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Degree Advising

College of Agricultural & Environmental Science (COAES)
Department Name Email Phone Number
Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Dr. Heather Mathewson 254-968-1892
Agricultural & Consumer Resources  Dr. Rudy Tarpley 254-968-9201
Animal Science  Dr. Frank Owsley 254-968-9216
College of Business (COB)
Department Name Email Phone Number
Accounting Ms. Jodie Dearing 254-968-9055
Information Systems  Ms. Jodie Dearing 254-968-9055
Management Ms. Jodie Dearing 254-968-9055
MBA  Ms. Jodie Dearing 254-968-9055
Human Resource Management Ms. Jodie Dearing 254-968-9055
College of Education (COED)
Department Name Email Phone Number
Educational Administration A-G - Dr. Danna Beaty 817-717-8268
  H-K - Dr. Juanita Reyes 817-717-3266
  L-P - Dr. Mark Weber 254-968-1890
  R-Z - Dr. Sharon Ross 682-703-7053
Higher Education Leadership Dr. Russ Higham 254-299-8375
Ed. Technology Leadership Dr. Julie Howell 254-968-9817
Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Erin Pearce 817-717-3329
Curriculum and Instruction - TMATE Dr. Laura Estes 817-717-3691
Kinesiology Dr. Chet Martin 254-968-9346
Applied Psychology Dr. Jonali Baruah 817-484-4400
Athletic Training Dr. Jennifer Lancaster 254-968-9377
Ed.D. Educational Leadership Dr. Mark Weber  254-968-1890
Principal Certification Dr. Randall Bowden 254-968-1936
Superintendent Certification Dr. Sharon Ross 682-703-7053
Edu. Diagnostician Dr. Lisa Cavin 254-968-1939
Master Reading Specialist Dr. Chris Sloan 254-968-9088
College of Health Sciences and Human Services (COHSHS)
Department Name Email Phone Number
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Ms. Teresa Sanders  254-968-1692
Medical Lab Sciences Dr. Heping Han 817- 926-1101
Nursing Administration Dr. Keisha Davis 682-703-7051
Nursing Education Dr. Keisha Davis 682-703-7051
Social Work Dr. Tiffany Wigington 817-717-3693
College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA)
Department Name Email Phone Number
English and Languages Dr. Cynthia McPherson 254-968-9036
Criminal Justice (Masters) Dr. Tom Petrowski 817-484-4392
Criminal Justice (Doctoral) Dr. Steven Glassner 254-968-9514
Public Administration  Dr. Galia Cohen 817-484-4395
Music Education  Dr. Vicky Johnson 254-968-9278
Communication Studies Dr. Paul Stafford 254-968-9033
College of Science and Technology (COST)
Department Name Email Phone Number
Biological Sciences  Dr. Max Sanderford 254-968-9162
Quality and Engineering Management Dr. Gloria Fragoso-Diaz 254-968-9011
Geoscience Dr. Ryan Morgan 254-968-9894
Environmental Sciences Dr. Ryan Morgan 254-968-9894
Mathematics Dr. Scott Cook 254-968-1958
Computer Engineering Dr. Marcea Agapie  254-968-1820
Non-Degree Seeking
Department Name Email Phone Number
Non-Degree Seeking College of Graduate Studies 254-968-9104