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Request development or migration shells for Canvas by completing the request form.

Transition to Canvas Timeline

Faculty Training and Access to canvas WITHOUT Student Access:

  • Access to Canvas provided for faculty beginning on February 13 – no student access.
  • Multiple formal and informal faculty training opportunities provided:
    • Group / individual / Zoom sessions offered
    • Scheduled sessions on preselected topics - View Schedule
      • Canvas Basics 1
      • Canvas Basics 2
      • Canvas Advanced
      • All sessions will available on Zoom for faculty not on the Stephenville campus. Zoom Training Room
    • Weekly open labs (Canvas Clinics) on Fridays from 10-12 & 2-4
    • Access to Canvas resources for self-directed learning
  • Second batch of courses migrated from Blackboard to Canvas.

 8/31/2019 is the last date the Blackboard will be available.


Instructional Design and Training