lifestyles
  GV697.A1 K565 2010 How to succeed in the game of life: 34 interviews with the world's greatest coaches
  GV706.35 .M3525 2010 Gaming the world: how sports are reshaping global politics and culture
  GV709.3 .G66 2010 Wheelchair sport: a complete guide for athletes, coaches, and teachers

GV979.T68 D38 2010 Golf anatomy

GV1048 .P36 2010 Cycling fast

GV1469.17.S63 M95 2010 Play redux: the form of computer games

GV1469.25.S425 J64 2010 Second Life, media, and the other society

GV1594 .S34 2010 Exploring dance forms and styles: a guide to concert, world, social, and historical dance
H - Social Science
  HB61 .L66 2006eb The anti-capitalist dictionary: movements, histories & motivations
  HB251 .R54 2010 The rational optimist: how prosperity evolves
  HB1952 .G57 2010
Securing human mobility in the age of risk: new challenges for travel, migration, and borders
  HC79.P6 I52 2007eb Poverty: an international glossary
  HC79.T4 M55 2010 The new polymat: profiles in compound-technology innovations
  HD38.2 .K58 2010 The CEO's boss: tough love in the boardroom
  HD38.5 .F57 2010 The new science of retailing: how analytics are transforming the supply chain and improving performance
  HD41 .S54125 2010 Copycats: how smart companies use imitation to gain a strategic edge
  HD57.7 .H399 2002 Leadership on the line: staying alive through the dangers of leading
  HD58.7 .D383 2010 Leading culture change: what every CEO needs to know
  HD58.8 .H3755 2010 Resistance to change: a guide to harnessing its positive power
  HD59 .H64 2000
On deadline: managing media relations
  HD60 .C48 2011 Values-centered entrepreneurs and their companies
  HD61 .K598 2010 The known, the unknown, and the unknowable in financial risk management: measurement and theory advancing practice
  HD69.B7 L47 1999 Integrated branding: becoming brand-driven through companywide action
  HD5324 .E39 2009eb The encyclopedia of strikes in American history
  HD6054 .H45 2010 The female vision: women's real power at work
  HD6231 .W67 2009eb The world of child labor: an historical and regional survey
  HD9000.5 .C715 2010 The coming famine: the global food crisis and what we can do to avoid it
  HD9000.5 .S3768 2010 Fighting for the future of food: activists versus agribusiness in the struggle over biotechnology

HD9000.6 .P49 2009 Terra Madre: forging a new global network of sustainable food communities

HD9502.A2 M656 2010 The powers that be: global energy for the twenty-first century and beyond

HD9881.7.S36 C66 2010 The rise and fall of the Scottish cotton industry, 1778-1914: 'the secret spring'

HE308 .F87 2010 One less car: bicycling and the politics of automobility

HF5415.5 .T479 2010 Pay attention!: how to listen, respond, and profit from customer feedback

HF5549.5.M63 B78 1999 Motivating employees

HG1552.E64 D49 2010 The hare with amber eyes: a family's century of art and loss

HM548 .H25 2005eb The handbook of economic sociology

HM1121 .C85 2010eb Culture wars: an encyclopedia of issues, viewpoints, and voices

HM1211 .A65 2010 APA handbook of intercultural communication

HQ29 .A33 2010 Shameless propositions: women's sexuality and theoretical authority

HQ76.25 .L36 2010 Coming out, coming home : helping families adjust to a gay or lesbian child

HQ759.915 .C475 2010 Single mother in charge: how to successfully pursue happiness

HQ766.5.U5 H34 2010 Birth control on main street: organizing clinics in the United States, 1916-1939

HQ766.5.U5 M39 2010 America and the pill: a history of promise, peril, and liberation

HQ777 .S29 2010 Girls on the edge: the four factors driving the new crisis for girls : sexual identity, the cyberbubble, obsessions, environmental toxins

HQ784.I58 M85 2010 Enhancing child safety and online technologies: final report of the Internet Safety Technical Task Force to the Multi-State Working Group on Social Networking of State Attorneys General of the United States

HQ796 .C4596 2010 Growing up in America: the power of race in the lives of teens

HQ981 .B35 2010 Polygamy in the monogamous world: multicultural challenges for Western law and policy

HQ1059.4 .S23 2010 Emptying the nest: launching your young adult toward success and self-reliance

HQ1073.5.A45 S44 2010 Death in the New World: cross-cultural encounters, 1492-1800

HQ1090 .K545 2010 Misframing men: the politics of contemporary masculinities

HQ1381 .C52 2010 Shortchanged: why women have less wealth and what can be done about it

