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Residential Policies

Tarleton State University is committed to the student development philosophy. Consequently, respect for the rights of others is a basic component of this developmental experience. A student is expected to show respect for the law, University policy, personal honor, maturity, and respect for the rights of others, whether on or off campus. There are a number of things which students must do and must not do if they wish to remain associated with Residence Life and the University. The University does not attempt to define by formal rules every unacceptable action. In situations not covered by specific regulations, a student is expected to use common sense and act in a mature and responsible manner. The basic rule is consideration for others. All rules and regulations are an extension of this basic policy.

Regulations, rules, policies, and procedures pertaining to the campus are based on a number of concepts, including:

  1. As a legal entity established by the State of Texas, the University is obligated to support the laws of the community of which it is a part;
  2. The University is obligated to protect its property from destruction and misuse;
  3. As an educational community, the University is obligated to establish and promote standards of behavior and decorum of its own which will serve the well-being of the University, the total community, and its individual members;

As a residential community, the University is obligated to make certain that the residential experience contributes fully to the institution's educational mission and the development of its students.

As a resident student at Tarleton State University, students have a right to an environment which is conducive to study, sleep, learning, and leisure. A student's personal rights and needs should be met in University Housing. However, each person must realize he/she is an individual member within a community environment, with responsibilities not only for one's individual behavior but also responsibility for the community. When individual needs come in conflict with those of other community members, it is the responsibility of the individual with concerns to initiate action addressing and alleviating these concerns.

  1. The student should make a reasonable effort to address his/her concerns and needs with the individual(s) involved. It is important for each student to always remember that he/she is a member of a community and that one's individual action affects others. To effectively resolve conflict within the community, students must learn to accept responsibility for interacting with their community and its individual members.
  2. A student must address his/her concerns to the Residence Life staff. Although these staff members are assigned the responsibility for discipline and residence education, as a general rule, matters should be referred to them only after the individual has reasonably attempted to resolve his/her concerns.
  3. The Residence Life staff is more than willing to assist the individual student in addressing or alleviating concerns.

Tarleton State University policies, rules, and regulations for resident students are designed to protect the individual student's rights while providing a healthy living environment. Some rules must be defined in order to assure a sound, comfortable living environment. In situations where these rules are not applicable, the "Basic Policy", outlined above, is fully binding.

Application Policies

Application Fee
Contract Period
Rental Period
Transferability/Cancellation Policy
Room Condition Sheet
University/Residence Hall Property
Student Property
Room Personalization & Preventing Damage
Room Cleaning & Preventing Damage
Incident Reports
Respect for Community
Hall/Building/Apartment Meetings
Courtesy and Quiet Hours
Guest Policy
Visitation & Room Occupancy
Drugs, Smoking, E-Cigarettes, and Smokeless Tobacco
Pet Policy

Safety and Security

The following residential policies apply to all students in campus housing:

Tarleton State University considers the health and safety of residents as the highest priority. Each policy and guideline is designed to create a safe and healthy environment for residents. Students have an obligation to follow University regulations as well as city and state statutes to keep Tarleton's community safe.

Fire Safety
Fire Alarm Evacuation
False Fire Alarms
Misuse of Fire Safety Equipment
Exterior Entrance/Exit Doors
Severe Weather
Emergency Medical Care
Escort Service
Monitor Well-being & Report Concerns
Propped Doors
Identification of Personal Property

Amenities Provided


  • Furnished accommodations
  • Computerized entry-monitoring system
  • Inclusive rate that covers laundry, electricity, heating, water, cable and high-speed internet
  • Convenient billing through student's university account
  • 9 month Housing Application/Contract aligned with academic semesters
  • 24 hour availability of full-time staff and university police officers
  • Hall lounges, study areas and social gathering spaces with game and equipment check-out at each hall service desk
Outdoor Cooking Areas
Energy Conservation

Upper Classmen Specific Information

Upper Class Residence Halls and Apartments
Balcony/Deck Policies for Residents living in Apartment Housing
Residence Life Staff
Handgun Policy