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Graduate Admissions - International

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Apply for admission

Beyond these general requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies, departments may set additional standards for admission to degree programs as necessary, subject to administrative approval.

The application process is comprised of several parts:

If you have any questions regarding the immigration process or special requirements for F-1 students, please email, or call 254-968-9632.

Online Application

Please review these requirements before completing the Apply Texas application. For more information, refer to the College of Graduate Studies website.

International Application Deadlines

Spring: November 1
Summer: March 15
Fall: June 15

Transcript Evaluation

A transcript evaluation must be completed by an approved agency which includes all previous academic course work, as well as a complete description of courses and overall GPA (course-by-course evaluation). 

Submit your documentation by one of the following methods:

Test Scores

International applicants are required to submit both the TOEFL and IELTS scores as a part of the application process. Tarleton also accepts PTE English proficiency scores. 

  • TOEFL: minimum score 80 
  • IELTS: minimum score 6
  • PTE: minimum score 53

You may also be required to submit graduate level exam (GRE, MAT or GMAT) scores. See program specific requirements for details.

Tarleton's codes for agency use are:

  • GRE - 6817
  • MAT - 2241

Financial Documentation

To obtain a Form I-20 for your studies at Tarleton, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient funding to cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, insurance, living expenses, and personal expenses for one full academic year.

You will be required to provide financial documents to prove that you can fund your studies. Stephenville students must show funds equal to or greater than $26,380 and Fort Worth students must show funds equal to or greater than $28,880. These totals include the cost of tuition and fees per the tuition calculator, as well as the following: 

Stephenville Student Insurance Room and Board Books and Personal Expenses
Fall Semester $834 $3250 $750
Spring Semester $1662 $3250 $750
Fort Worth Student Insurance Room and Board Books and Personal Expenses
Fall Semester $834 $4500 $750
Spring Semester $1662 $4500 $750

If you are planning to sponsor your spouse and/or children, you must demonstrate that you have the additional funds to support their living expenses: 

  Stephenville Fort Worth
Dependent Spouse $5500 $6500
Spouse and Child $9500 $12200
Per Additional Child $5200 $6200

The financial section on the I-20 is an estimated cost of nine months of study; it is not a reflection of an actual tuition bill. For more information, please visit Business Services.

If you have a sponsor, please also submit an Affidavit of Financial Support.

All financial documents should be submitted to

To obtain a visa, you must have documented evidence of financial solvency. Once you are admitted and financial documentation is approved, you will be mailed an I-20 to apply for a student visa at your nearest U.S. Embassy. The I-20 will be mailed at no cost to you through the United States Postal Service. If you want expedited shipment, it is your responsibility to pay for this through eShipGlobal. Please contact for instructions. 


If you choose to stay in one of our Residence Halls, fill out the Housing Application and include a $100 check as a refundable deposit.

Medical Information

Please provide the following medical information:

  • Notification of pre-existing medical conditions requiring special attention or treatment.
  • Applicants under the age of 22 are require to submit proof of a Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine to their Magnus Health account in myGateway.
  • Fees for medical insurance will be charged with tuition at the time of registration after full admission. For more information, please visit our insurance webpage.

All International students must have valid medical insurance on file with International Programs.

Tuition Waivers

A potential out-of-state tuition waiver can be granted if you secure a graduate assistantship. Find out more about assistantships and their requirements on our graduate assistantship page.