HS1507.V8 P48 2010 Brothers of a vow: secret fraternal orders and the transformation of white male culture in Antebellum Virginia

HT1521 .A55 2011 Race and human diversity: a biocultural approach

HV636 2005.G85 C68 2010 Covering disaster: lessons from media coverage of Katrina and Rita

HV875.5 .Y58 2010 Belonging in an adopted world: race, identity, and transnational adoption

HV1451 .G64 2010 Forced to care: coercion and caregiving in America

HV6431 .M448 2010 Driven to death: psychological and social aspects of suicide terrorism

HV6437 .K54 2010 A space for hate: the white power movement's adaptation into cyberspace

HV6626.2 .F467 2010 Restorative justice for domestic violence victims: an integrated approach to their hunger for healing

HV8023 .S66 2010 Policewomen who made history: breaking through the ranks

HV8688 .U527 2010 Restorative justice dialogue: an essential guide for research and practice

HV9475.T4 T78 2009 First available cell: desegregation of the Texas prison system

HX91.O5 B57 1999 Agrarian socialism in America: Marx, Jefferson, and Jesus in the Oklahoma countryside, 1904-1920

HX806 .P36 2007eb The dictionary of alternatives: utopianism and organisation
J - Political Science
  JA71 .H3499 2010 Rawls and Habermas: reason, pluralism, and the claims

JK721 .M34 2003 The presidency and women: promise, performance, & illusion

JK1021 .J63 2010 One nation under siege: Congress, terrorism, and the fate of American democracy

