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Dress Code

All students participating in commencement are required to wear the official Tarleton State University cap and gown. Clothing in accordance with this special occasion should be worn under the cap and gown.

Graduates posing with their Caps and Gowns

Caps and Gowns

All students participating in commencement are required to wear the official Tarleton State University cap and gown. Cap and Gowns can be ordered through the Campus Bookstore at 254-968-9007.

Purple stole with Tarleton seal embroidery at Alumni Island


Tarleton State University's official university stole may be purchased when ordering/purchasing the cap and gown. The stole is not required and is an added expense.

Male graduate with multiple cords


There are no cords for University Honors recipients, however, students may wear any cords offered by national organizations recognized by Tarleton State University of which they are member.

Male graduate holding out ring.


The official ring of Tarleton State University embodies the pride and possibility that have built our heritage of excellence and achievement since 1899. For more information on the official ring of Tarleton State University or for ordering visit the Official Tarleton Ring page or contact the Tarleton Alumni Association.

Please note the University does not offer cords, stoles or other special regalia for university level honors. Students who are members of a recognized honors association may contact that particular association to inquire about offered regalia. Students may elect to wear special regalia for those associations for which they are a member so long as the association is recognized by Tarleton.

Students must contact their associations for more information on special regalia offerings, availability, and ordering.

Ordering Regalia

Regalia may be purchased from the Tarleton Campus Store online, in store or by phone at 254-968-9007. Any additional regalia questions should be directed to the Tarleton Campus Store at 254-968-9007.

  • Bachelor’s regalia includes a cap, gown, and tassel.
  • Caps are one size fits most or XL.
  • Gowns are sized by height and weight.
  • Tassels are purple and should be worn on the right side of your cap.
  • A Stole of Gratitude may be added. The stole is not require but it does dress up the regalia.
  • Bachelor’s regalia may be purchased at the Tarleton Campus Store located in the Thompson Student Center either in store or by phone at 254-968-9007.

Honors Designations

Female graduate wearing Honors regalia.

University Honors (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude)

Scholastic recognition for outstanding baccalaureate candidates will be announced as diplomas are presented. Honor designations are: Summa Cum Laude (Highest Honors), Magna Cum Laude (High Honors), and Cum Laude (Honors). These honors are not recognized by cords or a designation in the printed program. Additionally, all honors announced at commencement are tentative. Official degree honors for diplomas and transcripts will be determined after final grades are reported. Students receiving such honors will have their diploma recognition mailed to them within six to eight weeks after the ceremony. For information regarding University Honors requirements please see the "Eligibility for Honors Graduation" portion under "Academic Information" in the current catalog.

Honors College (Presidential Honors Program Graduates, Honors Program Graduates)

Presidential Honors Program Graduates and Honors Degree Program Graduates are recognized in the program and announced as diplomas are presented when students walk the stage. Please contact the program coordinator regarding any other forms of recognition. For more information please refer to the Honors College website.

National Honors Societies

Membership in honor societies and organizations is designated by the color cords draped around the graduates' necks. These cords are optional and students should contact their individual organization regarding the cords. The current list of Honors Societies, recognized by Tarleton State University, is below:

National Academic Honor Societies
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Business
College of Education
College of Health Science and Human Services
College of Liberal and Fine Arts
College of Science and Technology
Leadership and Service Organizations