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Faculty & Staff

Department of Government, Legal Studies, & Philosophy
Name Title Education Expertise Office Phone
Dr. Karl Aho Assistant Professor Ph.D., Baylor University Ethics, History of Philosophy, Kierkegaard O.A. Grant Building, Room 339 254-968-9022
Dr. Craig Clifford Professor Ph.D., SUNY - Buffalo Ancient Philosophy, 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Sport Honors Hall, Room 1243 254-968-1887
Dr. Nathaniel Cogley Interim Department Head and Assistant Professor Ph.D., Yale University African Politics, Comparative Politics, and International Relations O.A. Grant Building, Room 351 254-968-9631
Dr. Malcolm Cross Professor Ph.D., University of Missouri Presidency, Legislature, Elections and Political Science O.A. Grant Building, Room 357 254-968-9621
Dr. Anne Egelston Assistant Professor Ph.D., Rutgers University Global Affairs and Environmental Politics O.A. Grant Building, Room 342 254-968-1699
Dr. Matthew Hallgarth Associate Professor Ph.D., University of Florida   O.A. Grant Building, Room 359 254-968-9029
Dr. Lawrence Margolis Professor Ph.D., University of Michigan Comparative Politics O.A. Grant Building, Room 363 254-968-9628
Dr. Eric V. Morrow Associate Professor Ph.D., Baylor University Religion and Politics, U.S. Public Policy and Texas Government O.A. Grant Building, Room 355 254-968-9626
Dr. Benjamin Newton Assistant Professor Ph.D., University of Maryland Legal Studies, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, and Political Philosophy. View Dr. Newton's Website O.A. Grant Building, Room 390 254-968-0599
Dr. Amy O'Dell  Assistant Professor J.D. Widener University School of Law  Legal Ethics, Law and Higher Education, and Legal Studies  O.A. Grant 345   254-968-9027
Dr. Marcie Reynolds Instructor Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago Interest Groups and Lobbying, Women and Politics O.A. Grant Building, Room 372 254-968-1826
Mr. Casey Thompson Instructor M.A., American Public University, J.D. Wesleyan American Government, Texas Government, and Legal Studies O.A. Grant Building, Room 341 254-968-1698
Ms. Jeannie Vazquez Administrative Assistant     O.A. Grant Building, Room 355 254-968-9021
Dr. Guillermo Jesus Velasco Associate Professor Ph.D., University of Texas Latin American Politics, Foreign Policy, and Foreign Views of the US O.A. Grant Building, Room 365 254-968-9627

Our faculty represent a variety of specializations in all of these disciplines, offering students a large selection of courses and topics in pursuing their degrees. Faculty are engaged with students in the classroom, as well as in advising, career planning, student organizations, symposia and conferences, and research. Faculty are also active in research through publishing books and articles, conference presentations, and consulting. The department has a strong tradition of teaching excellence, affirmed by numerous awards and the quality of our current programs and faculty.

Program Faculty