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The Hairstyles of Erath County

In the past thirty years, people have tried to keep up with that is in, and what is not when it comes to hairstyles. Most people want to look the best with what physical beauty they have. Hairstyles change as frequently as the weather; one day it’s the afro, the next day it’s the beehive. Whether you prefer short, long, black, and brown, everyone has a different opinion. Some people change from trend to trend, others might pick one style they like, and stick with it for the rest of their life. Most people’s goal is to try to stay young, for as long as they can. The best way to do this is with your hair.

In the 1960’s, it was the wife’s role to stay at home. In Erath County, as in many places, people would wear their hair to resemble the star of the time. In the early 60’s one of the most influential figures was Jackie Kennedy. She was seen as a figure of beauty, and respect. The hairstyle she made popular was the bouffant. In this hairstyle, the hair was teased, and piled high on the head, it was kept in place by sprayed-on hair lacquers. Before this time there wasn’t the shampoo like Vidal Sassoon! His brand didn’t become popular until the late 1960’s there wasn’t the hairspray like today, and blow dryers weren’t invented until the 1970’s. Another popular style was the beehive. They were just towering structure of hair. Beehives were very popular for around twenty years. At hair shows, they used to have contests to see who could build the tallest bee hive. This was a great setting though for urban myths. People began to talk about how spiders would crawl into their hair, lay eggs, and the people dying from spider bites. Another popular style of the 1960’s was the “Five Point Cut.” This was made famous by Vidal Sassoon, and was one of the first short haircuts for women. In the late 1960’s, the demand for short hair increased. The short bobs, were much easier to maintain than the beehive. Women also began to wear wigs. They were told wigs could change who they were. It was the style for men, until the late 1960’s for their hair to be short. The change from short to long, was greatly affected by the look of the Beatles. Long hair on men soon became a sign of rebellion.

The 1970’s, was a time for people to return to nature. The people in Erath County had the same fears, and problems as the rest of the US. Since people wanted to return to nature, men started to wear their hair long and straight. This was popular until the mid 1970’s. People then started to shave their heads, and spike it. Around Erath County, these styles were not as extreme as in other places. Older Men still mainly were their hair short, and a majority of the younger ones did wear it long. In the early 1900’s perms were different than today. The women would hook their hair up to a machine that had many wires coming out of it. On the end of each wire were little curlers. The women would hook this upon to their head, and then it would send a wave of electric current. Later the permanent wave which could be bought at the store with everything needed in a box became popular. The permanent made a comeback in the 1970’s. Hairstyles, especially red were very popular. In the late 1970’s whites had afros and blacks would dye and straighten their hair. In 1977, Penny Randolph bough Levada’s hair salon. With her cam a client by the name or Mrs. Brock. She was like many people in Erath County in that they would go to the Hair Salon once a week. Mrs. Brock said, “This is how I did things when growing up.” In the early 1980’s this trend stopped. But till this day. Mrs. Brock still comes into to see Penny every Friday. The most popular hairstyle of the 1970’s, and the one Penny says is the most popular of all time is the Farrah Fawcett style. Posters of the Charlie’s Angles began to line college dorm walls. The hair was medium length, and feathers along the side. The 1970’s were a time of many different, popular styles.

The 1980’s, hair styles for both men and women made a big change. Most people consider the change not a good one. One of the greatest factors was the type of music of the time. The most popular music was heavy metal. Bands like White Snake, and Poison, influenced hairstyles. Men once again started to wear their hair past their shoulders, and bleaching it blonde. The 1980’s was the start of an era where the men would go to the salon. Before this time, men wouldn’t even step foot in one. Women began to crimp their hair. Women also began to use a lot of ponytail holders to put their hair more on top of their head. In the late 1980’s styles changed once more. Women started to wear their hair big and poofy. Men still went with the long hair. The 1980’s was a time many hair stylists would like to forget.

In the 1990’s, the styles changed drastically from the 1980’s. Men and women’s hair started to be shorter, and not so retro. Men once again went back to the short, even buzz cut style. Music once again played a large role in influencing the style. People like M.C. Hammer, and New Kids on the Block were influential. Guys started to put zigzag designs in their hair. This is in style until around 1994. The Farrah Fawcett of the 1990’s, was the star of Friend’s, Jennifer Anniston. Her style runs a close second to Farrah. Other influential stars were Jenna Elfman, the star of Darhma and Greg, and Meg Ryan. Also, the flip in the back came back in style. The classic bob is a style that will always be popular, but in the 1990’s, layered bobs were added to this. In the late 1990’s men started to groom their hair back out, but nothing like the 1980’s. Abercrombie and Fitch guy models set the trend. Their hair was just shaggy. Penny Randolph says one of the biggest fads of the 1990’s was men highlighting their hair. The 1990’s were a more contemporary time.

We have now entered a new century, and things have started close to the same trends as the 1990’s. No one can guess what T.V. show, or rising star will set the trend for hair. Hair salons today have changed from just hair, to a full body salon. They do manicures, pedicures, and facial tattooing. In Erath County, the majority of the people were more stubborn to change than the rest of the US. Most preferred to be old fashion. There were many though that did their best to stay young.