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Why Should Students Participate in the Intern2Learn Program?

The Intern2Learn program:

  • Provides resume building work experience
  • Meets the requirements for an ALE internship experience
  • Offers competitive wages with room for promotion!
    • Assistant Intern: $8.00/hour
    • Associate Intern: $9.00/hour 
    • Senior Intern: $10.00/hour

Want to participate?

Download the Student Information Packet for further details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Intern2Learn?
How can I find an Intern2Learn position?
Will wages from Intern2Learn be counted as part of my financial aid?
How does the internship qualify as an ALE experience?
How is Intern2Learn different from other student employment programs?

For More Information

Molly Moorman

Molly Moorman

Work-Study & Student Employment Coordinator, Career Services
Phone: 254-968-1774