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Helpful Tips for Parents

Residential Living & Learning believes that your student is going to experience one of the most developmental and memorable times of his/her life. Life-long friendships will be developed during your student's upcoming year. Shown below are two articles that describe the educational benefits to residing on-campus.

Educational Role of Student Housing

Educational Role of Student Housing Commentary

Tarleton is a liberal arts university and we are dedicated to the education of our students. In every aspect of their experience, we seek to provide students the opportunities, challenges and support to prepare themselves for a life of personal success, engaged citizenship and world wide opportunities. The residential nature of our campus allows us to extend and deepen an education beyond the classroom.


Problem solving is a key feature of a college education. When allowed to work through problems, students have opportunities to learn important skills of communication (e.g. how to voice a view and actively hear a different view) team work (e.g. working with others to identify problems, creatively develop solutions and locate resources to implement ideas) and working across differences in a local and global context (how to work with those who are different than themselves, how to turn differences into a creative plus). We invite you to support the process of helping your student become adept at problem solving over the next year. We encourage you to partner with us in four ways:

  • Ask questions of your student (e.g. who could you talk with?) as opposed to providing answers.
  • Encourage him/her to learn to identify and use available resources (e.g. Deans, faculty) but avoid the temptation of making the call yourself.
  • Help him/her understand that problem solving skills are crucial in an educational environment. The quick fix often diffuses the learning. For example: most often students are much better off learning to live with a roommate who is different, rather than moving rooms. They will learn to negotiate differences and manage conflict.
  • Take us up on offers to help (complete AlcoholEdu with your student), but avoid the temptation of getting overly involved in processes that are designed for students to do alone (e.g. selecting classes for your student).

Our Tarleton community is about learning, citizenship, responsibility and accountability, engagement with the world and self development.