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Student Employment

Tarleton State University offers enrolled students a wide variety of on-campus jobs, as well as several opportunities for employment with local off-campus organizations. All new student employees and Graduate Assistants are required to attend an orientation session.

New Student Hire Process


  1. Student and GA Employment Application
  2. Student and GA Initiate to Hire Smartsheet Form

This process is for new hires, transfers, or add jobs. Data changes for current student employees must be entered into Workday by the department.

  1. Complete and submit this Initiate to Hire Form.
  2. FOR NEW HIRES ONLY Instruct the new student employee to complete and print the online application and deliver in person along with original work authorization documents to proceed with this hire request.
  3. Student Employees will receive an email link from Sterling Bachcheck with instructions to complete a background check.
  4. Once the background has cleared, Employee Services will enter the new student employee in Workday using the information from this form.
  5. Workday hiring requests will route through Manager and Department Head for review approval.
  6. Costing allocations will route in Workday for input approval from the department.
  7. Once Workday approvals are completed, Employee Services will provide the new student employee their UIN via email (cc to Manager and HR Contact) along with instructions to log into Workday to complete onboarding tasks and will receive an email from with instructions to complete Section 1 of the Federal Form i-9.
  8. New student employees will complete all Workday onboarding tasks. Once completed; Employee Services will email the Zoom link for orientation registration. The orientation is scheduled every Friday unless the University is closed.
  9. Employee Services will email authorization to work to HR Contact and Manager after the student attends orientation.

Questions? Please email [email protected] or call 254-968-9128

Tarleton State University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Veterans/Disability Employer. As a member of The Texas A&M System, Tarleton will provide equal opportunity for employment to all persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity and will strive to achieve full and equal employment opportunity through The Texas A&M System. View important legal information about prospective employment. 

Pay Day

Student Workers and Non-Teaching Graduate Assistants are on a paid bi-weekly basis. Graduate Assistants (except Non-Teaching GA positions) are paid monthly. Student employees and Graduate Assistant may receive direct deposit payment for paychecks. Visit Tarleton Payroll for more information.


Non-exempt Graduate Assistants and Student Employees submit hours worked in Workday. Please contact your Hiring Manager regarding time submission deadlines.

Required Trainings

The Texas A&M University System requires all employees to complete various online training courses within the first 30 working days. Assigned trainings are completed in TrainTraq accessed via Workday.

Student Employees and Graduate Assistants are not eligible for paid leave.

Policies, Rules and Procedures