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Currently taught as KINE 4085

The School of Kinesiology values applied learning experiences. Consequently, the majority of students in the School of Kinesiology are required to complete an internship and many of the other students choose to do so. Students are responsible for conceptualizing and planning, with the help of faculty advisors, their own internship experiences that best meet their specific career goals.

Because a significant amount of planning and coordination is required prior to the term in which a student completes his/her internship, enrollment in Internship is restricted. Here is what needs to happen before a student can enroll in this class:

  1. Discuss your ideas for the internship with the appropriate contact below to make sure he/she agrees with the nature and scope of the concept. Fall 2020: EAHP concentration – Contact Dr. Kayla Peak  All other concentrations- Contact Dr. Tom Tallach
  2. Identify a small number of organizations/agencies/professionals with whom you might like to complete an internship.  Have preliminary conversations with professionals in these agencies to make sure they are willing to serve as your mentor.
  3. Complete the pre-enrollment forms required. Click on the appropriate link below
  4. Return forms to the appropriate contact listed above or to one of the departmental administrative associates  EAHP- Mrs. Maria Ross All others- Ms Lacy Carruth
  5. The administrative associate will email you when you are able to register for the class in DuckTrax.


Forms:  EAHP concentration  All other concentrations