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Apple Teacher Academy: July 23rd

iChampion Stephenville Independent School District

As a teacher, you inspire the next generation of leaders. You make complex ideas easy to understand. And you’re always looking for new ways to engage your students.

Your students have iPads. You have a MacBook. Let's come together and unlock the instructional power of these devices and teach in ways you've always imagined. In this jam-packed day, we'll shake the Apple tree and get hands-on with the native Apple tools. You can choose to focus on iPad or MacBook -- please bring your own devices(s).

You'll walk away resources, guides, iBooks, ideas and even a few completed Apple Teacher badges to get you well on your way to Apple Teacher journey.

CORE Academy at Tarleton State: July 24th & 25th

Future Ready Learning is a Team Effort!

Whether you bring your A-Game as a teacher, bring the heat as a Principal, or suit up as a Superintendent, we've got you covered!

Living, Leading, and Transforming Champions

This strand is designed for Superintendents, Principals, Administrators, and Edu-Leaders specifically tasked with leading innovation in learning.

Led by leaders for leaders, Tom Murray, Joe Sanfelippo, and Jimmy Casas will challenge strand attendees to engage, empower, and achieve transformational learning with dynamic and innovative leadership!

You'll roll your sleeves up in this 2-day workshop and develop to-do roadmaps to lead your Future Ready success.

Learning, Teaching, and Reaching Champions

This strand features 70+ sessions jam-packed with best-practice lessons and hands-on integration for the 1:1 classroom.

Led by teachers for teachers, Apple Distinguished Educators, Google Innovators and Trainers, and PK-20 educators. Will explore and experience impactful opportunities to transform learning experiences for all ages.

Specifically focused on pedagogy, lessons, tools and resources, you'll leave this 2-day event with a playbook of game-changing strategies.