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Facilities and Labs

Athletic Training Facility in the Kinesiology Building

Athletic training facility in the Kinesiology Building

Athletic Training Facility in the Field House

Athletic training facility in the Field House

Athletic Training Facility in the Baseball and Softball Complex

Athletic training facility in the Baseball and Softball Complex

Athletic Training Facilities

The Master of Science in Athletic Training program require hands-on clinical experience. This provide athletic training students the opportunity to assist with healthcare for the Tarleton Texan athletic teams, as well as with other off-campus facilities and teams. Each athletic training facility provide clinical experiences with specific teams:

Students using motor lab for exercise research

Human Performance Lab (HPL)

The Human Performance Lab provide a large amount of health and fitness evaluations, such as, VO2 Max, stress testing, and lactate threshold testing. The HPL is committed to improving the quality and quantity of life for Stephenville and the surrounding communities by providing comprehensive health and fitness evaluations and programs through teaching, research, extension, and continuing education.

Motor function patient doing stretching activities in the Laboratory for Wellness and Motor Behavior

Laboratory for Wellness and Motor Behavior (LWMB)

The LWMB works with individuals who have physical disabilities and provide therapies to increase mobility and health. This degree plan will prepare students for clinical careers such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, physicians assistants, etc.

Personal Training

Kinetic Performance Lab


The KPL facilitates a variety of programs and initiatives that contribute to the enhancement of students, the School of Kinesiology, the College of Education and Human Development, and the University. The KPL collaborates with the Tarleton Revive Wellness Program to provide free individual and group fitness training sessions to Tarleton faculty and staff (60+ per semester).  room Wisdom 205  254-968-1721

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The Functional Anatomy Lab has many uses in the Kinesiology building. 

Students relaxing

Student engagement in action. 

Functional Anatomy Lab

The Anatomage Lab is home to two of our brand new 3D cadaver/MRI tables. Professors and students of all studies and classifications are free to set up an appointment in room 102 of the Wisdom Gym to explore various 3D images of the human body and all of its physiology. Ranging from monitoring a real-time EKG simulation, to studying case studies of all medical specialties, the Anatomage Lab is an excellent tool to help broaden ones understanding of the human body. Please contact Dr. Andi Green for more information. (254) 918-7673

Tarleton purple colored tennis courts

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are home to the Texans tennis team. A recent expansion took the facility from four courts to eight. The tennis courts are located adjacent from the Kinesiology building.

Volleyball Gym

Volleyball Gym

The Volleyball Gym is home to the Texan Volleyball team. It also hosts Kinesiology classes, as well as practices for the Texan Stars Dance Team, and the Tarleton Cheer squads.

Wisdom Gym with purple seating and wooden bleachers

Wisdom Gymnasium

The Wisdom Gymnasium is home to the Texan men's and women's basketball teams. The court is also host to FFA contests, Texan Tour, Transition Week activities, commencement, and professional development workshops put on by the School of Kinesiology.