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Order a Yearbook

Grassburr Ordering Information

Undergraduate students on the Stephenville campus are now assessed a $25 fee each spring that automatically pays for their yearbook. The yearbook from the previous year will be delivered to campus in the fall of the following year. The yearbook is automatically mailed to spring or summer graduates to the address on file with the university.

Non-Stephenville students, graduate-level students and faculty/staff can request to purchase a Grassburr. Each copy of the Grassburr is $25. Shipping is an additional $5. (If you use the form found below, please indicate in the comments section which edition you would like to purchase.)

Students who did not pick up or receive their Grassburr from previous years can obtain back issues of the yearbook based on availability. Students who are unable to pickup their copy of the Grassburr in person, can contact the Grassburr Office and shipping arrangements can be made.

If you would like to have someone from the Grassburr contact you about ordering a yearbook, please fill out the form below, call us at 254.968.0504 or 254.968.9056 or email

Order Form

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