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Honors College Dean's Circle

What is the Honors College Dean's Circle?

The Dean's Circle is a community of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who, with annual leadership gifts, provide critical support that allows the Honors College to seize opportunities as it strives toward its goal of excellence. All Circle members will be invited to an annual Circle event and will be recognized in the annual Donor Report. Additionally, members will receive invitations to other university events.

How does the Dean's Circle make an impact?

The Honors College continues to expand to benefit students and has grown increasingly competitive on the national and international stages. To foster programs, scholarships, and research that shape the leaders of tomorrow, the Honors College relies on the generosity of donors. Here are just a few of the ways your annual Dean's Circle gift can make a difference for the Honors College, its faculty, and its students:

  • Student scholarships
  • Student participation in cultural enrichment events
  • Support for students taking part in Study Abroad experiences

Join us as we continue a tradition of excellence in the Honors College at Tarleton State University.

Dean's Circle Leadership Donor Recognition Levels

Please note that employer matching gifts can count toward these levels.

Philanthropist: $1,000 ($83.34/month)

  • All Benefactor Level benefits listed below
  • Invitation to President's Holiday Reception and Concert
  • Invitation to exclusive Honors College cultural events

Benefactor: $500 ($41.67/month)

  • All Patron Level benefits listed below
  • Print updates from the Honors College

Patron: $250 ($20.84/month)

  • Electronic updates from the Honors College
  • Invitation to annual Dean's Circle event
Printable Donation Form