Tarleton State University utilizes Qualtrics web-based survey tool to assist its students, faculty, and staff with their survey research needs. To request a Qualtrics account, please enter your active Tarleton email address and your name in the form below and you will receive additional account information via email. Once you have constructed your survey in Qualtrics, you must obtain the appropriate review/approval based upon the purpose of your research and/or your Tarleton status before your survey can be released. Please refer to the protocols in the next section to proceed.

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  • Tarleton State University Institutional Review Board: If you are using Qualtrics to collect data for scholarly activities such as a conference presentation or publication, you must have your research approved by Tarleton’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to data collection.
  • IRB Approved Survey Release Request: If you have already obtained Tarleton’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for your survey, you must request the release of your survey from the Office of Institutional Research and Reporting.
  • University Survey Review Committee Submission Form: If you are using Qualtrics to collect data for internal administrative purposes, such as department decision making, program need/satisfaction, or best practices, your survey must be reviewed by the University Survey Review Committee.

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Informed Consent Language

All surveys submitted to the University Survey Review Committee must contain the following informed consent:

Your participation in this survey is voluntary. If you choose to participate, you may cease participation at any time. Any identifiable information will remain confidential within the limits of State of Texas law and in accordance with the Tarleton State University Privacy Policy. This survey has been reviewed by the University Survey Review Committee and/or Institutional Review Board at Tarleton State University. If you have any questions concerning this review process, please contact the Director of Institutional Analytics, Effectiveness, and Accreditation at (254) 968-9354 or [email protected].

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Tarleton State University’s Office of Institutional Analytics, Effectiveness, and Accreditation is responsible for the administration of the Qualtrics website and any group or individual who violates the above protocols in their data collection methods may have their Qualtrics privileges suspended. If you have questions about Qualtrics, or issues related to the use of Qualtrics, please contact the Office of Institutional Analytics, Effectiveness, and Accreditation at (254) 968-9354 or via email at [email protected]. Thank you!