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Commencement Day Information

Staff member helping graduate put on regalia.

Rehearsal and Check In

There are no rehearsals for commencement. Graduates are expected to arrive at Wisdom Gym inside the Kinesiology Building no less than 1 hour prior to their ceremony for processional assembly.

Access to Wisdom Gym for graduates is only through the main south entrance. No guests will be allowed in Wisdom Gym.

As per Governor Abbott’s order, face coverings are required. In addition, social distancing will be required throughout check-in, processional, ceremony and recessional.

The processional will leave from Wisdom Gym to Memorial Stadium 15 minutes before the ceremony start time, so it is critical to arrive on time. The distance from Wisdom Gym to Memorial Stadium is two tenths of a mile. The processional will move at a brisk pace.

Graduates will be led from the gym to the stadium by student marshals. Once at the stadium, graduates will be seated on the field.

Following the ceremony, all graduates will be led out of Memorial Stadium. Dismissal will be onto Rudder Way.

Guests should report directly to Memorial Stadium. No guests will be allowed in Wisdom Gym.

What to Wear/What to Bring

Graduates should arrive at check-in fully dressed in regalia (cap, gown, stoles/cords/hoods-if applicable) and a face covering.

Dr. Hurley has declared all commencement ceremonies a “casual celebration”. We recommend clothing appropriate for forecasted temperatures to be worn under your gown. Temperatures could be hot on the field.

NO heels of any kind will be allowed on the field. Please wear flats. Tennis shoes are acceptable.

What Not To Bring

Do not bring purses, bags, etc. Leave those items in a locked vehicle or with a family member for safe keeping. Tarleton State University is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Please remember graduates will assemble at Wisdom Gym and walk to Memorial Stadium for the ceremony, so carrying items will be difficult.

Please note: The stadium commencement clear bag policy will be enforced for all graduates and guests.

Location and Parking

Please note: some streets will be barricaded to create safe pedestrian passage or enhance traffic flow.

Social Distancing must be maintained in all settings therefore the university can’t support parking lot gatherings and/or tailgating activities on the campus.

Where To Enter

Access to Wisdom Gym for graduates is only through the main south entrance. No guests will be allowed in Wisdom Gym.

Where To Meet Family Afterwards

Following the ceremony, graduates will be led from Memorial Stadium and will be dismissed onto Rudder Way (North side of Wisdom Gym). There are many picturesque spots along Rudder Way and throughout the campus for celebration photos.

Designate a place to meet your guests after the ceremony outside of Memorial Stadium.

ADA Accommodations

It is the policy of Tarleton State University to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable laws. If you or your guest(s) will be attending graduation and will need disability related accommodations in order to have access, please email


Handicapped parking will be available on the South side of the Kinesiology Building. Appropriate permits require.

Ceremony Length/Duration

We anticipate ceremonies lasting 90-120 minutes. Please plan accordingly. 

Prohibited Items

The following are prohibited inside Memorial Stadium during Commencement Ceremonies: umbrellas, canopies, strollers, laser pointers/laser pens, prohibited weapons, glass containers or cans of any kind, large purses or backpacks, wrapped gifts, noise makers, fireworks, outside food and beverage, use of tobacco products of any kind (including electronic & vapor cigarettes), large signs, signs with glitter, flags, sticks (including selfie sticks), poles & large banners, animals other than service animals, beach balls, helium balloons, the use of skate shoes, and any item or action deemed to threaten public safety.

Commencement Media


Live streaming will be available for the graduation ceremonies. To view the live stream please see the Commencement homepage for instructions

Venue conditions will be challenging. We recommend anyone in a high-risk category, those with medical issues or anyone who is vulnerable in cold temperatures to utilize the live streaming option.


Flash Photography will be taking pictures at each commencement ceremony. Graduates will be contacted by Flash Photography to place orders. They will use the contact information graduates provide on the back of their name card (which will be completed prior to the ceremony on graduation day). Graduates may contact Flash Photography at 817-924-2626.