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Well Woman Exams

The exam includes a complete physical examination, including pelvic and breast exam. Also included is a pap smear and a test for Chlamydia. The appointment will take about an hour and a half, which includes time for paper work.

(To save time click here to print out the Women's Health History form*and bring it completed with you to the clinic).  You can also discuss various forms of birth control with the nurse practitioner.

We offer several types of contraception which include:

  • Orsythia
  • Reclipsen (generic for Desogen)
  • Trinessa
  • Quasense


Please call 254-968-9271 to schedule an appointment.
Most appointment are available on Thursdays and Friday morning.

For Birth Control Pills, you will need to read and sign this form*

For Depo Provera injections you will need to read and sign this form*

Click here to learn how to prepare for a pap smear

If you have any questions, you may email: