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Honors Core

Incoming freshmen who graduate in the top-quarter and are TSI-complete are eligible to apply for admission. Students without a class rank and students with special circumstances may ask to be considered on an individual basis. Returning students and transfer students with a 3.0 or higher GPA are eligible to apply for admission.

The Honors Core consists of 15 hours of lower level Honors classes. Students will either complete 15 hours of Honors core courses or 12 hours of Honors core courses and a sophomore three-hour Honors Seminar. Students who complete the 15 hours with a 3.0 overall Tarleton GPA and a 3.0 GPA in their Honors courses will receive credit and recognition for completion of the Honors Core. Students who complete less than 15 hours of Honors core courses will receive credit and recognition for the courses they have completed. Students must maintain a 3.0 overall Tarleton GPA and a 3.0 GPA in their Honors classes to remain eligible to participate in the Honors Core.

Interested students should submit an Honors Core Application.

What is Different About Honors Classes?

  • Limited to 25 students
  • Taught by distinguished senior faculty members
  • Offer intellectually challenging material
  • Offer innovative approaches to the subject
  • Offer increased opportunities for honing critical thinking and writing skills
  • Offer the opportunity to interact closely with similarly motivated students
  • Emphasize discussion and student participation
  • Use primary sources and monographs over textbooks
  • Use special lab equipment that would not be available to most undergraduate students
  • Emphasize student projects and research
  • Emphasize essay exams over multiple choice

Benefits of the Honors College

  • Trips to cultural events at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth
  • Tours of the Kimbell, Amon Carter, and Modern Art Museums in Fort Worth
  • Early registration each semester
  • Housing in Honors Hall
  • Invitation to special Honors College Orientation
  • Opportunities for study abroad

Scholarship Opportunities

The Honors Degree Program awards a number of $4,000 and $1,000 scholarships to participants in the Honors College on a competitive basis. Interested students should submit, in addition to an Honors Core Application, a Scholarship Application Form and a federal student aid application (FAFSA). In addition, students who are admitted to Tarleton by January 15 will be considered for a $1,000 President's Texan Scholarship.

Other Requirements

We expect you to be an integral part of the program, make a significant contribution to it, and take advantage of its opportunities; Students are expected to participate in a significant number of program events: occasional meetings, social events, cultural enrichment events, Visiting Scholar presentations, alumni forums, receptions for new students, etc. In some cases, attendance at particular events is required, e.g., the events during Honors Week. From time to time, you will also be expected to provide information to the dean and to maintain communication with donors when applicable.

Honors Degree Program students are required to attend a minimum of one educational enrichment activity each semester for their freshman and sophomore years. The Honors College hosts several educational enrichment activities each semester.

Upper Level Honors

Students must apply to the Honors College for admission to Upper Level Honors. Participants in Upper Level Honors must maintain a 3.2 TSU GPA. Eligible students include:

  • Students who have completed Tarleton's Honors Core; OR
  • Students who have completed a lower-division Honors component comparable to Tarleton's Honors Core at a community college or another four-year institution, including the Tarrant County College Honors Program and the McLennan Community College Honors College; OR
  • Students with a 3.2 or higher overall GPA (transfer students or continuing Tarleton students)

Upper Level Honors can include Departmental Honors or Individualized Upper Level Honors.

Upper Level Honors consists of completing an Honors Contract in two upper level courses. These can be completed in the same semester or two different semesters. Students who complete two Honors Contracts with a 3.2 overall Tarleton GPA will receive credit and recognition for completion of Upper Level Honors. Students must maintain a 3.2 overall Tarleton GPA to remain eligible to participate in Upper Level Honors.