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Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE)

Major: Kinesiology

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science

Total Credit Hours: 120

About the program: The PETE concentration is designed for students who seek careers as teachers/coaches in the schools of Texas. In addition to the Kinesiology core, students complete coursework specifically designed to prepare them for the State of Texas Teacher Certification Exams. Three different departments in the College of Education and Human Development (Kinesiology, Curriculum & Instruction, & Psychological Sciences) collaborate to deliver the program that culminates with the clinical teaching experience, graduation, and State certification in All-Level Physical Education. Students graduate from this program as certified teachers. 

This program requires acceptance into the Teacher Education Program (TEP). After students have completed 60 credit-hours, they are eligible to apply. Because of the number of planning considerations and the sequential nature of this program, students are highly encouraged to meet with departmental academic advisors career coaches who specialize in this area as soon as possible.

Career coaches for students who have not yet been accepted into the TEP. (FR/SO)

Last Name: A-L Ms. Misti Reisman

Last Name: M-Z Dr. Kelsey McEntyre

The PETE program coordinator and academic advisor for TEP students and new applicants to the TEP (JR/SR)

Last Name: A-Z Dr Sharon Tiffany Bowers

Coursework: Please see attached PDF for degree plan. 

Degree Completion Options: Masters in Kinesiology, Certified Teachers