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Supervisor's Responsibilities

  1. Complete a Report of Accident/Illness and send to the Employee Services Office and Risk Management.

    This form must be received no later than 30 calendar days from the injury, failure to report the injury within 30 calendar days of the injury may result in the denial of the claim.

  2. Inform the injured employee that his or her injury may be covered under the Workers' Compensation program.

  3. Arrange for appropriate medical treatment in emergency situations.  The injured employee has the right to select his or her own treating physician.  You cannot force the employee to see a health care provider if the employee does not want medical attention.

  4. Inform Employee Services as soon as the injured employee has missed work or incurred medical expenses.

  5. Do not request that the employee get a second opinion from a particular physician.  The Office of Risk Management will handle requests for second opinions.

  6. If a health care provider calls for pre authorization to treat the injured worker, refer the provider to the Employee Services Department.

  7. In the event that the injured employee is out more than 3 days, the Family and Medical Leave Act may cover this. Employee Services must be aware of the employee's status on a weekly basis.

  8. If at all possible, accommodate the injured employee in appropriate situations by modifying work schedules, equipment, and/or duties to enable the employee to enjoy equal employment opportunities.  Encourage Early Return to Work when employee is released to light duty by the physician. Contact a Employee Services representative for assistance with an accommodation.

  9. When allowing someone to return to work early, a Bona Fide Letter of Offer must be completed and signed by both parties. Employee Services will assist in the preparation of this letter.