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Returning Application Process

Residency Requirements

Returning students under the age of 21 with less than 12 hours must live on campus for 2 years. If you have lived on campus for 1 academic year, you are required to live on campus until you've completed the 2-year requirement.

Students who meet the requirements while in an academic year Housing Contract will be required to fulfill the applicable contract.

The returning student re-assignment process will begin in February.

Step 1: Login to myGateway
Step 2: Access the Student Housing Portal
Step 3: Select Your Room

Finishing Up

Tarleton Meal Plan Requirements

Second year students assigned in a residence hall or apartment environment will be required to maintain the minimum plan. After 2 years (3rd and 4th year students), students assigned in an apartment environment may select any meal plan. Students that commute to Tarleton can select any meal plan. Please refer to the meal plan options that become available in March to identify the right plan for you.

Assignment Alert
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