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Employment and Benefits Orientation

The University has two structured start dates each month, the first and third Monday, for new budgeted staff hires. The mandatory Employment and Benefits Orientation on the new employee's first day allows for a more streamlined and efficient hiring process, equips the new employee quickly with their immediate needs, and performs the necessary compliance for employment verification.

Budgeted faculty start dates will coincide with the academic calendar (i.e. September 1, January 16 etc.) however, the department will need to ensure the faculty member is registered for and attends an Employment and Benefits Orientation session before the official academic start date. A special Faculty Orientation is planned before each fall semester.

Details regarding where and when the Employment and Benefits Orientation sessions are scheduled can be found on the University Calendar.

Employee Services Calendar

Existing budgeted employees who apply for and are hired into a new position are not required to follow the structured start date. However, some employees may experience changes to their benefits and should be aware and attend to address any needs that arise.

Services that will be provided to the new employees at the Employment and Benefits Orientation:

  • Benefits and Retirement information and enrollment
  • Payroll information
  • Single Sign On credentials
  • Temporary parking permits issued
  • Escort to the Texas ID Card office

Other services are continually added as identified. If there are any questions, please contact Employee Services.