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Forms and Updates

Throughout the course of your studies at Tarleton you will need to make updates to your SEVIS record. There are several forms you should use to inform a DSO or RO of any changes in your field of study, need for a reduced course load, need for a program extension, or your intent to withdraw. Review the information below to learn more about these events and the forms you should use to submit these changes for reporting to SEVIS.


Replace I-20 or DS-2019
Dropping a Course
Reduced Course Load (F-1 Students Only)
Leave of Absence (F-1 Students Only)
Change of Program (F-1 Students Only)
Program Extension (F-1 Students Only)
Completion of Program
Change of Academic Level (F-1 Students Only)


Federal regulations require that your personal information is current in SEVIS at all times. You are required to report any change of address within 10 days of the change. SEVIS keeps a record of your physical address, mailing address, and a permanent address. Your permanent address is an address outside of the U.S.

F-1 and J-1 Students Currently Enrolled at Tarleton

Report changes to your address within 10 days of the change to a DSO or RO by emailing the updated information to Please include your name, UID, and whether the address is your physical, mailing, or permanent address. A DSO or RO will then make this change in SEVIS.

In addition to notifying a DSO or RO of the change, login to myGateway to update your personal information so that the university also has a record of your change of address.

F-1 Students on Post-Completion OPT

Use the SEVP Portal to make changes to your personal information. We ask that you also notify a DSO of the change by emailing