Returning Students Application Process

Returning Students (live on campus currently or previously)

Step 1: Complete Housing Application

Complete the Housing Application for the Term on-campus housing is needed.

Step 2: Non-Refundable Application Fee

Have a $100 non-refundable application fee on file (This is a one time fee that covers all housing applications). If you have previously paid this fee, you do not need to pay again.

Step 3: Roommate Group

Create or join a roommate group (Not required)

Step 4: Register for Classes

Be an enrolled and registered student for the housing application term.

Step 7: Room Assignment

Check your room assignment. Assignments will occur in batches based on dates listed. (All previous required components must be completed in order to receive room assignment.)

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 Batch Assignment Dates

February 14, 2023

Assignment Alert

Depending on availability, assignments will be provided as quickly as possible. Based on space availability, not all preferences can be honored.

Find Your Room Assignment & Roommate Information

Occasionally assignments change due to cancellations. We encourage you to check your assignment and roommate information throughout the assignment period. This is available through the Student Housing portal in DuckTrax.

The following building abbreviations represent the hall to which you have been assigned. The number represents your specific room:

Residence Hall Abbreviations

BCBosque Crossing Apartments
CCentennial Hall
FFerguson Hall
HEHeritage Hall
HNHonors Hall
HHunewell Hall
HAHunewell Annex
INIntegrity Hall
LGLegacy Hall
LELegends Hall
TNTraditions North Hall
TSTraditions South Hall
TVTexan Village Apartments

Students who meet the requirements while in an academic year Housing Contract will be required to fulfill the applicable contract.

Tarleton Meal Plan Requirements

Second year students assigned in a residence hall or apartment environment will be required to maintain the minimum plan. After 2 years (3rd and 4th year students), students assigned in an apartment environment may select any meal plan. Students that commute to Tarleton can select any meal plan. Please refer to the meal plan options that become available in March to identify the right plan for you.