JV6483 .W47 2010 Brain gain: rethinking U.S. immigration policy

JZ1160 .N65 2002eb The Greenwood encyclopedia of international relations
K - Law

KF8210.C45 A98 2010 Children, tribes, and states: adoption and custody conflicts over American Indian children
L - Education
  LA227.4 .T86 2009 Turnaround: leading stressed colleges and universities to excellence
  LA2317.C37 A3 2009 In the sun's house: my year teaching on the Navajo reservation
  LB43 .H37 2009 The fourth way: the inspiring future for educational change
  LB1028.4 .B78 2010 Action research in special education: an inquiry approach for effective teaching and learning
  LB1029.R35 L48 2010 Infants and toddlers at work: using Reggio-inspired materials to support brain development
  LB1031.4 .C87 2010 Fires in the mind: what kids can tell us about motivation and mastery
  LB1048.5 .L43 2010 Leadership for family and community involvement
  LB1050.455 .R46 2010 (Re)imagining content-area literacy instruction
  LB1139.5.L35 N49 2009 Reading and writing grade by grade
  LB1140.3 .B43 2010 The building blocks of preschool success
  LB1573 .P16 2010 Artifactual literacies: every object tells a story
  LB1585 .B633 2011 The really useful elementary science book
  LB1607.5 .P47 2010 The personalized high school: making learning count for adolescents
  LB1738 .C44 2010 First time in the college classroom: a guide for teaching assistants, instructors, and new professors at all college and universities
  LB2157.A3 P58 2010 Developing preservice problem-solving skills through case studies
  LB2342.8 .T97 2010 Pitch perfect : communicating with traditional and social media for scholars, researchers, and academic leaders
  LB2386 .A76 2006 The assessment of doctoral education: emerging criteria and new models for improving outcomes
  LB2386 .E58 2006 Envisioning the future of doctoral education: preparing stewards of the discipline: Carnegie essays on the doctorate
  LB2805 .U2 2011 The principal: creative leadership for excellence in schools
  LB2806.15 .H346 2010 An educational leader's guide to curriculum mapping : creating and sustaining collaborative cultures
  LB2817.3 .D38 2010 Survival in a down economy: a budget reduction process for superintendents
  LB2817.3 .M355 2007 Managing school districts for high performance: cases in public education leadership
  LB2822.8 .D38 2010 Back to common sense: rethinking school change
  LB2822.82 .C79 2010 Creating the school you want: learning @ tomorrow's edge
  LB2825 .C76 2010 Political education: national policy comes of age
  LB2831.6 .C43 2005 Changing mindsets of educational leaders to improve schools : voices of doctoral students
  LB2831.72 .W67 2010 Success in the superintendency: tips and advice
  LB2831.9 .G745 2010 The four dimensions of principal leadership: a framework for leading 21st-century schools
  LB2831.92 .A15 2003 The 21st-century principal: current issues in leadership and policy
  LB2831.92 .S49 1999 The principal : new leadership for new challenges
  LB3013 .C558 2010 Defusing disruptive behavior in the classroom
  LB3013 .Q45 2010 Responsible classroom management, 6-12: a schoolwide plan
  LB3051 .H445 2010 Formative assessment: making it happen in the classroom
  LC173 .C66 1998 Lobbying for higher education: how colleges and universities influence federal policy
  LC213.2 .B69 2005  Equity and excellence in American higher education
  LC221 .G35 2001 The school and community relations
  LC268 .S66 2010 The organized teacher's guide to building character : an encyclopedia of ideas to bring character education into your curriculum: full of ready-to-use lesson plans, projects, and materials: help your students be the best that they can be
  LC1390 .S67 2010 Supporting boys' learning : strategies for teacher practice, pre-K-grade 3
  LC3993 .D35 2010 The nature and nurture of giftedness: a new framework for understanding gifted education
  LD7501.B6 M45 2010 Playing for keeps: life and learning on a public school playground
  LD7501.N5144 D38 2010 Ordinary gifted children: the power and promise of individual attention
M - Music and Books on Music
  M5 .C63 2003 Classical music collection
  M1630.18.G7595 J57 2001 Josh Groban
  M2085.K535 O26 1993 O' come all ye faithfu
  M2105.N67 S23 1990 Sacred songs
  M2117.K535 H65 1993 Holy, holy, holy
  M2198.C527 B47 1995 The best of Chicago Mass Choir
  M2198 .E825 1996 Essential gospel: live at the House of Blues, New Orleans
  M2198.F623 S47 1993 The sermon
  M2198.J153 G67 1998 Gospels, spirituals, & hymns
  M2198.M435 T48 1992 Thunderbolt of the Middle West
  M2198.M628 P69 1995 Power
  M2198.P655 W35 1992
Walking rhythm
  M2198.R323 M97 1998 My soul feels better right now
  ML102.O6 M47 1987eb The Metropolitan Opera encyclopedia
  ML395 .G63 2002 Hard bop academy : the sidemen of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
  ML410.B42 K34 2010
Beethoven and the Grosse Fuge: music, meaning, and Beethoven's most difficult work
  ML410.C756 G74 2010 Ballet for Martha: making Appalachian Spring
  ML419.C645 J63 2010
John Coltrane and black America's quest for freedom: spirituality and the music
  ML661.8.N7 B37 2006 Piano: the making of a Steinway concert grand
  ML1036 .S39 2010 Timpani tone and the interpretation of baroque and classical music
  ML3557 .G53 1994
Southern Cheyenne women's songs
  ML3820 .T66 2010 Sinister resonance : the mediumship of the listener
  ML3845 .R69 2010 Music and sentiment
  ML3917.U6 W45 2010 Talkin' 'bout a revolution: music and social change in America
N - Fine Arts
  N8354 .M63 2010 Modern women: women artists at the Museum of Modern Art
  NB237.S67 A4 2010 John Storrs: machine-age modernist
  NK2116.2 .W56 2010 Interior design clients : the designer's guide to building and keeping a great clientele
P - Language and Literature

P85.G72 G73 2010 Gramsci, language, and translation

P94 .V355 2010 Valuation and media ecology: ethics, morals, and laws

P96.M34 M37 2011 Managing media work

P96.T42 Q36 2010 Qualitative inquiry and human rights

P96.T672 U654 2010 Media representations of gender and torture post-9/11

PE1704 .D38 2007eb Divided by a common language: a guide to British and American English

PG3395 .N53 2010 The death of Tolstoy: Russia on the eve, Astapovo Station, 1910

PN1991.8.T35 B63 2010 Us against them: the political culture of talk radio

PN1992.7 I53 2010 Inside the TV writer's room: practical advice for succeeding in television

PN1992.77.M226 M33 2010 Mad men and philosophy: nothing is as it seems

PN1992.92.A39 S36 2010 Al-Jazeera and US war coverage

PN1994 .R577 2010 Goodbye cinema, hello cinephilia: film culture in transition

PN1995.9.C4 L87 2010 The child in film: tears, fears, and fairytales

PN1995.9.N4 R42 2010 African American actresses: the struggle for visibility, 1900-1960

PN1996 .W245 2010 Essentials of screenwriting: the art, craft, and
 business of film and television writing

PN1997.T625 E93 2010 Top hat

PN2061 .P5755 2010 Playing for real: actors on playing real people

PN2287.D352 S56 2010 The gentleman press agent : fifty years in the theatrical trenches with Merle Debuskey

PN4151 .S67 2009 The cultural politics of slam poetry : race, identity, and the performance of popular verse in America

PN4751 .A85 2010 Explaining news: national politics and journalistic cultures in global context

PN4756 .C36 2010 Getting it wrong: ten of the greatest misreported stories in American journalism

PN4775 .W215 2010 Heat and light: advice for the next generation of journalists

PN5477.T33 W37 2010 Tabloid journalism in South Africa: true story!

