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Tuberculosis Check

The Department of State Health Services is coordinating with Tarleton Health Services in conducting testing of tuberculosis on a number of Tarleton students and faculty. The affected students and faculty are being individually notified. The University is cooperating fully with DSHS to protect the health of students, university employees and the community.

State Health Services staff will conduct tuberculosis evaluations for people who had ongoing, close contact with the infected individual. No one is in immediate danger.

Health Services will contact people who require testing, and they will be tested for free. Anyone not identified as a close contact of the individual is NOT recommended for testing.

The health and well-being of students, university employees and the community is Tarleton’s and DSHS’s top priority, and conducting a methodical investigation based on the latest scientific evidence is the best way to protect the public health. Tarleton wants to make certain that the public has accurate information. Below are the facts about Tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis Facts

  • TB is easily prevented and cured with medication.
  • TB is an illness caused by bacteria, and the disease is spread when someone with active tuberculosis coughs out the germs, and someone else breathes them in.
  • Most people who are exposed to the bacteria will never get sick because their body can keep the germs from growing.
  • Some people will develop active tuberculosis disease. This means they become sick with symptoms like coughing for more than three weeks, unexplained weight loss, fever, night sweats and coughing up blood.
  • Only people with active TB are capable of spreading the disease to others.
  • It is not easy to contract TB. Spreading the disease requires continued close contact in a confined space. Sitting near someone on a bus or in a restaurant is not usually enough for the disease to spread. TB does not spread via surfaces like doorknobs or by sharing a water bottle or utensils.
  • There are about 1,500 cases of active tuberculosis disease in Texas every year.
  • TB is completely curable with modern antibiotics.

If you have further questions, you may call the Texas Department of State Health Services at 817-264-4500 or visit to learn more.

Tuberculosis: General Information


Bridget Bednarz

Director, Student Health Center