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The Maker Spot

Three girls operating at a computer in The Maker Spot to start a 3-D print job


  • Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Maker Spot, located in room 250 of the Dick Smith Library, endeavors to give the Tarleton community easy access to the most innovative technologies for invention, creation, exploration and design, whatever their field of study. The space offers:

  • 3-D printers
  • 3-D scanners
  • Large format poster printer
  • GoPro & DSLR Camera Equipment
  • Maker & Computer Development Kits

For questions, please contact the Maker Spot at 254-968-0508 or


3-D Printing

Two 3-D printed red squirrels holding hearts that say Brittani and Brittney

3-D printing brings 3-D computer models to life. Our 3-D printers, which are some of the fastest on the market, print in ABS plastic (the same plastic as LEGOs). Our smaller printer can print models up to 9"x9"x9" and our larger printer can print models up to 9"x20"x9". Even with our fast printer, prints do take a while, so we ask that you bring your job into the Maker Spot or submit it to us in order to get it in the queue. After a brief review by Maker Spot staff, items will be printed in the order they are received during our operating hours. We will not print weapon parts, obscene items or mass produce items for commercial use.

Cost: $0.10/gram

Large Format Printing

Girl standing with a large poster of a Chaco sandal

Print research posters, banners, and more in full, photo quality color. We print items 36" wide on bond paper, glossy paper, or canvas. To add your job to the print queue, bring your file into the Maker Spot or submit it to us for printing. Files will only be printed during our normal operating hours.

  • Bond Paper: $2/ft
  • Glossy Paper: $3/ft
  • Canvas: $5/ft


MakerBot Digitizer with Duck on the Turntable and scan of duck on nearby computer screen.

3-D Scanning takes a physical object and renders it as a 3-D computer model. The Maker Spot features two 3-D Scanners. The MakerBot Digitizer desktop scanner works on objects up to 8"x8"x8" and is ideal for smaller models. The Cubify Sense portable scanner works on larger objects, including people.


Products of Little Bits put together

Items in the Maker Spot are available for 7 day checkout. Items must be checked out from the Maker Spot, but can be returned to the Maker Spot or the Circulation Desk. Items can be renewed if there are no holds pending by calling the Maker Spot at 254-968-0508, going online to your library account, or coming by the Maker Spot during our business hours. Late returns will be fined at a rate of $2/day, per item. Follow the links for each item below to see current availability.

Action Cameras

GoPro action cameras make it easy to capture your world in high-resolution 1080p video or 12 MP photographs. We offer 4 GoPro cameras for checkout, as well as a variety of mounts that let you attach the cameras to objects or to your body for easy filming.

Items available for checkout:

DSLR Camera

DSLR Cameras capture high quality images, so that you can record your world in vivid detail. We offer a DSLR Camera kit with a standard 18-55mm lens, a telephoto 55-250mm lens, and a separate flash unit. We do not provide batteries for the flash. 

Items available for checkout:

Maker Kits

Maker kits teach computer, robotics and electronics skills in a fun, accessible way. They form the basis of electronics and computer projects, without requiring a large amount of technical knowledge. We have 10 Maker kits available for checkout:

Computer Development Kits

Computer Microcontroller Development Kits help you program and design your own computer-based projects. Our kits provide the microcontroller board, as well as a range of wires and accessories to get you started programming your own projects. We have 3 different types of boards available: