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Name/Email Phone Services Provided
Josita Baker 817-840-7991 B.S. Applied Science, B.A.A.S Business, B.B.A. General Business, B.A.A.S. Information Technology
Angela White 817-840-7990 B.S. Psychology and B.S. General Studies
Michelle Cockrell 254-968-9259 B.A.S. Veterinary Technology
Brigitte Barbier 254-968-9014 B.A.A.S. Manufacturing and Industrial Management 
Brooke Dubansky 817-926-1101  B.A.T. Health Professions Technology
William Heath 254-968-1822 B.A.A.S. Criminal Justice Administration
Dr. Brittany Rodriguez 254-968-9825  B.A.A.S Criminal Justice Administration
Graduate Studies 1-800-687-4723 All Graduate Programs