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The Value of Involvement

It has been your decision to come to Tarleton for your degree. Becoming involved in student groups or volunteering in the community can enhance your education. By combining the skills you develop through co-curricular involvement and the knowledge gained in the classroom, you will be much better prepared in exploring and developing your total potential. The University not only supports, but encourages participation in co-curricular activities and sees it as an integral part of your total education.

The community of Stephenville has many additional opportunities for participation and service. Whether you wish to explore a new activity widen your circle of friends, or promote knowledge of a cause, there is probably an organization in existence to suit your needs.

What are the Benefits of Being Involved?

To You:

  • Sense of achievement
  • Self-development and personal growth
  • Small groups with similar interests
  • Develop leadership skills and values, such as problem solving, communication, organization, and responsibility to society
  • Expand your circle of friends
  • Balance for your academic life
  • Valuable campus and community contacts
  • Employment advantage after graduation
  • Recognition for your hard work
  • Enjoying the activity itself

To The University:

  • Involved and informed students
  • Resources to address issues and concerns
  • Joint partnerships between students, faculty and staff

To The Community:

  • Valuable services performed College graduates with leadership qualities and abilities
  • Future leaders with knowledge, skills and integrity

College provides the best setting for you to explore your potential, take more risks, and try new experiences and ideas. Don't hesitate--Get involved now!!!