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Political Science Program Overview

The Department of Government, Legal Studies, and Philosophy offers major and minor programs in Political Science en route to a Bachelor's degree.  These programs are designed for students who seek skills and substantive knowledge necessary to better understand the causes and effects of a wide variety of governmental institutions, processes, policies, and political behavior in preparation for exciting career opportunities both within and outside government.

All of Tarleton’s Political Science majors get foundational training in comparative politics, international politics, political philosophy, research methods, and statistics. They also select a concentration and develop a capstone project in line with their academic or career interests.

Political Science majors can choose from one of three areas of concentration:

American Politics – elective coursework focuses the particular governmental institutions, processes, policies, and political behavior found in the United States of America at the Federal, State, and local levels.

Comparative Politics / International Relations – elective coursework focuses on both the differences between sovereign governments and political behavior throughout the world as well as the interaction of those different sovereign governments and political communities.

Social Studies Composite Certification / Option 4 – a highly structured sequence of courses that provides the pedagogical and professional training needed for certification in Social Studies to teach government, history, economics, and geography in secondary public schools in Texas.

Political Science Faculty
Name Education Expertise Office Phone
Cogley, Dr. Nathaniel Ph.D., Yale University African Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and U.S. Federal Government.  View Dr. Cogley's website. O.A. Grant 352 254-968-9631
Cross, Dr. Malcolm L. Ph.D., University of Missouri American Politics (Presidency, Legislature, Elections and Political Parties, and State and Local Government) O.A. Grant 357 254-968-9621
Egelston, Dr. Anne Ph.D., Rutgers University Global Affairs, Environmental Politics, and Texas Government O.A. Grant 342 254-968-1699
Kabala, Dr. Bolek Ph.D., Yale University American Politics and Political Philosophy O.A. Grant 239B 919-777-3797
Margolis, Dr. Lawrence S. Ph.D., University of Michigan Comparative Politics O.A. Grant 363 254-968-9628
Morrow, Dr. Eric V. Ph.D., Baylor University Religion and Politics, U.S. Public Policy, and Texas Government O.A. Grant 241 254-968-9626
Newton, Dr. Benjamin Ph.D., University of Maryland American Politics (Constitutional Law and the Judiciary) and Political Philosophy. View Dr. Newton's Website. O.A. Grant 390 254-968-0599
Reynolds, Dr. Marcie Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago American Politics (Interest Groups, the Judicial Branch, and State and Local Government) O.A. Grant 372 254-968-1826
Velasco, Dr. Jesus G. Ph.D., University of Texas Latin American Politics, Foreign Policy, and Foreign Views of the US O.A. Grant Building, Room 365 254-968-9627