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Diplomas / Transcripts

Final Degree Audit/Graduation Clearance Policy

The Office of the Registrar has instituted the following policy in regards to diploma distribution at commencement ceremonies.

Only those students who have been cleared for graduation prior to the first day of finals for that semester, who have no outstanding university holds, and for whom all grades are submitted by the designated deadline for graduating students will be eligible to receive diplomas at commencement. All other students who applied for graduation by the participation deadline for that semester may participate in commencement, however, they will not receive a diploma during the ceremony.

Students who did not meet degree requirements at the time of commencement will be given two weeks from the Friday of the week of commencement to submit any outstanding paperwork and resolve all remaining issues. Degree Candidates not cleared by the end of this two week time period must reapply for graduation for a future term.

All students who do not receive a diploma at commencement will be contacted through their go.tarleton email within two weeks of commencement with an update regarding their graduation clearance status and the diploma distribution schedule. Typically students are given the opportunity to pick up their diploma in the Registrar's office on Tarleton's main Stephenville campus. Any diplomas not picked up during this time will be mailed. Diplomas are mailed 4 to 6 weeks following graduation and should arrive within 6 to 8 weeks of graduation. Students with outstanding university holds or who did not provide an address on their graduation application will not be eligible to receive their diploma until all holds are resolved or the student contacts the Registrar's office with a current mailing address.

Undeliverable diplomas will be kept on file for two calendar years. After this time, all diplomas will be destroyed and you will need to complete a Diploma Reprint Order Form and pay a fee to receive a copy of your diploma. Students who wish to have more than one copy or are needing a new copy of their diploma must also complete this form and pay the fee.

For students who meet all degree requirements as of the grade submission deadline, final transcripts with the degree posting will be available two business days after all grades are due for the semester. Transcript requests will be processed on a first come first serve basis. Students may request transcripts prior to the end of the semester and select "Hold for Degree Posting" on the request. This will provide the fastest processing. Any student who still needs to resolve issues after commencement and the grade submission deadline may still submit a transcript request and select "Hold for Degree Posting" to ensure timely processing. However, these requests will not be processed until all issues have been resolved and the degree has been awarded.

Diploma Name Policy

A graduate's name as it appears on a Tarleton State University diploma must be a legal name documented in Tarleton State University's student records. For more information of what is and is not acceptable please see our Diploma Name Policy.

Procedure for pickup/mailing

Tarleton State University works diligently to disperse all diplomas as quickly as possible. For this to happen, the following procedures are in place.

Students who do not receive their diploma at commencement or who were ineligible or choose not to participate in commencement will be notified by email in their go.tarleton email account when diplomas are ready for pickup. This typically occurs 1 to 2 weeks after commencement. Students will be given one week to pick up their diplomas. The following week, all remaining diplomas will be mailed to the address submitted on the graduation application. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to mail all of the diplomas and students can expect to receive their diplomas within 6 to 8 weeks of commencement (add an additional 2 to 3 weeks for international addresses).

Requests to mail diplomas early will not be accepted, nor will requests to mail a particular student's diploma first. Students needing confirmation of their degree conferral prior to receiving their diploma should request an official transcript.

Students who did not list an address on their graduation application must contact the Registrar's office and provide an address before their diploma can be sent. Diplomas will not be dispersed to students with holds on their account. If a student had a hold at the time of graduation, they will need to contact the Registrar's office once the hold has been taken care of to request their diploma.

Undeliverable diplomas or diplomas for students with holds are kept on file for two calendar years. After two years, they are destroyed and the student will need to complete a Replacement Diploma Order Form and pay a fee to receive a copy of the diploma.

Reasons Students Don't Receive their Diploma at Commencement


Diplomas will be handed out on stage if possible.

Reasons why a student might not receive a diploma at the ceremony include but are not limited to:

  • Missing Grades
  • Failing or Incomplete Grades
  • Missing paperwork (i.e. substitutions)
  • Transcripts not received from other Universities for work that will be transferred in
  • Holds

Any student not receiving his/her diploma at the ceremony will receive an email (go.tarleton account) within two weeks after the ceremony detailing when diplomas can be picked up and when they will be mailed.