PQ7297.R89 P4 2008 Pedro P*aramo

PR401 .W54 2004eb The Palgrave guide to English literature and its contexts, 1500-2000

PR447 .R49 2010 The neural sublime: cognitive theories and romantic texts

PR590 .B24 2010 Written on the water: British romanticism and the maritime empire of culture

PS169.M85 L46 2010 In Babel's shadow: multilingual literatures, monolingual states

PS374.A37 E76 2009 From birdwomen to skygirls: American girls' aviation stories
PS1688 .M55 2002 Mary Hallock Foote: author-illustrator of the American West

PS1744.G57 Z66 2010 Charlotte Perkins Gilman: a biography
Q - Science

Q121 .M29 2009eb McGraw-Hill concise encyclopedia of science & technology.

Q183.3.A1 N364 1996 National Science Education Standards: observe, interact, change, learn

QA11.2 .D34 2008 How to succeed in college mathematics: a guide for  the college mathematics student

QA11.2 .P745 2008eb The Princeton companion to mathematics

QA13 .P735 2000 Principles and standards for school mathematics

QA76.9.B32 F74 2010 Oracle RMAN 11g: backup and recovery

QA271 .M39 2010 What's luck got to do with it?: the history, mathematics, and psychology behind the gambler's illusion

QA331 .N57 2010 NIST handbook of mathematical functions

QA377 .T62 2009 Numerical solution of hyperbolic partial differential equations

QB283 .G74 1995 The problem of the earth's shape from Newton to Clairaut: the rise of mathematical science in eighteenth-century Paris and the fall of "normal" science

QH75 .R457 2010 Remote sensing for ecology and conservation: a handbook of techniques

QH102 .F54 2010eb Field guide to rivers of North America

QH323.5 .K47 2010 Introduction to WinBUGS for ecologists: a Bayesian approach to regression, ANOVA, mixed models and related analyses

QH360.5 .M38 2010 Biology's first law: the tendency for diversity and complexity to increase in evolutionary systems

QH367 .L587 2009 What on Earth evolved?: 100 species that changed the world 

QH378 .K6913 2010 Symbiogenesis: a new principle of evolution

QH532 .H39 2010 Surveying natural populations: quantitative tools for assessing biodiversity

QH541 .P742 2009eb The Princeton guide to ecology

QH541.15.B56 F73 2010 Fragile web: what next for nature?

QH541.5.P7 G734 2008 Grasslands: ecology, management and restoration

QK26 .I75 1994eb One hundred and one botanists

QL405 .H255 2010 The book of shells: a life-size guide to identifying and classifying six hundred seashells

QL462.3 .E485 2009eb Encyclopedia of insects

QL696.P7 M79 2010 Kakapo rescue: saving the world's strangest parrot

QL698.3 .S784 2010 The private lives of birds: a scientist reveals the intricacies of avian social life

QL698.9 .C69 2010 Bird migration and global change

QP34.5 .M3564 2010 Physics of the human body
R - Medicine

R722.32.H84 A3 2009 Aunt Tena, called to serve: journals and letters of Tena A. Huizenga, missionary nurse to Nigeria

R859.2.U5 C66 2010 Connected for health: transforming care delivery at Kaiser Permanente

RA427.8 .M375 2010 Health matters for people with developmental disabilities: creating a sustainable health promotion program

RA975.5.C36 K37 2010 The integrated case management manual: assisting complex patients regain physical and mental health

RC1226 .F56 2010 Sports massage
S - Agriculture

SB482.A4 A3688 1999 Creating the National Park Service : the missing years

SF105 .R45 2010 Reproductive genomics in domestic animals

SF756.4 .P74 2011 Front office management for the veterinary team

SF997.5.L35 F68 2010 Medicine and surgery of camelids
T - Technology

TA139 .H275 2008eb A biographical dictionary of people in engineering: from earliest records until 2000

TD388 .R64 2010 Running out of water: the looming crisis and solutions to conserve our most precious resource

TX353 .F77 2010 Empires of food: feast, famine, and the rise and fall of civilizations

TX361.A8 S57 2010 Nutrient timing for peak performance

TX649.C47 A4 2010 As always, Julia: the letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto : food, friendship, and the making of a masterpiece
U- Military Science

Z - Naval Science
Z - Library Science

U. S. Documents

Texas Documents