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Immigration Advising

Designated School Officials (DSO) for F-1 students and Responsible Officers (RO) for J-1 students are here to assist you and provide you with information needed to maintain status. You should maintain frequent communication with your DSO or RO throughout the duration of your program to ensure you are fulfilling your immigration responsibilities.

DSOs and ROs can help you with various processes you will encounter throughout your time at Tarleton. Some of these include:

  • Applying for a driver’s license
  • Applying for a Social Security number
  • Changing your major, program or degree level
  • Transferring to a new school or taking a leave of absence
  • Taking a break from school
  • Working in the United States
  • Traveling outside the United States
  • Moving to a new address
  • Changing your name
  • Requesting a program extension

To schedule a meeting with a Designated School Official or Responsible Officer, please email and include your name and student ID number in the subject field.