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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is considered economically disadvantaged?
You must complete and submit the FAFSA and be considered economically disadvantaged.
How do I get an application?
The application will be an on-line application on the JAMP website. No paper version will be available.
When do I apply?
The on-line JAMP application will be available March 1 of the student's freshman year. The student application must be submitted before October 1 of the sophomore year.
Is there a deadline for all materials?
The University's JAMP Faculty Director must complete the application packet and submit to JAMP by October 15.
I am currently taking college classes while I am in high school. Will those classes count towards the 27 semester hour requirement for the fall semester?
NO! You must complete 27 hours of undergraduate credit (college classes) DURING the freshman year with a 3.25 Grade Point Average.
I have been accepted to one of the participating universities, but I want to start in the summer. Will I still be eligible?
YES, but you must take 27 hours of undergraduate credit DURING the fall and spring of the freshman year.
I have completed several AP classes and have scored high enough to receive college credit for my AP work, can I count this towards the 27 semester hour requirement?
You may only count 3 hours of AP credit towards the 27 hour requirement. The rest of the AP credit that you have earned may count towards your college degree plan if it applies at your university.
I want to start at my local community college and then transfer to one of the participating universities. Will I still be eligible to apply to the Program?
Yes, as long as you are attending Tarleton or another participating university beginning your sophomore year.