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Jazz Ensembles

Tarleton Jazz I

  • This ensemble is the premiere jazz performing ensemble at Tarleton State and the foundation of the Tarleton Jazz program. The goal of this ensemble is to achieve the highest standards of performance in big band jazz, emulating the styles of the iconic big bands and exploring the modern big band sounds. Tarleton Jazz I performed at many jazz festivals including Montreaux Jazz Festival, the Vienna Jazz Festival, Wichita Jazz Festival, and the Fiesta Jazz Festival. In addition, this ensemble has toured England, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, and Hawaii. Tarleton Jazz I has recorded 2 CDs, Big Bad Band and Whisper Not. This ensemble is under the direction of Dr. Andrew Stonerock.

Jazz Ensemble II

  • This ensemble is the training ground for Jazz Ensemble I. This ensemble focuses on solidifying jazz fundamentals (style, time-feel, ensemble playing) and getting students comfortable improvising. In general, it is more geared towards students that have solid playing foundations on their instruments and are looking to elevate their jazz playing. Jazz Ensemble II is under the direction of Mr. Tom Burchill.

Jazz Ensemble III

  • This ensemble was created to give beginning jazz students the opportunity to learn jazz. The music ranges from educational to professional level charts, with some students joining the band on a secondary instrument. In general, it is more geared towards music education majors who would like to receive experience in learning how to rehearse a jazz ensemble and non-music majors. This ensemble does not have an audition requirement.  Jazz Ensemble III is under the direction of Mr. Wade Girton.

Latin Jazz Ensemble 

  • This ensemble is dedicated to the performance of music in the traditions of Central and South America. The goal of this ensemble is authentic performance practice of a variety of musical styles. This ensemble does not have an audition requirement. Latin Jazz Ensemble is under the direction of Mr. Carlos Averhoff, Jr.

Jazz Combos

  • These ensembles are offered every semester. These are designed for the more advanced jazz student and has a focus on learning tunes from the jazz repertoire, composing/arranging, and improvisational techniques. Jazz combos are not a set instrumentation, but rather selected by skill level of the student musicians. 

Participation in Jazz Ensemble I, Jazz Ensemble II, and Jazz Combos are by audition. There is no audition for participation in Jazz Ensemble III or Latin Jazz Ensemble. For more information, please email Dr. Andrew Stonerock.