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Dean's Circle

The Dean's Circle for each Academic College was created to serve the students of Tarleton, the College, and the University by providing independent counsel, important links to the professional world, and valuable resources. Members of the Dean's Circle help achieve these objectives by:


Members of the Circle provide advice and counsel to the Dean. Experience gained from the world outside the University allows members to provide a unique perspective to the Dean, which would otherwise not be available.


New students are the lifeblood of the College and the University. Circle members help to recruit by encouraging prospective students to consider attending Tarleton. If a prospective indicates an interest, members can make the connection between the student and the University by contacting the Dean.


Members of the Circle help current students and alumni by providing or facilitating internships and employment opportunities. Internships give students valuable work experience, while at the same time providing the employer an opportunity to determine if full-time employment after graduation would be beneficial. Employment opportunities after graduation make a Tarleton degree even more valuable.


State funding of the University continues to decline and currently amounts to less than 34% of the University's budget. Tuition, fees, grants, and investments make up the difference. Investments in particular provide the resources necessary to make a Tarleton education more affordable for students and to raise the educational experience to greater heights. Circle members make investments annually of at least $1,000 and encourage others to give as well.